Congrats to SVU on season 17! I couldn’t be more proud. Just read Revenge is on a 6 week hiatus. Sadly we should prepare ourselves for season 4 being Revenge’s last. The ratings have been awful for the last 6 weeks. Why did Conrad leave? Conrad is gone. Victoria’s grieving. Everybody hates David. No one wants to see Emily with the cop or get to know him or the red head. Not only Bones and The Good Wife are on hiatus, but now Revenge too. Great.

Greys 11.10

How great was seeing Mer calling Maggie? And bonding with her and Amelia. Owen reminiscing could not be more relatable. Everyone had that love they ley go and couldn’t stop thinking about the good times.

Surrounded by people, but drowning in solitude. That kind of loneliness can swallow you whole.
Hey, you wanna special ringtone?
You pause.
Okay that’s gross.
So you’re legs are in the air and you?
I want a grown up.
Christina would have scrabbed in with me.
Residents are boring. All they wanna do is learn.
Nothibg is where it’s supposed to be.
In 10’s go to church.
You’re gorgeous. Do people just tell you this all the time?
No pressure.
Oh yeah pressure.
Whatever care.
He’s lucky I love him.
I mught be too good at being alone.
Maybe i could print a Derek. Just for sleeping.
This is where we cut.
That’s my finger.


SVU 16.13

SVU gets a 17th season and I couldn’t be more proud. No show could deserve a renewal more than SVU. Now I’m crying. Hands down, best show.
Paul Adelstein on this week’s SVU, and another incredible case ripped from the headlines. In May I’ll be calling this of the three episodes of the season.

No Amanda, I’m sorry for what you put yourself through.
Arrest him, he raped me.
Welcome back to SVU.
And he got it all over me.
I was trying to record a confession.
With her tights still on.
Even if it wasn’t him, it’s better for you if I say it did, right?
I was sitting.
Can you show us?
No, please don’t tell my mom, she’s already a mess.
My uncle raped me.
Her own uncle? No it can’t be.
Yes it can.
This is why I don’t trust dentits.
He raped his niece while his hygenist guatded the door?
The hygienist is also his wife.
We had a little quicky in the chair.
If this guy really raped his niece while his wife was in the office…
Then it isn’t his first time.
Tell them what the therapist said.
Did he tell you how ut got inside her sweater?
Something this traumatic takes time to process. Bits and pieces come back slowly.
I am not heating any of this.
Except the ones you paid off.
She looks drugged. Bet he does her high too.
Mute that witch.
So far 11 victims came forward.
Stood by you or set you up?
I refered them to him.
Stop you whining. You’re not pregnant. I had a vasectomy.
You’re hurting me, I’m a dentist. I need my hand.
It’s not a big deal. You’re not so special.


Cougar Town 6.05

Vinebulance is a fantastic idea! Especially for the cul de sac crew! I’ll miss this show so much.

Stealing work supplies. Classic move.
Now, maybe his wife.
You’re still a mayor of Gold Haven.
What do you mean former mayor?
Exactly, a step above.
His eyes are so tiny.
My chair was too comfortable.
There was a scandal over your leaked dick pic.
I always do that. It turns me on.
You mean Daphne.
I know what I like.
Soprano in a glee club.
And then we bought this old van, and Trav is a genius and Scooby Doo and you’re gonna be rich.
I’ve arranged a distraction.
No but I can’t wait to hear how it ties in with children.
What, do you think law school paid itself?
Everybody dance now.


Shameless 5.04

The weakest episode in Shameless’s history. Fiona’s one week after dating marriage is gonna backfire soon. How could she forget about the 3 kids she still has at home? One stupid decision after another. Frank’s story of a lost fortune was great. Favorite line was Mickey’s when he said he not gonna tip a guy for losing his baggage. Frank fighting over a leg with a girl without a leg may be one of the most shameless things they did, next to Vi telling Kev to impregnate her mom, Deb losing her v card byraping a guy and Frank screwing the life out of one chick with a heart condition, or Karen screwing Frank and recording it to piss off her dad for calling her a whore, or Kev saying Karen’s Asian baby doesn’t have a Down syndrome, we’ll just looking at it upside down. I miss Sheila and Mandy already.

121 grant!
What the hell happened on Tuesday?
Are you still waiting around for like a fucking tip or sth? Caues I’m pretty sure you guys lost my suitcase. Holy fuck.
Maybe not for the boy you raped.
Tou stole a porshe?
Might have bought one.
One leg 60 grant?
All my fucking money spent on childhood amputees.


Nashville 3.11

I’m really glad that Nashville is finally back, but when are we going to hear something new from Rayna, Juliette or Maddie and Daphne? How great was that song of Luke’s?
‘If I drink this beer, I’ll probably have two or three. If I know me, I’ll be digging up the past, like it’s money in the back yard.’

Does this mean you’re gonna marry Deacon?
Rayna! I know she’s here.
Oh my God. She called off the wedding.
My name is Jane Smith.
Miss Smith, I have just a thing for you.
But I don’t wanna write a sad song. I I don’t wanna sing a sad song. I don’t wanna be a sad song.
Because I told her I loved her.
Maybe change your clothes.
Luke throws a party to celebrate.
I should probably tell you that Deacon stepped by.
I was upset about a chair.
Show has already been cancelled.
I’ll do it. Shut up, I’ll do it.
I’m just gonna go.
I’ve loved you since the first time I saw you.
I want to be the one to take care of her.
If I drink this beer, I’ll probably have two or three. If I know me, I’ll be digging up the past, like it’s money in the backyard.


Castle 7.14

A good case, that I actually remember 5 days after it premiered. I like Castle as PI, the cases are more interesting. It’s something new the show needed.

Knock them dead, babe.
Beckett he killed her. [Out of service]
I believe he’s been right to many times not to consider it.
She wanted justice for one murder and committed two.
Yeah I’m gonna go with dead.
What’s in the bags and where are you taking them?
Guess who was suspected of killing his first wife?
Her husband.


Switched at Birth 4.05

Have you seen this week’s SVU? I really hoped this SVU episode could be SVU good, and it wasn’t. My favorite scene was when Regina told Bay she feels sorry for the girl, because she was raped. I hate that because it’s an ABC Family teen show the whole family knows about what happened to Bay a day or two after it happened. If it was any other show, the girl would have moved on, and suffer the conseqences years later. Show me a 19 year old girl that’s been date raped by a person she thought was her friend who told her entire family what happened to her a few days after the fact?

I wasn’t.
Hey, mom.
I remember up to a point and then nothing.
I’m not gonna tell anyone. What’s the big deal.
That she was raped. She didn’t give consent.
The room’s spinning.
If I fon’t remember it how can it be okay?
She’s my sister.
Something’s happened to Bay.
You have to trust yourself.


Pretty Little Liars 5.18

How bad was this week’s PLL? No one cares about Mike.

Mona liked her movies.
Thanks don’t mention it.
That’s Betthany. She’s talking about Alison right?
They have matched the blood.
If Ali really cut you off, congratulations. Yiu don’t kbow how lucky you are.
I should have said something that night.


Eye Candy 1.04

I’m liking her friend from work much better than the girl from the bar, and the show might have just saved itself.

They’re all on flirtual.
You’re fired. I’m kidding. I covered for you.
Who’s the insomniac?
I know why he’s killing them.
Julia hated her teeth.
He wants perfection.
It’s your birthday?
What kind of a person doesn’t know their best friend’s birthday.
You passed my test.
Perfection doesn’t exist. Everybody’s flawed. Especially me.


Scandal 4.11

That’s what I’m talking about. Scandal is back with a great episode. Last week was disastrous and felt forced and stuck up and this week is just fine. But Mellie sleeping with vicepresident? Come on Mellie, it might have as well been you.

It woyld be a shame if miss Pope was beheaded.
Where’s the black lady. (Good thing you’re black)
I didn’t know there’s a coalition for West Angola.
They have Olivia.
I appreciate you sharing it with me.
I’m saving Olivia Pope.
I’m wearing a ten gallon white hat.
I have Olivia Pope for you.


How to Get Away With Murder 1.11

A SVU case, that Annalise gave up. Olivia Benson would have said the woman captor is a victim too. How did they find his body?

Fled you mean.
Welcome to HTGAWM Semester 2.
I’m not a role model.
My husband’s keeping 2 girls captive in our basement.
You’ve never been raped, have you?
You kept her.
Where is she!?
She just turned 4. I saw how he started looking at her.
You, what’s going on with you?