Posting on Thursday again, as apparently I have too many shows. Especially since 5 of them I could easily let go of, but clearly they’re too adictive.

Greys 11.11

I hate everyone who did not know Amelia had a kid. If you watched Private Practice, I would still be watching my favorite show every Friday.

He can feel his bones breaking.
And this is?
A death certificate.
Why didn’t she ask me? I’m a person.
That’s not what she meant.
Show up for her, please. Show up for April.
My baby lived 43 minutes.


SVU 16.14

Not my favorite case, but still a 10. SVU never dissapoints. Fin’s a player and we’ll never know how did he convice Rollins and Carissi to go with him, but It was fun to watch him explain the language to everyone. A lady gamer ignores Liv’s words and ends up kidnapped and raped. It’s easy for us to say we’d listen, but would we really?

Hold on, you got Rollins and Carissi on this on a Sunday?
Even so, how is this SVU related? (me every domestic episode)
Who are you Steven Spielberg? (same at my work, bad camera image is always a problem)
They kidnap, rape and it’s a game?
I’m sure she’s real proud. (The guy’s mommy)


Cougar Town 6.06

I’m getting nostalgic already. Please don’t go, you guys. Tom as McSteamy? Also The Shining and Captain Philips references. How hilarious was that? I don’t know how I feel about Ellie going back to work and Andy being a stay at home dad. What about everything we’ve known about Ellie for the last 6 years? That she abandoned her job when she realized she doesn’t have to work anymore? Who’s going to hang out with Jules all day? Who’s going to put sarcasm and disdain into every conversation and say ‘imaginary hat’ and ‘changed approved’? I am not okay with this.

Heads, divorce, tails, murder.
I’m the Captain now.


Shameless 5.05

My dad called Shameless the second best show out there after SVU, and even though the last two episodes were much weaker, I couldn’t agree more. Ian has done porn, and we’re blaming his bipolar disorder. Where’s Sheila? She better be back or I won’t take it. She was my favorite character and no one has prepared me for this.

Gallaghers do blackouts and suicidal attempts.
There’s no room in the backyard.
There’s no trailer.
I could, well, yeah I could stay for a day or two.
I’m not a pedophile. I’m here for a handjob. From you.
As your legal guardian I have to day violence is not the answer, but those bitches deserved it.


Nashville 3.12

Yes to all the singing! And they played my number one Nashville song. And Maddie got a contract, and I couldn’t be happier.

Would you write a song with me?
This is real life, don’t let it pass you by.


Castle 7.15

Predictble, as we knew he was going to say he got plastic surgery and he’s not 3XK, but for some teason this may be my favorite 3XK case. And without a doubt, the creepiest episode of Castle yet. I haven’t enjoyed a Castle episode this much in a long time. And they have Kate.

I signed for an escort service. I’m off to meet a client.
Bye, Kate.
You are pretty lovable.
You can bring Castle in to work on this case.
Kate Beckett, such lovely features.
And I never forget a face. Especialy one I cut.
Oh my God look who’s driving. 3XK.
You got cosmetic sutgery to look like a serial killer?
How do you prove I’m not?
Your mother.
They’re so normal.
That’s excellent, Kate.
It’s an anagram for returned.


The Simpsons 26.12

Very relatable to anyone was was ever obese.

I never thought any of us will go anywhere.
As an aspiring musician, I’ll write the song.
That’s the best deal any song writer ever got.
Ugh. Artists.
We only had a hurricane once.
Sarah, let’s have another.
I’m tired of you saying planes have gotten smaller.
It’s not about health. It’s about going crazy.
Overfeeders anonymous.
I am big. I am beautiful. No one can make me feel sad. This is who I am.
Restore. Restore.
Option outdated.
I’m gonna start celebrating my size.
Walking before picture.
Two of us can make a crowd.
I’ve learnt there’s something more important than drinking, eating.
Now move along, if you can.
You’re the only gangsta I know wjth a 9 o’clock bedtime.
23!? People for God’s sake join a gym!


Switched at Birth 4.06

I understand that as a teen show they need to show how concerned everyone is, and bring justice, but this seemed a little too much. The sad truth is they would all have bad Travis’s girlfriend’s reaction. I can hear victim blaming and I can’t handle it, as we all know a girl who had it happened to her, but she swollowed it all, never told anyone and then it started coming back in pieces and at the weirdest times many years later. Kathryn was sexually assaulted and I bet even John doesn’t know, and that was real, and that’s what I wanted to see. There is no way Tank would have gotten kicked out of the school. Why didn’t he get a lawyer? We know how hard it is to have the rapist expelled or get the school to acknowledge the assault. We’ve dealt with it in numerous SVU episodes.

Can I just ask if she’s okay?
What’s happening I can’t breathe.
It wasn’t some monster rapist itwas my ex boyfriend.
I was just 17. My best friend’s brother. I woke up to dind his hands in places they should never have been.
What happened to you does matter.
Emmett, Bay was raped.
Did I deserve something dine to me when I was too drunk to give permission?
You don’t start blaming yourself. It’s not your fault.
This happens to so many girls and it makes me so angry.
I love you, same as always.


Pretty Little Liars 5.19

When I first started watching the show 5 years ago, Hanna was my favorite liar and this hasn’t changed. I’m with her on being mad at her father for paying for Kate’s school and being surprised Hanna got in at all. What a jackass. Hanna has always bad the most relevant storylines, while what others only have are relationships abd being pinned for a murder or two.

I tend to fall for women who are unavailable.
How can you love sth if you’re bad at it?
I was arrested for murder. I can’t be arrested again.
So Kate’s going to Darmouth and you’re paying and you didn’t even ask where I’m going.
I always knew that you had it in you.
One drop here and one spot there.
You’re like the queen of not helping.


Eye Candy 1.05

I will definitely stick around to see how it all resolves, and I hope it gets a second season too.

We record identity of every person that walks in.
Dare you to give away your underwear.
I smell him.
I was in love with a cop, who was killed by a flirtual killer.
Cut off a finger.
Steal their phone.
Do you know anything about my sister?


Scandal 4.12

Best episode in since the premiere. Huck had to kill and snapped. Queen lost it. Abby’s not a gladiator anymore. Mellie would make an excellent president.

Abby, how are you?
Shut up. Where’s Liv?
I’m sorry, do you remember me?
You’re not a gladiator anymore.
Good morning, powerful people.
Who has more monehy than United States of America?
Take them out not this.
We’ll sleep better when she’s sleeping between us.
I wanna be a president of United States. I wanna rule the world.
He goes to these black places.
Who did you send me to?
It doesn’t matter who has her. Olivia Pope is dead.


How to Get Away With Murder 1.12

Don’t we always go around the syllabus?

If’s important we don’t panic.
Too late for that.
When in doubt, shut your mouth.
Incest is best, put your brother to the test.