Welcome to the Dollhouse

A rape threat turned a love story. A great film about life in middle school, you can count it as a coming out film, even though it’s based in middle school. We all liked how indifferent the main character was about her little sister dissappearing. And how rape was presented as a completely normal thing. The film as a whole is extremely relatable, the parents are predictable, with lines like ‘Youre not leaving the table until you tell your sister that you love her’, and of course Dawn never did. But how can any parents keep Weiner as their name, none of us will ever know.

‘Special people equals retarded. Your club is for retards.’

‘You better get ready, cause at 3rd o’clock I’m gonna rape you.’

‘Dawn, tell your sister you love her. Dawn, you do not leave this table until you tell your sister that you love her!’

‘Case closed, she’s a loner.’

‘Do you think about girls?’
‘Are you kidding? I want to get into a good school. My furute is like important.’

‘Drop dead, lesbo.’


At Middleton

An attraction no one saw coming. It seemed so innocent and within a couple of hours turned into a love story. I honestly thought this film would be mediocre, and I loved every single minute of it. And they probably never saw each other again. Vera Farmiga is as always, fantastic, and her little sister plays her daughter.

So, what are you going to study?
I’m just keeping my options open.
Mmm, yeah, that’s a really strong department.

What’s the rush?
In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a now kind of girl.

You were right, Middleton’s not so bad.
Let’s take the long way home.


The Calling

A very averge horror with Susan Sarandon and David Sutterland that I waited for over a year. I really hoped it be better. I only liked the scenery and Susan’s character and how unconcerned she was about everything but a vodka bottle.


Mom’s Night Out

Nicely surprised, especially the second time I watched it. I tought it was too long and focusing on finding the missing kid was a little waste of a fun screenplay, but the second time around it felt funny. Unfortunately, still my favorite part is when the credits come on and they party. Sarah Drew is just as awesome as on Greys and Daria.


The Family Stone

I love watching Christmas films in March/April. The scene when Sarah is pushed and covers herself in eggs and they all fight and are fall down is my favorite. The film is very While you Were Sleeping, but not even close to being that good. Great ending.

“I know this is probably a tall order, but I need you to do me a favor.  Try not to be so perfect.  Alright?  I’d hate to see you miss out on something because you have this picture in your mind or you thought you could change something you can’t.  I’d hate to see you not find what you really want.”

That’s me and you, kid.

I don’t care whether you like me or not!
Of course you do.

She has got this throat-clearing tick… it’s like she’s digging for clams!


Babysitter’s Black Book

When a lifetime movie is more than average. I waited a little more than a year for this one and it was just as good as I thought. I loved where they all ended up. Following Spencer Locke’s career since Resident Evil, the only film with Spence I did not like was Tarzan.


Nothing Like the Holidays

It was funny, but ordinary at the same time.