In less than two weeks we’ll know everything. Thursday, May 7th and Friday, May 8th is when we’ll know what stays and what goes, and I have been nervous for over a week. For now, all we know is, Eye Candy was cancelled and I really wanted to know what happened to Lindy’s sister.

Greys 11.21

Oh dear lord,

Exhausted from crying, I’ve put 10 years into this relationship. Not fair, so not fair. Shonda killed Derek off and I’ve spent the entire week assuring myself she wouldn’t do it. RIP, McDreamy, you deserved so much more.

You aren’t God, so you don’t know.
The people who hit us? No thanks.
Every kiss before the right kiss doesn’t count.
It’s a beautiful day to save lives.
You’re not dead, just breathe.
You stay not dead.
He’s a doctor. A surgeon, I think.
Look at my head.
Take me to the head CT.
I’m gonna die because these people aren’t trained.
There’s no point.
It’s okay, you can go. We’ll be fine.


Revenge 4.20

I can’t believe Victoria burned! Revenge ends with my favorite character dying?! How am I supposed to be okay with that?! I still remember how angry I was when she boarded that plane back in s1 finale and how much I hoped she found a way to get off. But now? Victoria Grayson died and I’m supposed to sit here and take it?!

Rest in peace, Victoria Grayson.

It’s why I still call you Ems.
We’re a team. We’re gonna get through this cause that’s what we do.
The past few years, this has been our life.
Can’t imagine a life after, Ems.
I don’t deserve him.
But you deserve me?


Nashville 3.19

Don’t we just love when Juliette acts like a diva? But are we really gonna spend the last few episodes on Christina Aguilera instead of watching our characters perform?

We’re gonna be spending a lot of time with that guy, and it isn’t too much to ask that he bathed regurarly.
Did you purposely not tell me they’re sitting at our table?
You look amazing.
I know.
What possessed you to sign that little copy cat?
Please welcome to the stage Daphne Conrad.
Have a little faith in me.
Wouldn’t be surprised if I got nominated for a few awards.
What if I become irrelevant at 25?
You’ll always be the unforgettable Juliette Barnes.


Bates Motel 3.07

Norman finally admitted he is onsessed with his mother and wants to sleep with her.

There’s always something dead in the basement.
He thinks he’s you, Norma.
You got her in trouble?
She needs lung transplant.
How was it, sleeping with my mother?
Would it bother you if someone slept with your mother?

She threw herself like a whore into a bed of a man she barely knows.
So what was she like?
It’s not an appropriate question.
Did she give to easily?
Cause I can imagine what it was like.
Norman, why do you care so much who your mother mught be sleeping with?
What does it mean that she could be attracted to someone?
Does that take her away from you?
Norman, do you want to sleep with her?
I just miss you. I miss how close we used to be.
We all go a little mad sometimes.


Bones 10.15

How could Bones let Booth gamble?

I’m pregnant.
You think I’m gonna become a gambler again, because we’re having a child?
Play with.
Played with. There’s no reason for you to go back there.
He’s an addict.
I need to put 200 on…


The Good Wife 6.20

Alicia has to step down? Kalinda put Diane in so much trouble.

Will I need you in top of me.
So did you do it? Screw your boss?
This is a disbarable offence for me.
Mom, was it just flirtation with Will?
No, it wasn’t.
There were more remakes of this case than Spiderman.


Scandal 4.21

Now you, scared man with glasses.
I want to hear what Abby has to say.
Has anybody checked?!
Ok let’s go get some blood.
What does it mean, go get some blood?
Are you being paid in fried chicken?
You would make a better senate candidate than Mrs Mellie Grant.
I know Doctor Zhivago is doing the best he can.
47% think Cyrus shoukd have his own talkshow.
You were right, we should have never left that island.


The Simpsons 26.18

I am not surprised the ratings are low.

Let me see your settings, photos.
No one ever cares about the middle child.
So that means I can’t marry Maggie?
Stop asking me that.


Younger 1.05

Congrats on season 2! Right when I’m starting to fall for this show!

Orgasm?! I’m at work.
I need you to wash your hands.
I was in the bathroom.
Spear me the details.
While you were instagraming your way through India.
That okd lady you found on Craig’s list?
You claim to be 60% gay.
Not for you.
Who are you right now?
It’s a girl code.
I can’t believe you Pretty Woman’ed me.
I can’t believe I’m Richard Gere and you’re Julia Roberts.
Any friend of Liza is our friend.


Secrets and Lies 1.08

I knew Christy did it back when the pilot premiered.

Who until 3 weeks ago did not know how many kids he had.
People do that? Call before they kill someone?
That appears to be a child’s tooth.
You can’t seriously think Christy killed Tom.
Your wife is hiding cash.
10 000 notes.