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Greys 11.22

I am hugely disapointed they didn’t ask Tyne Daly, Kate Walsh, Sandra Oh and Derek’s sisters to come to the funeral. And that they showed 2 seconds of it. Other than that, I can understand why Meredith ran away with the kids just like Ellis did.


Greys 11.23

I am speechless after that 2 hour Greys. I was just praying she wouldn’t give the baby up or slit her wrists.

My head is in pieces after that massive time jump. I don’t feel like putting all the problems of season 12 into one episode was a good idea. The entire experience I either saw my life passing by or felt I’ve just missed something. So where are we now? In February? It’s surprising how she named her child after mother she hated for so many years. Still,

Welcome to the world,

Ellis Grey Shepherd.


Revenge 4.21

Goodbye, Revenge, your first 3 seasons were amazing. And even though you pretty much sucked in season 4, I was still glad you stuck around.

The landscape of Hamptons will never be the same.
Can’t anybody follow a simple revenge plan?
I’ve decided to end my life.
She wanted to die in Grayson Manor.
Revenge free.
I found this case under the flipboard.
The Mason Tredwell who died in prison a year ago?
We’ll check your car for Mason’s fingerprints.
That bitch set me up! I’m innocent!


Nashville 3.20

Where’s Rayna, I need to talk to her.
Just you believe, it may all come true.
My brother raped you?
Juliette is doing something.
Welcome to my world.


Castle 7.20

You haven’t written a word in a week.
I’ve tried to put it behind. But it haunts me.
I was in Thailand getting shot at with Chuck Norris?
It’s Richard Castle, from Thailand.
That’s for making me miss my wedding.


Castle 7.21

Fantastic Castle this week. Very Non Stop-y, I loved when facetime on Castle’s ipad froze on his face just when he was giving that disdained look. I think Castle could go on without Stana, like this, with Castle and Alexis solving every case.


SVU 16.20

Excellent and I didn’t see it coming.

Oh good, she’s still alive. Don’t you just hate when you kidnap a girl and she just won’t stop movong in your back seat?
Nadia is a nice kid. You know what he’s doing to her now?
Don’t go there. That never helps.
Please don’t kill me. I’ll do whatever you want.
All girls say that.
Where he could do whatever he wanted to do with her.
Some place sacred. Search the woods.
They have been here for years.
We’ve got her.
She was raped and tortured and transported to his burial ground.


Bates Motel 3.08


Bones 10.16

No no. There’s no such thing as chest bone.
My two favorite customers, I’ve feed you every day for 10 yrs.
Are you kidding me? Two of my favorite collegues winning the lottery!
I guess I’m just looking for a reason all of this is happening.
Are you smelling something?
I’m trying not to.
Smell you later.
I had no idea you were so talented.
Sometimes I surprise myself.
No, unless he was murdered by a double cheesburger.


The Good Wife 6.21

I thought we had two more episodes before Kalinda’s exit. Goodbye, Kalinda.

Only in America, if you’re a grandmother you go to jail, if you’re an addict, you go to rehab.
The disk was not ejected properly.
Not to mention those emails she sent.
I won’t be in.
Life’s to short to be mad.


The Simpsons 26.19

Can’t get a sitter, cause our kids are nuts.
Your brother is stupid, bye bye.
I saved you.
But you pushed me!


Younger 1.06

If you’re 40 or older proceed at your own risk.
I saw everytjing on twitter.


Secrets and Lies 1.09

The problem is, I don’t think Crawford killed anyone.
So he drowned. The boy couldn’t swim.
And then she chased him back there where he died.
Tom’s killer’s female.
What are the odds of having two dead children.


Chicago PD 2.20

Dick Wolf got a new spin off. Chicago Med, i might just check you out. And I want to start Chicago PD this summer.

Sophia does not have brown hair. What happened in SVU after this is a masterpiece.

My ex partner questioned him 10 years ago.
I’m glad you told me, I was planning on stealing the cup there.
What brings you to Chicago?


Chicago Fire 3.20

I could never watch this show. Being burned to death is just the worst way to go.

Somebody raped her and left her for dead.
L’ombre robbed and stabbed me.
She was raped and whoever did it tried to cover it by fire.
I had a case like that 10 years ago.