Greys 11.19

A funny episode, Stephanie does not want to pursue carreer in penal reatachment, Mer doesn’t speak with Cristina, but she remembers the promise she made about Owen. Alex’s other person is Maggie and I’m liking this friendship very much. Amelia stands up for herself to Meredith.

Cristina asked me to watch out for him.
I am one of the leading experts on penal reatachment.
There’s nothing wrong with you.
He should have want to listen.
I’m dorky. I’m nerdy. I’m me.
Until younhave walked in my shoes, you need to cut me some slack and back the hell up.
We get more than just one thing to love. One day something will click and you’ll know when you’ve found it.


Greys 11.20

God, remember when they were all stranded in the woods. Thank you for that cry session, Greys. I love you to pieces. What an excellent episode, I was a little surprised she didn’t know about the plane crash, she is as she mentioned herself, a nerd, so wouldn’t she google her sister? I loved that Mer’s first reaction was to find the only person who gets it, Arizona. Karev told Arizona he was the one who cut off her leg and I liked that Callie wanted Arizona to have someone she could count on. And this brings us to Calzona, and the furious discusion begins yet again. Why is Callie saddenly so cold to Arizona anf why doesn’t she feel any need to take her back. Calzona was more significant than Merder since they met. I hope Shinda gets them together at the end of the season. I hate that Jo and Stephanie knew so little about the plane crash. Jo’s dating Karev and complaining about his friendship with Meredith constantly, yet doesn’t take a second to take interest in getting to know anything about her boyfriend’s bff. I loved Maggie’s reaction, but she should have known. They also should have told her about Meredith puting her hand into the guys chest back in season 2. Chief Webber shouldn’t behave like an arogant dumbass considerning the fact his students were in a plane clash inky three years ago. They should have dug up more. I also want to hear from Cristina. We know Mer has stopped facetiming her once Derek went away, but I just can’t stand the thought that the twisted sister haven’t spoken in 9 months. What’s the point of living if your person stops speaking to you, then? Little Sydney from Parenthood is going to be in the next car crashy episode.

‘You and Derek went down in a plane, you drowned, he got shot, you gave birth in a power outage. You have every reason to feel the sky’s falling.’

(we can name at least five more bad things that happened to Meredith)

And that is exactly why Derek won’t die.

That many bad things can’t happen to one character. They will not want to make it any more unrelatable then it already is. The cathastrophies should have eneded with the plane crash.

A plane went down, right in the middle of the city.
Sorry there was a plane crash.
Have you seen Dr Robbins? Where’s Dr Robbins?
We’re okay. This isn’t us.
We’re okay.
We’re okay.
Have you seen Meredith or Arizona?
We should look out for them today.
It’s the plane crash. The plane crash is making me worry.
You and Derek went down in a plane, you drowned, he got shot, you gave birth in a power outage. You have every reason to feel the sky’s falling.
She died out there in the woods.
There was another one, Lexie.
I can never look at any of them the same ever.
What’s the point of the plane crashing and you ending up here.
The next time it will end with ‘and then I died’.
It was me who cut off your leg.
Thank you for telling me that.
I wanted you to have somebody.


Revenge 4.19

Oh it was a painful flashback episodes and they still didn’t make it. The show is drowning and no one watches it anymore. I don’t think Lydia has the power to mess anything up, she can burn the Grayson Manor but that’s pretty much it.

If you speak a word of this self destructive will take a whole new meaning for you.
Amanda Clarke is chaos theory.
Why hold on to anything?
Because it meant something to me. Beause I wanted to remember what we’ve accomplished.
It’s like for 4 years I thought that I was a part of something bigger than myself. I’m just a hacker that read Emily Thorne.
You are the dynamic duo.
This is the girl you met on the beach, this is the girl you named your boat after.


Nashville 3.17

Best Nashville episode in a long time.

You have no idea what I’ve been through for the last 24 hours.
I’m just scrabbing notes.
All I felt was music.


Nashville 3.18

Nashville is gettng good just when it’s rime to say goodbye. I really don’t want to lose it but how can it accept death for the third time? Juliette is going to perform a song, that makes it maybe three this year, we got screwed over by this pregancy, as it is probably the final season.

Nashville’s next Johnny and June.
Just tell them we have the best song.
He is the biy who posted you as Maddie Claybourne on the Internet.
I’m a little rusty. Why the hell are you rusty?! You’re a musician, you write songs. What other things could you possibly be doing?!
She was to write this sad ass song, and I can’t go there right now, cause rhat’s what I’ve got playing in my head all day.
This is her. She’s making this happen, this is her talent.


Shameless 5.12

You know, Deb, you cannot determine pregnancy after a week, which means it’s that 21 year old’s you raped. Weakest season, and an averge finale. Kevin the rape walker had lots of opportunities. Debbie could not have lost her mind any more. Frank’s girl drowns. Sammi shows up at the end and lights up the episode. The last scene of Lip and Ian sitting in the car and Frank stopping buy to blow a joint, was along with Sammy shooting Mike the only great thing about the finale.

It’s a really big school, V.
I was the rape walker. I had lots of opportunities.
Frontal or anal?
I’m pregnant.
I love him. We’re gonna get married. And we’re gonna have a lot of babies and we’re gonna be happy.
Could I be possibly doing a worse job raising them?
He’s a nice guy, and you know, you’re not.
Frank, please give this to my family.
Happy is overrated. Grow up, Fiona.
I love you. That means we take care of each other.
Is that Sammi?
And something about sitting in a box for a week.


Bates Motel 3.05

Are we really gonna keep Norma’s rapist and obey his sick needs just because he loves her? Guess what the Wifi password is. Norman has his mother’s favorite dress which he just can’t get enough of. Did Alex know Norma was raped by the previous owner?

He raped her.
We have your mother Norma Bates at the ER.
What’s wrong with these criminals, why can’t they just hold on to their shit.
The password to Wifi is mother.
You were wearing that blue and white dress that I like.
Norman, dinner’s ready. (Just fucking your dress, mother.)
You think i don’t know what they’ve done to me? No one know better than me. They raped me. They put a dead man’s body in my bed they kidnapped my child and they put him in a box in the ground. What else are they going to do to me? Kill me?
And I want a pool.


Bates Motel 3.06

Apparently I was wrong last weak, I rewatched all the episodes where Norma mentions her childhood, and she says her brother has raped her for years on all counts, as opposed to Caleb’s story, him raping her because he loved her so much and could not let run away.
And then, the writers try to push an incest relationship that was going on between them for years. This week though, Norma shot her phone, Alex got shot too, Norma got sexually assaulted again, Norman went full on Pscho, dressing up like his mother, who later forgave her brother/rapist – a reaction we did not expect and then the one we did, Norman made a Psycho face when he saw that his mother has had ‘their’ kind of relationship before.

I’m having some kind of a breakdown.
I don’t know if I can keep living my life.
When we were growing uo he was very terrible to me.
My son isn’t normal, there’s something wrong with him.
He has these blackouts and he loses himself. And I have killed myself trying to take care of him, to protect him, to keep it a secret.
Norman is sleeping.
Parents don’t have their needs.
I won’t talk to your dad because he raped me.
Norma Louise, I’m so sorry!


Bones 10.13

Criminals get killed and Arastoo decides to go back to Iran to say goodbye to his brother. Of course you don’t have anything to say here, Cam. What’s Cam’s religion anyway?

King of the lab, Aubrey.


Bones 10.14

I stop thinking it would help if they moved it back to Mondays, as it’s obvious it can’t compete with Greys as the number of viewers was again below 5 mln. But the cases, are excrutiantingly boring. Only Castle can suck more. And these are the two shows I used to root for. At least Max hasn’t changed and went grave robbing. Little Christine sounds exactly like Emily and that’s super scary. Do kids really talk like that? Last time I checked you can’t understand a 3 year old most times, and even though she is Brennan’s child her overpronounciation is plain spooky.
Someone who tried to clean it was clearly not a trauma scientist.
Grave robbing.


SVU 16.19

Started off good and then ended up a non-svu related case of measles.

I’m never having kids.
Rainbow party is when girls wear different shades of lipstick. And they take turns on the guys. The guy who has the most colors wins.
There is this pressure to do all the guys. They had an oral sex competition.
Rollins, feel my forehead.
I’m not feeling your forehead.


Scandal 4.20

White hats and you bought me. Let’s take Ronan once and for all. Huck and Quinn breaking bones coukd not be more disturbingly good. So what would happen if the guy said it was miss Pope and her team who got rid of the body? Wouldn’t they all go to jail for cleaning up somebody else’s mess? I would watch that anyday.

No matter how white the (k)night is.
Goodbye homicidal robbery, welcome missing person.
Flip and fold.
Did you study law? You sure not even like a semester?
You are unrecognisable to yourself.
Bravo, Olivia.
He’re so wearing a white hat.


The Good Wife 6.19

Alicia was reminiscing to Will times. It’s so easy to write Kalinda off, by throwing her into prison or killing her for starters.

Alicia is the perfect example of someone sleeping her way to the top.
I can’t just say this stuff about Will, because it wasn’t true.
Love is a word that is so exhausted. I wish it meant something for me.
Law is always personal.


Younger 1.02

Deleting facebook to escape friends you don’t want to keep in touch with. Hilary’s character’s relationship portrays what evey woman had to deal with at least once in her dating life. Bosses emailing you before 8 am, how well I know this.

Din’t worry that bitch will never find you.
Remund me to never have lunch with you on Tuesdays.
The lesbian artist? You could have stayed with me.
It’s just some old woman looking for directions.
I can only stay if I have sex with you?
Where have you been, I have been emailing you all morning.
It’s 8am.


Younger 1.03

Whoa, what was that? Very disapointed.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Type Yes!


Younger 1.04

I have very recently rewatched all episodes of Lizzie Mcguire, as I was having a little identity crisis and had to go back to where my life had meaning. That was one hell of a show, now Younger, as glad as I am that it was focused around Hilary Duff’s character and we got to see Lizzie Mcguire got hammered, I am still angry we never got to see Lizzie in high school, and almost lose everything she’s worked for overnight, it was still not it. It was muh better than the previous episode, but I honestly couldn’t care less about Liza’s relationship with the young guy, it seems too much like a phase she needs to go through to get back on her feet.

How have we not banged him yet?!
Yeah I think I just passed this point.
Fine, go home binging Gilmore Girls.
You are HOT!
She may still be asleep.
Significantly older than I am!
She looked stupid.
You don’t even remember.
I was so excited, I got drunk.
I have a relative become dependant on me


Secrets and lies 1.07

And Christy has taken the kids, what a lovely scene, best episode yet. Why did he try to hide the flashlight when he knows Cornell is always onto him, we’ll never know.

Abby counted the presents.
Did anyone see you releavibg yourself?
We have to stay together!
Why are you leaving dad alone?! It’s two days before Christmas!