Parenthood 6.13

Extremely exhausted from crying over that beautifully painful finale. The Bravermans will always be my family. Zeek died and Camille went to France by herself. And she probably loved it there just as much as Zeek said she would. One of my most favorite moments from the finale. I was hoping Jason would make an exception and give us a happy finale and the series would end with the wedding, but he couldn’t because this is Parenthood, a tears is the one word the show is associated with. It was a tearfully beautiful finale and it could have not been written any better. Trying to deal with the loss by writing the lyrics to Forever Young on every notebook I own. Good thing I’ve known them for six years. Goodbye, Parenthood, I love you.

Have I been a good father?
The very best.
I’ll be Adam and you’ll be Crosby.
Zeek? Zeek?
May you stay forever young.


Greys 11.09

Weakest episode of the season. We all know nothing is going to be wrong with Japril’s baby. This isn’t Amelia and her unicorn baby. I doubt it very much that Shonda is going to play it this dangerously again. Don’t ask me why the new surgeon isn’t taking the surgery she needs. And I’m not sure what’s happening with Merder, but a job offer being a burden on a marriage is one very realistic plot. What happens when you put your work over family? Does it have a chance of surving?

Maybe she needed a nanny. (My kind of humor, Mer)
Your wife was the driver.
Big deal. My husband left me and I’m here.
You’re a kid.
Before she left she said something about Derek and I and she was right.
I need a person, who’s going to be in it with me.
Did I tell you, it’s a boy?
This isn’t us. This isn’t how we end, right?
The shock response has protected us and it might have just saved us.


Revenge 4.14

Nothing better than Emily gping undercover, but other than that, possibly the weakest episode of the season. Emily and Ben, really?

Happy Birthday, baby.
I’m new here.
You’re most certainly are.
You’ve been Emily for?
11 years.
Focus on the blade.
Your husband with that pool boy.
You just failed the first test.
I guess it’s true what they say. You marry uoir husband’s friends.
Or the original my husband found.
I can’t just be Amanda Clarke.
I’m cutting you and your campaign off my money.


Cougar Town 6.04

All episodes should be this good. Jules even bumped herself with her own car.

I’m free.
Let me plan Stan’s birthday and you don’t have to go.
Before boning a dude…
He’s a doctor, it’s good to have him around, in case Grayson and I fell asleep from having such an uneventful night.
What are you doing there? Why are you inside the house?
Because it’s not not hard spitting out skank tweets to idiots.
What’s a retweet? Is that good?
A little late, dude.
I guess. I’ll just go stand in the yard.
Sup’ sad.
So I brought a translator.
How sup’s.
OMG. My brain is stuck. My brain is tots stuck.
We did it again.
You’ve gone full Daniel Day Lewis.
No I’m never doing that. You’re a horrible actor.
I’m fired, aren’t I?
Oh yeah.
You okay?
Yeah. You?


Shameless 5.03

Don’t tell me Joan Cusack and Emma Greenwell both left Shameless forever. They played my two favorite characters. They better be back in a few eps. But why don’t I remember what happened to Karen after Mandy hit her with the car? How did she leave? This has been bugging me for four days. Genius things happening this episode. Deb lost her v card by ‘date raping a guy and statutory raping herself’ while Frank pimped out his slutty daughter. Sheila left to travel the world when she couldn’t leave the house for two years and suffers from OCD. This is not relevant, but would a person with a severe OCD be dating men who don’t care about their hygiene? I think they might have gotten it wrong. And why was her sofa no longer covered in plastic when Sammy screwed a guy on two weeks ago? Also, nice sock.

It’s also good for cleaning toilets or sinks.
It looks like a hand whore fire sale out there.
What ladies?
Those lesbians
I want us to see the world.
I’ve seen it and looks like shit.
You got a fetish fpr fuck ups?
Girls with stories.
We need to run out lebians out of town.
All of them?
Just the ones in our hood.
CErEal rapist on the loose.
She’s a hood girl. She thinks she’s a piece of shit.
I don’t get it, she’s a great girl. She can get any guy she wants.
I have to stay close to my doctors.
You’re gorgeous. You’re smart, you know that, right?
She left.
I tried.
Play me something worth dying for.
Some lonesome wrist cutter.
You date raped me. You statutory raped yourself.
You did the raping right?
Debs, I think this is some seriously weird dude. A million guys would kill to be raped by you.
I had sex last night. My first time.
Frank promised you would bumb me as soon as we go to your place.
I’ve seen you put out after the first drink.
You take pleasure in shoving plastic penises up your men’s butt.
Can’t a man have a minute of peace.


Switched at Birth 4.04

How did they fit one full semester into 4 episodes, when they streched out 2 year of high school into 3 full seasons? I see Regina had good intentions, but you don’t go talking to college professors about your kid’s grades. This isn’t middle school. How can you have a successful relationship if you don’t like the same things? ‘Daphne made all of this herself.’ All what, a C? They need to send Bay to college, we haven’t seen her paint anytjing in months. I hated when Emmett said she had not much going on right now. So what if she doesn’t? Big deal, some things are more important, and sometimes creating has to wait a few years. I hate when people do this. I have too many friends who are sure they’re destined for great artistic carreers who choose to torture me about taking some time off to help my parents finanially. They don’t get it, and so does Emmett. Lots of friends tell me this but If my boyfriend did I would dump him immediately. How can you be (friends) with if they think they’re better than you? It’s okay to take some time off, It doesn’t mean you’re off the track. SVU case next week?

I am am so happy the elevator’s out.
Maybe this one won’t crap out after 1 month.
Don’t let the deafness throw you.
See there you go.
What are the odds of him having your carreer?
Until he does, Back off.
A student become C students.
We just discontinued your data plan.
If you’re turning down work, I don’t think you’re doing the best you can.
You made me look like a disabled winer.
You don’t have much going on right now.
But it’s only temporary.
This is a drop form.
If you do a good job, I will raise your D to a C.
You’re gonna hit a lot of road blocks. In the future, don’t be so quick to give up.
I’m gonna write a musical with my mom.
First things first, I have to read your book.


Pretty Little Liars 5.17

Even though I understand where Ezra is coming from, I don’t support his decision to part with Aria. So she’ll resent you, she’ll get over it. You can always pretend you’re those 8 or 9 years younger and blend in at college parties, just like you did two episodes ago. No one doubted you’re a high school student. We all new they brought the cook to be Emily’s love interest and I don’t mind it. How come Rosewood, a small city has so many lesbians, and yet we haven’t met a single gay guy? I couldn’t adore more the scene where Aria goes through her year book and sees a blank space under her name and realizes her relationship with Ezra might have stood in a way of her high school life. But she forgot one thing. What about A? It’s A who tortured her for those three years of high school, and not Ezra. For a person who was very antisocial in high shool and didn’t go to any parties and school events and who wasn’t a member of any school clubs, I could identify with this lovely scene.

Or any guys.
So your ex was a girl?
Yeah. (There is no way that tshirt she had in the last episode could belong to a guy)
You mean your high school girlfriend.
You did what you had to do to get in.
I don’t think that’s an actual parking spot, Spence.
We’ll take that chance.
So you’re here to rent a storage unit?
Then you better get going.
Looks like someone’s camera shy.
Somebody knows we’re here.
We’re gonna freeze to death.
What’s that?
I’m not sure.
If we stay together you can grow to resent me.
You screwed yourself by going there and you screw over Caleb too.
I’m interested in you.
Then we’ll both be behind bars. Maybe not in the same facility.
Aria Montgomery [blank].
Hanna and Caleb need to know if Mona’s body is in there!


The Simpsons 26.11

Nice Scrooge outfit, Burns.

You’re the guy who put wheels on baggage? Thank you!
He changed the way Hollywood drives.
Clearly the work of Lenny. It’s the white one, right?
Not on my carpet.
Car go park at work, so people think I’m there.


Eye Candy 1.03

I wanted to quit the show last week, but now I’m happy I didn’t.

They belong to a woman.
They are all on flirtual.
You’re fired. I’m kidding. I cover for you. Working.
Who’s the insomniac?
Oh my god. I know why he’s killing.
Julia hated her teeth.
He wants perfection.
It’s your birthday?
What kind of person doesn’t know their best friend’s birtday?
You passed my test.
Perfection doesn’t exist. Everybody’s flawed, especially me.


Scandal 4.10

I’m sorry what was the exciting part? I hate when writers throw a storyline that’s not going to be important after two episodes. So Liv was kidnapped, big deal. Maybe if she wasn’t a brat and didn’t tell everyone she’s special, because of her name, we’d maybe feel sorry for her. I would much rather enjoy thia show if Abby or Mellie were the leading ladies. I worship Shonda, but how the hell are we supposed to identify with a person who has ‘superpowers’ and can do all the things none of us can? Still between the captors holding Liv in an opposite apartment, the obvious ‘it’s okay, Olivia, don’t worry. It’s over’ – a neighboor being shot, and the captors stone walling the window, Olivia thinking the president put a tracker in her and finally a captor turning out the guy who was in the cell with her and Liv telling him her value, I can see some potential.


How to Get Away With Murder 1.10

Weak episodes of Greys and Scandal, but can’t say the same about the third child of Shondaland. It was interesting and managed to keep me interested, and that’s what this is all about.

What you did tonight had to be done.
They’re wearing paranoia on their sleeves.
See you in court, kids.
You’re dating your client?
We have to prove my husband murdered Lila.
Sounds like you need a lawyer.
She was pregnant, idiot. She didn’t need birth conrtol.
Maybe you had fun, I was drunk and desperate.
I’ll write crime fiction, I’ll be a housewife. Ok maybe not a housewife.
That’s the address of the kappa sorority.
Rebecca did not impregnate the victim.
What’s the matter, you’re not in the mood to confess to a murder.
Let me help you, because if you do, I promise you’ll get away with this.
All tgese induviduals are responsible for disposal of the body. You have to argue they’re innocent. You have 90 minutes.