I have decided to quit American Crime, as it hasn’t really won me over and I don’t really have time to follow shows I really don’t believe in. I’m gonna stick with Secrets and Lies, because I’ve seen the AU version and it has Kadee Strickland in it.

Greys 11.15

Greys do their own 911 episode. Not as good as SVU’s but still. Ed Sheeran’s best song – Photograph is used, and the use of Staying Alive was at least disturbing.

She hasn’t lost anyone since November.
Ruby, I’m Owen.
The ohine is beeping. I think it’s running out of battery.
I don’t wanna ask her to do this.
Hahahaha staying alive.
The nurse that had syph.
There was a gap. I was just too different.
89 surgeries with no miss.
What does that tell you? That I’m better off without him?


Greys 11.16

Hunt just saved this little girl’s life over the phone.
My short twisty mad voice.
He’s not cheating on you.
It’s time to deliver the baby.
Whatever is gonna happen, is gonna happen.
Meredith, what happened?
I’ll forget that I’m a murderer?
You’re a freaking novel romance.
He’s done it before. He met a girl. He met me and left Addison.
It’s not just my wife. Elis had Alzheimer too.
I have an Alzheimers predisposition.


Greys 11.17

Worst episode of Grey’s history.

I’d take it alart, piece by piece. But immediately, there’s always something
Seriously weird, seriously misguided.
When he kissed me, we were exactly the same age. All those years between us disappeared. Somehow we’ve never run out of things to talk about.
I love my wife. I don’t want anything other than what I have with her.
You. You. You are my everything. I love you and I’m not gonna stop loving you. I can’t live without you and I’m gonna do everything in my power to prove it.


SVU 16.17

She made me do her.
I’m thinkibg your sister’s fiance might have been raped.
It was right. And it wasn’t your fault. And it’s not just gonna go away.
It was a man.
Seriously? How does that even work?
Do you think a man could respond like that under duress?
Actually, yes, we do.
What do you mean other services?
It’s like free sex. I should feel lucky. Right?
It’s like onion. You cry, it doesn’t mean you’re sad.
It’s a mechanical, chemical response.


Shameless 5.09

What’s it feel like to be crazy?
Strap it to Chucky.
Uncle Carl?
He was cleaning his gun and it back fired.
I’m not Monica anymore than you are.
I told you not to fuck up your life.
You can’t drink it away. It won’t go away.
He ran that way.
He’s 13. He’s a little small.
Don’t shoot, I’m white.
Don’t say anything!
I want a fucking lawyer, motherfucker.


Shameless 5.10

Chucky’s Manson tattoo.

Let’s be honest. Chucky was not destined for greatness.
Even if he’s functionaly retarded, he’s still doing time.
What’s the occasion?
You have got to be kidding me.
If I didn’t know him, I’d rhink he’s an upstanding citizen.
He’s gonna be running that joint.


Shameless 5.11

What the hell happened to Shameless!? The only good thing was when Sammi rat Ian out. Have Carl and Chucky left the show?

They’re ready to take him to jail now.
It’s a shame when someone you love is taken away, isn’t it?


Cougar Town 6.10

He’s practically screwing her at the table.
House privleges are revoked.


Cougar Town 6.11

That’s why Grayson sprays cleanser on everything you touch.
You wanna tell me a story, act it out with beautiful people while I’m eating popcorn.
This isn’t like the hamster hostage situation.
What’s my birthday?
I’ll try harder.
I lost some beautiful wine glasses.
I just can’t focus enough to read a book.
I loved it!


Cougar Town 6.12

How do we live without the cul-de-sac crew and jokes like ‘Jelly Bean must be rushing to get the results of her latest STD test.’? Don’t go. I will always love you, Cougar Town. Thanks for being here for the last 5.5 years. You were oh so good.

I hate people.
Pipe down, chucklehead.
This may surprise you, but sometimes I give off a creepy vibe.
Eh. We’ll see.
Laurie and Ellie had a kissing contest.
Yeah, pipe down ass wipe.
I proably look like Sigourney Weaver in that alien film.
Jelly Bean must be rushing to get the results of her latest STD test.
What the hell do you guys do when I’m not around?


Revenge 4.15

By tomorrow morning the world will have a completley different idea of Emily Thorne.
Emily and I are like superheroes.
And bad to those who don’t.
Jack told me the gym was on the 8th floor.
I both broke and entered.
I’m sorry I didn’t see it sooner. How much we are alike.
Emotion and sincerity can be faked.
You have done and sacrificed so much for me Jack, but I can’t Jack. I’m sorry.


Revenge 4.16

The last couple of episodes make it so easy to say goodbye to the show.

Who are you?
The last person you wanna mess with.


Revenge 4.17

The last couple of episodes make it so easy to say goodbye to the show.

Emily flew me in last night. Or should I say Amanda?
Oh how kind of you, but get out.
It was an accident.
Whith you there are no accidents.
The baby is gone. Daniel is gone.
I tried to end it, but it was too late.
Then she pushed me.


Bones 10.11

I have missed it, but this episode reminded me why I haven’t really missed it. Another weak case. Can we go back to season 6 when this show made so much sense? And then, and then the last four minutes comes, and we hear that Lance has left Booth and Brennan a love-story version of the book he wrote on them five years ago. You tear up and forget that the case you’ve just watched is about a few lesbians, who might all have out another lesbian in a tree. And you hear Sweets’s dedication and agree with it completely. My life means so much more with you Bones, it’s just that you used to be so much better.

I don’t have tea party with God.
My three year old can complete a 100 piece puzzle, I wxpect the same from you.
Why hide a body in a tree?
Booth, the screen was cracked.
I minored in religion in college.
It’s the book he wrote for you.
My life means more, because I know you.


Castle 7.17

Speaking of long running shows disapointing, look at this one.

Like I should be doing something more.


The Good Wife 6.14

My pants get so sweaty, so i remove them.
Grace, can you pray for him, cause I don’t believe in Him.


The Simpsons 26.16

Marge’s hair.


The simpsons 26.17

Shut up biking Flanders.
Cat Deely says You’re america’s next… Someone has clearly messed up the shows.


Scandal 4.15

That fear quote.

This is just theatre.
Something horrible happe ed to you. You could use something good right now.
Sometimes fear keeps us safe, sometimes it holds us back.
There was a hole.


Scandal 4.16

Worst episode of Scandal, but Huck killed.

She would have talked.
She is not your client. Abby is. Abby’s family.


Scandal 4.17

Emily Bergl was Cyrus’s wife, and Kate Burton is back and she’s taking the loss of presidency pretty well, and lots of Bucatinsky in flashbacks.

It’s been sixteen years and I barely know you.


Switched at Birth 4.10

As a writer, I get Emmett taking Bay’s story as an inspiration, but It was too soon, since the wounds haven’t healed yet. I stand with Bay. Working through it? That’s bullshit. But we undertand why they won’t work. A lot has happened in a year, they were just kids a year ago. You may not have changed, but your thinking certainly has. Daphne’s storyline was amazing. I am glad she’s retaking the class. Couldn’t she retake the exam though?

You had no right to put this in front of all those people.
This is my life you’re drawing from.
A couple of kids from your dorm got hit by a drunk driver.
There are no doctors or nurses here who know sign language.
What if you’ve given her the dialopid?
What happened to I’m always gonna come find you?
I guess we’ll need to redo the end of our timeline.
Oh my god. I’m taking that class again.
This is not because of you.


Pretty Little Liars 5.23

You were talking to A.
The texts stopped when Mona was killed.
It was A, not Mona.
is he saying what I think he’s saying?
Has she offered anything to induce your testimony today?


Pretty Little Liars 5.24

The liars got arrested.

I’m asking you to have three aswers. Yes, no and I don’t remember.
We’re not that desperate.
Yes we are.
We find the defendant guilty.


Pretty Little Liars 5.25

First of all, I am so happy Toby got Spencer’s parents involved in the A chase. Finally! And now Tanner knows too. Weren’t we supposed to find out who A is by the end of season 5? Is Andrew A or Charles? Is he Jason’s brother? Why did the DiLaurentises give him away?D Did he pretend to be a high shool student to be closer to them? Was is Mona’s old blood that was splashed all over rhe house that made everyone assume she’s dead? Why didn’t A kidnap Ali instead of Mona if he was obssessed with his little sister? Why did I A put a manequin of Mona into the back of their car?

We’re all going to jail. A wins.
If Mona was alive.
Welcome, please follow the lighted pathway.
Yeah, she’s Mona.
Why would it start all over again?
With a new puppet master.
It was a name. Charles.
A is recreating the prom we went to.
We know about A.
You need to charge our client or release him.
This is your prom Charles, you should e crowned the king.
It’s A’s layer.
Wanna say goodbye to your sister.
My God.


Eye Candy 1.09

We tattoed our wrists with our names.
I knew it was you.


Eye Candy 1.10

It better get a second season, cause I’m more interested in Sara’s case than the flirtual killer, but I don’t like the idea that she orchestrated the kidnaping to ‘protect Lindy’.

Stay behind the gun.
Oh I intend to.
You’re him. The killer.
Hello, Eye Candy.
You’re my perfect one.
Jake killed his mother and his father killes himself when he thought she overdosed.
Show me all entries for Sara.
This is going to my hometown.


Secrets and Lies 1.03

Are you aware 70 percent of child killers inserts themselves into the investigation.
How nice, you can just stick ro your routine. Most people wouldn’t.
Okay. Elimination process. It’s not yours. It’s not mine. It’s not Christine’s. It’s not Abby’s.
Or what? You’re gonna kill me too?


Secrets and lies 1.04

Where you babysitting Tom?
Sexual misconduct.
They’rr brother and sister?
Your memory seems to be so conviniently unreliable.