Greys 11.12

I guess it’s official, Nicole will die, as she’s the coolest character now. Casualy stealing furniture because it’s fun.

You have to decide how much you want to let out and how to keep the secret in.
What happened to the couch?
Robbins, do you live with residents? You’re a grown up. Get your own place. Residents gone wild!
Wasn’t there a couch there?
Yeah it used to be.
Is this about the naked resident?
It is good news.
You’re dirty.
It’s because of you?
It was all a lie. Our whole life was a lie.
That’s a beautiful name. So can I call you Rosaline?
Why don’t you?
My life is so much better now that I have nothing.
You should know, I’m not gonna have sex with you.
Shut up!
I’m gonna kill you now so.
It was just me, for 3 days.
I’m gonna marry that girl.


SVU 16.15

Great case, but we all knew Noah’s father is either a pimp or a John, so nothing new here. The whole squad goes undercover and we bump into our old Captain.

Carissi hasn’t moved in 20 minutes.
The female handler is known to us.
How about you shut your mouth.
Save it, cause I know that you speak English.
Check their ID’s.
I already did. They’re all fake.
They have my daughter.
This woman was pretending to be a sex trafficker? That’s a new defence.
Touching story.
It’s a slave trade.
I hope you didn’t make her any promises.
She’s not happy with the delivery.
Carissi’s driving? Great, they’re fonn lose him.
Got a supplier.
Illegal delivery of alcohol to a residence.
How about illegal distribution of alcohol to a private residence?
If’s also a big day for beer delivery.
One of his kids is sick. It’s a busy day.
Hey, how you doing?
Amanda, how many underaged girls do you have there?
I don’t know how you’re still standing.
I’m your sister in law and I’m the new supplier.
I do what I tell them to do.
That’s what I wanted to hear.
Who are these tresspassers? I don’t know them.
Who are you? I don’t know you.
I don’t know you either, superfly.
Do i wanna know why you’re dressed like that?
Buying? Wow, so now you’re trafficking.
Just one? I thought I taught you to think big.
I almost got my daughter killed.
Aerial has a real mom?
We know you’re a pimp.
It doesn’t matter. It matters what it looks like.
You kill her, you die too. Is she really worth it?
What doesn’t kill you…
Makes you a better detective.
You want me back in charge so badly?
Till we meet again.
You have a good team here.


Cougar Town 6.07

Hilarious. And Ellie Torres is me.

It’s like Tom’s right here.
Tell me you took that bitch down.
We lost a tree and gained a new patio set.
I signed us all as chaperons.
No because the high schoolers are making me take the liquor out.
I’ll act like I did at my own prom. I’ll be above it all and judge everyone.
How come I’m the only one who’s in the prom spirit?
My baby has no shot at a normal life.
Dudes. Weak.
I think it’s sweet. Car’s out front when you’re ready.
Don’t get pregnant! Sometimes I love you is a trick to get into your pants!
You’re ready for another adventure?
It’s time to put the popular girls into place.
Oh that guy looks like he’s over 18.
I only saw the ceiling.
Let’s just get into the car and see where the car takes us.
Andy’s fun.


Shameless 5.06

The best part was Sammy talking about how she almost got gang raped the first day of high school and got beat up by Ukranians for wanting to use the bathroom without cigs to exchange. I like her living with the Gallaghers. Fiona’s gonna choose Jimmy, though Guss a good guy too.

Mickey Milkovich? Say hello to him from me.
Cause the crazy orange boy took my baby.
This is not a summer camp, mam.
I was almost gang raped the first day of high school for not wearing a bra.
Ukranian girls beat me up the first week.
He’s the gay one with all the problems.
Not free, idiot. Legal.
New half sister.
Frank’s or Monica’s?
Liam almost died.
Your other husband is at the door.
You’re Guz? Don’t blow this up. She’s great.
His partner. Lover.
Can I go in with him?


Nashville 3.13

Maddie lost her contract, but Jeff got fired. Felt sorry for Layla.

Maddie, Welcome to Edgehill.
I almost died and no one cares.
There is no way Teddy would ever sign a thing like that.
You signed Maddie to Edgehill.
I expect to see her at 10am tomorrow morning.
You’re freaking Deacon Claybourne.
Layla Grant.
I know who she is.
I’m supposed to have Maddie at Edgehill at 10 tomorrow.
I’ve got you and you’ve got me.
On the second thought, maybe I’m changing my mind. Maybe I’m sticking around.
You gotta tell Rayna.
You better start driving towards Virginia.
No, I think I’m ready to sing that song now.
I swear it’s good for you. If just tastes like crap.
Standing in the driveway, tryana see it your way.
Cause they’re implicating you.
And I sure as hell don’t want my daughter to be anywhere near that.
I was talking about you, man.
Why don’t we let the music do the talking?
Your meeting was cancelled because I was fired.
Because you were sleeping with prostitutes.


Castle 7.16

So is 3XK dead? What does it mean for the show? No more 3XK episodes? Fvorite part? Castle casually hiding in the woods, or Alexis and Martha screaming.

Help her.
I can’t help it if her contact information is out of date.
She’s my wife.
Yeah. Where’s Castle?
I don’t believe you.
He sees the story. I see the evidence. But he sees the story.
You wanna help her, get inside his head. What’s his story.
The pain in your eyes. The suffering.
He’s calling from your house.
Where’s Alexis?
Aaaa! What the hell dad!?
Castle get back it’s a trap.
Beckett no!
That was the stupidest, most reckless, irresponsible stun you’ve ever pulled, Mr. Castle.
1000 hours of following Det Beckett.
Mr Castle welcome back.
Two days I didn’t know where you were and it nearlt killed me.


The Simpsons 26.13

Remember pixels? How you could see all of them and everything was Paint quality? Moe goes to the plant and Marge starts a taxi service. Also Flinstons opening sequence.

Gymnastics. Swimming.


Switched at Birth 4.07

Kathryn’s mother’s Alzheimers and companionship get the only points this week.

You were raped.
They’re lovers.
She’s my best friend and my lover.


Pretty Little Liars 5.20

And we’re back to very bad episodes. I repeat, no one cares about Mike. We didn’t learn anything new. A very teen episode.

Hanna, we’re not shopping here.
You’re new at this, aren’t you?
I’m gonna get that money for you.


Eye Candy 1.06

Non flirtual, and my favorite part was when the flirtual killer helped her. Now I’m starting to like the killer, but the episode was weak.

In other words, hackable.
Sick enough to vwt me into ICU.
You should have a seizure or something.
She certainly does get around, doesnt she?
She swallowed it.
What do you mean by simple?
Want my help?


Scandal 4.13

I slept with that filthy animal to save your life.
She’ll be sold to some rape gang.
Olivia has been taken.
Hi Steven.
Hi Liv.
Once a gladiator, always a gladiator.
I wasn’t raped.
There’re worse things than rape.


How to Get Away With Murder 1.13

Best episode yet! The rape monologue was the best thing they have written on this show show. Proud of Paris Geller even when she says guilty instead of not guilty in the opening statement.

That’s why my client is guilty. Not guilty. That was a slip.
I didn’t rape him.
Filthy little secret.
Do you talk to Annalise when she tells you what to do?
Would you sleep with her? Who? Bonnie?
Can we not talk about sleeping with our clients?
Somebody’s always a student. Somebody’s always a teacher. That’s how the sex works best.
You didn’t tell me the raped guy was gay.
I have no idea how to win this case.
Did you know what he did to me?
I told you, men take things.
This thing that happened to me, what you ignore is why I am the way I am.
Your aunt Lynn was ut out by her 1st grade teacher. Pastor got me after the choir.
Is it because you’re desperate again?
Then he came out of your room and I knew what he had done to you.