Congrats to Julianne Moore on winning an Oscar for her marvellous performance in Still Alice! It should have been her 5th, but what can you do.

Greys 11.13

How excellent was this week’s Greys? I just couldn’t stop crying. What are the chances Nicole lives?

Owen, thank you for bringing me the coffee.
So, how’s my head?
I like her.
Get me out!
But so am I.
Stop crying.
Cause that’s the way it goes.
Thank you for tking her case.
Oh shut up.
I’m on the edge of figuring it out.
You are my mentor. I believe in you.
Get it together, Dr. Shepherd.
My whole life I have been the other Shepherd.
Night night tumor baby it has been lovely. But we are done.
This surgery will be history.
Excellent. Excellent. You should be very proud of yourself.
Arizona, it’s time.
This is the part where you trust her.
I wanted to leave a legacy.
Don’t you dare say it, Nicole.
Somw thing you just have to leave behind.


SVU 16.16

Worst episode of SVU ever. Even Marcia Cross did not help.

Just tell me that he doesn’t need to know.
He’s gone. As in taken.
Last words from the grave.


Cougar Town 6.08

You know it’s 9am?
Why does Grayson have a picture of Pink in the bathroom?
Grayson is trying to get her arms.
How could i’ve not noticed that?
No just chitchatting. Unless that was gold. Was it?
I thought it would be some gay sex film he did in high school. This is boring.
There are things that I hate. Vegans.
No one looks like they’re sex fighting. Okay this guy.
I’m the guy who’s in love with acting.
I don’t get any of this but wow!


Nashville 3.14

It was entertaining to see Rayna and Bucky fighting over the Edgehill artists. Rayna is going to sign Layla, but we all know Jeff is gonna bring Highway 65 down, unless he changes. I don’t want to see him blackmailing Rayna. Can Rayna not sign her if she says she wants Jeff to manage her carreer? Rayna should also sign Scarlett/Avery/Gunnar as a trio. I like that everyone is working on the albums. I now officialy want Luke gone. He doesn’t know Will’s gay and we all know what his reaction will be. Why do we still keep Teddy on?

Baby, I’m on it.
Is this because Jeff Fortem got fired?
I have not gained 75 pounds.
They’re realising all their artists from their contact.
Start from thw beginning. Why is he doing this?
I have no label, a crappy album of songs you made me record.
The masters are available, I can fix this.
I was wondering if maybe you can come add some guitars.
Oh crap, i got like 10 messages.
I can think of one label that will care.
All work on the album stops.
She’s a sucker for women in need.
She’s not? She can sing.
So I hope you like this, because I really want to work with you.
We’re signing her.
I got an offer from Highway 65.
So what you want mw to be your manager?
Do you want to be my manager?


Castle 7.16

What is wrong with this show? Why can’t there be better cases?

Whats going on down here?
Castle, we’ve got murder. To solve. Not to commit.
This might be a little out of our jurisdiction.
You’re gonna have to wear space suits.
Best case ever.
He volver did it.
There’s gonna be a few Castles running around.


Switched at Birth 4.08

Please don’t make me paint over that.
As a fellow street artist.
Just promise me I’ll never see your face.
Have you considered reaplying for art school?
In ASL we say happen past. We don’t have tenses.
I know.
We just say see and then tomorrow or sth.
You’re gonna sound uneducated if you use the wring tense.
Also you should makea typo to make it seem like you don’t care.
You might wanna lose the question mark.
Stop waiting for opportunities a d start making your own. You’re an artist. Create.
Hey red.
So tell me.
Wait what’s wrong with Sam?
You’re doing great.
Everyday heroes.
They just approved 6 more be benches.


Pretty Little Liars 5.21

Why don’t we leave Ali to rot in jail? So Andrew’s A? They always force scenes with the alleged A a few episodes before the season finale.

Can I ask you sth? A legal question.
U think it’s time we finally come clean and tell thw truth.
There’s more blood where that came from.
He burned him and made it seem like carjackung.
That means A hasn’t contacted him through email or text.
It might have crashed his skull.
For such a petite girl, you bring a lot of chaos.
Alison, who’s Warjack?


Eye Candy 1.07

How about we focus on the flirtual killer and get it solved before the show gets cancelled. And most importantly let’s save Lindy’s sister case.

You don’t get to play here.
Someone bought you out.
Lights camera freakshow.
Tommy hasn’t moved and Lindy’s still in the bathroom.
Who paid you?
He only wanted me to scare you.
You’re still my 10. My perfection.


How to Get Away With Murder 1.14

Everything that happened to me is because of you.
He was pressured by me.
Stand there and lie.
You lie to yourself, that’s how you do it.
Not all priests are paedophiles.
They’re not?
Doing photgraphy.
Were you molesting Brian?
I knew he’d find another Brian.
Still think he’s worth it?
I’m so confused. Does the book fo here or here?
Which liking? Like a brother?
At the altar?
Sorry I couldn’t be a better client for you.
Some sorority girls filed a report he was stalking them. I guess that was Annalise and Frank’s work.
What the hell’s going on?
I took care of the judge.


How To Get Away with Murder 1.15

HTGAWM turned all The Killing and now we’re wondering who killed Rosie Larsen all over again. It was not at all surprising. It was obvious Sam hired a hitman, why else keep Frank around, n there was no way they’d let Rebecca live.

Shut up!
Sam might have been innocent.
I’m so sorry about all of this.
We’re not monsters! We don’t tie people up and hold them captive against their will. Who’ve you all become?
Some girl looking for Frank.
Oh good God.
You’ve been working with me for almost 6 months now and this is the crap case you present me with?
She killed herself when he was 12.
We’re team whatever freaking happened.
She’s a lesbian who’s in love with you complicated?
Eggs 911. Lawyer’s house.
Are you going to kill me Sam style.
Is that what you think I am? A freaking hitman?
He’s gay. Bi or experimenting.
Here’s thw thing. I love me, so I’m done.
He still loves you, even if he doesn’t know who you are anymore.
Would you shut up about freaking Rudy?!
Byt that doesn’t make her a monster.
Who let her go!?
No no no no no no please don’t be dead.
Because I’m that guy? Of course not.