Flash of Genius

A well done portrayal of a man who thought for decades for what was his. A wonderful biography.


Heller in Pink Tights

A fun film with Sophia Loren about a theatrical troupe and a live triangle.


Ghosts of the Abyss

David Cameron goes back to the Titnic to record some footage of the wreckage. A beautiful film, that deserved more awards than Titanic.



A nice thriller/horror, the only thing the film is missing is tension, as it only hd some at the beginning, and it quickly turned out to be a prank.


Mixed Nuts

A hilarious film, I haven’t had that much fun in a long time. Liev is fantastic as a transgender and every keeps this film at an A-level humor. We need more films this fun.


Grease 2

It must have been impossibly hard to follow the footsteps of the first part. The songs were weaker, the story still fresh, but overall, not even close.


The Bling Ring

The 2010 version was so much better, here all the kids did was party and steal and there was absolutely no depth to them. This was my second attempt to watch this film, this time successfully. I liked Sophia’s suggestion that Nikki’s sister was involved, but never caught, well both sisters actually.


Jesse Stone: Thin Ice

Have not seen any other parts, but was nicely surprised with this one, the ending is a little unpredictable in its simplicity.


First Daughter

Why do they only play bad movies when I turn on the tv? I can’t even describe how horrible this one was. I’ll take What a girl wants with Amanda Bynes or Chasing Liberty with Mandy Moore any time.