The jury’s out! All of my shows except for Revenge got their renewals! I was scared for Bones and Castle as we weren’t sure if Stana was going to sign her contract and Bones is finishing its 10th season and in both cases the episodes got worse. I was afraid we’d lose Nashville as it was in danger last year. I followed ratings for every week and stressed about my shows like every year. We still haven’t heard about The Good Wife, but it’s a very safe bet, unless Julianna has somewhere else to be.

Congrats to Greys, SVU, Bones, Castle, Nashville, Secrets and Lies, The Simpsons, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder! See you all in the fall!

Greys 11.24

Reciting Webber’s first day of internship speech along with the characters. I hate the new interns already. How can you screw up on your first day? Meredith breaking down and throwing the charts broke my heart. Torturing my most favorite chracter like that? Kepner hauling the car and bringing it to the hospital is everything we wanted to see. Tunnel collapsed and Greys die hards see the ferryboat accident from season 3 in their head. Iasked my father if he remembers that episode and he remembered it as well as the shooting one in season 6. ‘Izzie had to drill in some guys head and didn’t kill him, and Meredith drowned.’ That’s right. What an episode. My second favorite after the bomb in the chest. This is what I expect to see next week. Lots of action.

Where we ever that young?
And so well rested.
And stupid.
And eager, like puppies.
Grey, you’re cleared. You’re going too.
I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t exist.
Damn it.
You were right, we can save him.


Revenge 4.22

Victoria is alive! I couldn’t be happier! Anxious about series finale next week. I need more Revenge.


Nashville 3.21

The Xs singed with Rayna! Rayna and Deacon thinking about the old love they shared and that fantastic song were all I needed from the show.

This is the right place for you.
You’re gonna be the Taylor Swift to her Katy Perry.
Bitch get 5 minutes at most.
Oh yeah cause who needs a great record deal.
Tell her I’m gonna have a ready album in 2 days.
And tell the highness she better not walk out on me when I deliver it.
Music has been there for all of us.
Let’s take this time we’ve wasted.


Castle 7.22

I cannot hear a Carly Rae Jepsen song and not think of Elsbeth Tascioni. And now maybe Castle.

Castle, there’s something wrong with you mother.
You’re just realising this now?
Come on boy, I’m gonna make your day.
Great parents teachers conference.
Something’s wrong with your mother.
I thought we already covered that.
You have earned it. Please don’t let some idiot with a self phone to take that away from you.
Martha Rodgers is amazeballs.


Bates Motel 3.09

Norma, don’t slip and fall into your pool. You may never get out.
This is not a pool. This looks like a bomb crater.
Having a hobby that includes cutting up dead things.
She thinks there’s something wrong with me
Is there something wrong with you?
Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me.
Norman came to me and said that I raped him and then I realised he thought he was you.
There’s nothing wrong with Norman.
Norman is gonna kill someone and I just hope it isn’t you.
Goodbye, Norma Louise.


SVU 26.21

I love how it ended much more than the episode itself. There just wasn’t enough SVU work.

I told him daddy, the truth. That you never raped me.
I’m with Project Innocence.
Maybe it’s just easier to believe that your father didn’t rape you.
I don’t know, I was 6!
The truth is I don’t really remember.
We did the right thing
Did we?


Bones 10.17

Second favorite episode this season? Very relatable. Who let Bones sit at the yoga class and eat a yoghurt? And I don’t think the victims bones could get fractured by her obesity. Especially since the girl wasn’t that fat. She weighed less than 70 kg. Maybe she fell and her bones broke under her weight? More like it. Bullying that led to suicide, like I said, second favorite episode.

Again, not possible
I’m talking from my own expierience.
Bones fractured by her childhood obesity.
They pushed her to death.


Bones 10.18

This season had only a few good episodes and this is one of them. Still it’s more than season 9 did. But are Angela and Hodgins leaving?

I can watch the mini Booth.
NA. Narcotics Anonnymous, now we’re getting somewhere.
I remembered something Sweets said, serial killers’ first victims was closed to them.
Sweets used to say serial killers are compulsive and by nature, they can’t stop.
Tofu omlette.
I can make you a honorary squint.


The Good Wife 6.22

I’m gaving a crisis of confidence. A d it’s taking up all my time.
People aren’t staring at you. They’re too busy getting on with their lives.
I can’t take another failure.
In a few months it will be like it never happened.
My occupation now is beer drinker.
You were competitive.
There’s still something I miss about it. Looking at the law as something good.
Kalinda is gone.
I know.
Aha meaning yes?
Nobody ever tells the whole truth.
I worry about you when you sit at home.
I’m gonna have to work out of the apartment.
I’m starting my own firm, I’m only taking cases I strongly believe ina d I want you to join me.


Scandal 4.21

I don’t think the killing the vicepresident remark was a joke. I think they’re gonna do it. She brings trouble, questioning everything. I wanted Mellie to tell Fitz be should feel sorry for the rape victim and sympathise as Mellie was raped too. I loved that she stood behind rape victims in the end.

That woman was raped.
Hi Liv, I really need your help.
I’m a woman, why don’t I have women?
If Mellie Grant don’t show up on rape, we lose.
What about murdering your vice president? How long has that been illegal?
It would tell the world that we don’t condone rape
I wanna help, even though I’m not supposed to.
Rape is categorised as an occupational hazard.
She was raped, Fitz.
I believe that our daughters and sons deserve more.


The Simpsons 26.20

What is wrong with that Flanders kid, this season he wanted to marry his brother, little Maggie, and… his father.

You’re gonna stay your current ages for the rest of your lives.
How bad do you wanna sleep in on Saturdays?
I love you mean neighboor.
I knew there would be a sexist joke behind it. I knew it.
I’ll never grow up and marry Daddy!
These aren’t for would you like a strawberry, bubble gum or watermelon favour?
You’ve been in there for 25 minutes!
Hunger Games. Elysium. Mockingjay. Children of Men.
Bart Simpson!
You just can’t protect your kids anymore.
Bart’s smoking E-cigarettes!
They are totally legal. Tell me does he like the bubble gum flavour or strawberry?


Younger 1.07

Peter Herman joins the cast and I want him with Liza. The young kid doesn’t have grown up interests.

200 pounds for used panties.
You were serving people?
You can’t degrade yourself.
Consider it an early Christmas bonus.


Secrets and Lies 1.10

A fantastic season finale, and the best episode of this show. I want to see Cornell put Abby in juvie so badly. Little brat and a killer.

I know you didn’t kill Tom.
You realize that by faulsifying a complaint, you’re making it hard for a woman who have been raped to come forward.
Abby is this blood on your sneakers?
I didn’t mean to! It was an accident.
Help! Somebody help!
Because she heard us fighting.
If Scott came back, you’d stay with mom.
What the hell are we gonna do?
She’s a baby.
She’s your sister.
And she killed my brother.
I won’t go. And if you try to make me, I’ll call Cornell.
It’s not your fault. You didn’t fail me.
Nat, you’re an amazing person, I’m fraid it’s in spite of me.
Nat needs a place to stay.
She saw the affection between you and I’m here to confess ti the murder of Tom Murphy.
Jess and then she smashed her phone to the ground.
Six blows to the head?
He did not kill Tom.
She had this plan for some time.
I just wanted to keep our family together.
Tom will not be her last victim.
Killers are getting younger every year.
I’m gonna put Abby Crowford away.
None of this would have happened if I just got Tom to the river.