Greys 11.18

And here I was scared Greys forgot they have an upper floor. Bailey crossed the lins asking the mother for her son’s organs for the kid that shot him. Derek’s speech at the end and a personally painful voiceover. When did it stop being enough? For me it never was.

Feels good, doesn’t it? Knowing what you want to do next.
We are runners. Something scares us, we spring.
If it’s not working, fix it.
I don’t need to save the world.
When did that stop being enough?
Wouldn’t be love if it didn’t.


SVU 16.18

Hudson University, an elite school for rape and sexual assault. Ally Ionnides stars in a case that is not at all what it seems (is it ever?).

Noah, just to be clear, you are not going to Hudson University.
When’s the last time a carjacking victim was asked, are you sure you didn’t want your car stolen?
We are all Jane.
I am the real Jane.
One of the guys threw my panties at me.
Nobody raped this girl.
She want to play whore on Saturday and a saint on Sunday.
Who else want to rape that?
Did she just say 6 men?
I’m the dace of the movement.
They probably all took a piece of me.
This is about eliminating rape culture.
I could have been gang raped.
I have to go to school every day and see my rapist?
You have a dangerous predator on your campus.
It set the clock back 30 years.


Shameless 5.11

Sammi was accidentaly killed, then she came alive.

For bankrobbery or a driveby.
Sex i the first thing to you know sex.
For me part of feeling alive is being alive.
Ah fuck she’s dead.
Too late for that.
He was released in the care of Monica Gallagher.
Help! Help!


Cougar Town 6.13

A beautiful finale, they all stayed at the cul-de-sac and were meeting at Jules’ house every day till the rest of their lives. An uplifting finale, as it should be. They continue to do crazy things and they’re all okay and that keeps me from falling apart.

The wife made it to the end of the lawn.
He was here when I got here.
If Travis and Laurie bought it.
You’re gonna kill us someday.
We could finally be a couple.
Give me Big Chuck.
Who moves at night?
You’re my best friend.
Does everyone have to leave this second?
Why is everyone leaving me?
We are so lucky.


Revenge 4.18

Oh how weak is Revenge this season, and sadly, we all know it’s going to be thia show’s last, and It aches me that I’m going to have to find a replacement in September, as I used to love this show so much. I expected so much more. It was a fun ride, Revenge, up to season 4. Charlotte will be back in a few episodes, I hope they’ll find her a place other than being a bitchy junkie. He should not have lost that baby. Any storyline is better than what she has.

‘I am David Clarke’s daughter. I am Amanda Clarke.’ I expected more than a random admission at an even more random party.


Nashville 3.18

All the songs. The aings are always my favorite part of the show. I hope it escapes death again. All we all knew Sadie was going to kill her ex husband the minute she bought the gun.

I’m a broken guitar, working on a broken song.
I can be hurricane driving through misery.
Have you ever been in love? Then you shouldn’t write about it.
If you need anything, just give me a look.
Don’t tell me I can’t sing this song. This is my time. This is my song.
He can be an axe murderer.
Except he’s a doctor.
You might understand something I’m going through.
Yeah I might.
Are you guys together? Like together together?
Sadie! What happened?


Bates Motel 3.01

And we’re back with Norma and Norman and their incest-like relationship. Calling your mom ‘silly woman’ and sleeping in the same bed underlines the creepy incesty vibe the show gives. Also, Norman is back to killing.

Norman is 18. He should  not be sleeping in the same bed as his mom.
Looks like your mom and you are pretty close.
Yes we are.
I think you should go to your own bed.
There was no place left for us. Except with each other.
It’s not normal.
I may be growing up, but I am not going anywhere.
Move over, silly woman.


Bates Motel 3.02

Norma knows its her son who’s killing ‘questionable’ women. I mean why else woukd he get into the car with that woman? Emma has gotten too forward after that summer fling.

You can’t keep getting into cars with questionable women! Slutty, oversexed, crazy.
I don’t know how long I can keep doung this, Norman.
Doing what?
Are you planting tomatoes?
Yeah and corn. And green beans.
I always felt safe when you were here.
Norman was the last person who saw her.
Of course on purpose. Do you think I bump into signs not on purpose?


Bates Motel 3.03

I’m pretty sure Norman is the biggest weirdo in town, Norma. Norman’s obsession with his mother gets creepier as he says he feels he’s ‘outside’ of her, as opposed to the ‘inside’ he wants to be in. The show is gonna end with Norman raping Norma and killing hr afterwards just like his victims.

I haven’t been in school in 20 years, I’m probably gonna look like everyone’s mother.
Maybe for spending so many years close to my mother.
Have you interviewed all the weirdos in this town?
Secret club of the damaged.
I just feel like I’m outside of her.
What game are you playing today, mother?


Bates Motel 3.04

Dylan and Norma’s relationship is so much more enjoyable than Norma and Norman’s. Norma’s brother loved his little sister so much that when she wanted to end their weird bond, he raped her. Norma gets jeleous another relationship of her son’s and forbids him to have sex with Emma. And Norman, the creepiest character on TV, desperately wants to make his mom jeleaous kissing Emma and making sure Norma watches.

Dylan, good you’re here. He’s very upset. Take him to the house.
You can’t sleep with her.
My mother says I shouldn’t have sex with you.
She was more than my sister. I loved her more than anything. And I couldn’t let her go.
You betrayed mother and she needs to know. (Full on Psycho)


Bones 10.12

First of, one more cave man following you? Brennan gets a twitter and lightens up the episode, now who killed… Lucas from PLL. Congrats Bones, I actually remembered. You didn’t suck this week.

Twitter gives fans a chance to onnect with you till the next book comes out.
It’s abandoned.
That doesn’t help my argument.
Oh my god.
What you got bit?
My book. It’s in the cleareance section.
I’m totally gonna follow you.
Mole matching program.
I did start folowing Dr B on twitter.
He’s 18, his frontal lobe isn’t fully developed yet, so his judgement cannot be trusted.
It’s probably just the squints following you.
You’re posting articules on bone diseases and cave men.
What you’ve got another cave man following you?
Because in high school I was shoved into locker multiple times.
This locker is smired with blood.
Why are you tweeting and not working my case?
The victim had a twitter account. (Duh)
We’re looking for someone who has a car with no trunk.
Smiley face, wink wink.


Castle 7.18

Still waiting for Castle to surprise me, to have a case that’s going to sweep me of my feet. For Alexis to have an interesting storyline, not just asking friends over to play with Castle’s toys. I want to hear about hr vlog again. Her character needs some depth, they all do. Carlos from Desperte Housewives guest stars in the first role I’ve seen him since Mr Solis. And Kate wants to take the Captain’s exam. Does this mean they plan to write Gates off by the end of this season?

Is it One Direction?
No, they’re in Hong Kong. (How manly of you to know that Espo)
Captain’s exam.


Castle 7.19

The only thing I remember is that Ryan and Espo challenged Castle and Kate and performed to the most annoying song. No idea what the case was.


The Good Wife 6.15

One of the boring episodes before Alicia’s win. Can’t their have their emails hacked already?

You don’t want me to win.
Alicia’s defeat could be a major embarrasment.


The Good Wife 6.16

Dennis O’Hare is back and he just cannot swallow the fact that the printed gun cost 25 dollars.

Is anyone else disturbed by…
The one that your wife is not suing.
I just can’t believe 25 dollars.
Who’s your attorney?
David Lee.
Actually I am.
Yes maybe he can find another way for associating with killing Jews.
To trash Peter!
What’s this?
I don’t know it’s too far for me to read it.
Are you sending money to Palestinians?


The Good Wife 6.17

Somebody hacked into your system.
You performed oral sex on Limond in a supply closet?
Like removing stick from my ass.
What world are you living on?
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.
Eli! Stop saying that.
Never apologise beforehand.
Whatever you wanna do, no.


Scandal 4.18

Every time they mention wearing white hats, I’m happy. Any time they talk about B613 and Liv’s dad, I’m angry. I don’t think Mellie will win. But she’s still my second favirite character after Abby.

Drug store. Tampon run.
We are the white hats, we’re the good guys.
The good guys lose. And the white hats burn.
She’s family, Rosen.


Younger 1.01

Great pilot. Good to see Hilary Duff back on TV, and Sutton Foster too. The pulot made me think of Bunheads, and I got upset. Then, Gilmore Girls and Lizzie McGuire nd I got all nostalgic.

Eat, pray and chronic diarrhoea.
Who inspires you?
Katniss Everdeen.
Favorite band?
One Direction.
As Taylor Swift said, there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.
I’ve got your back, girl.
You’re gonna set a twitter account for Jane Austen.
Dead Jane Austen?
Are you deaf? Is that how you got into Darmouth?
Can I out your bush on Instagram?
Is that why your bush turned gray?
She lies about her age, how lame is that.
Hashtag pathetic.
We’re only in our 20s once.
I wanna come home.
Come home.


Secrets and Lies 1.05

I am only watching this for Kadee and I love how snarky Juliette’s character is.

Now the alleged evidence is missing like the flashlight.
To protect and serve. That’s the job.


Secrets and lies 1.06

You have a stalker.
You mean beside you?

A little off truck and the show is starting to get really boring.