The finale week. I started rewatching Greys season 11, as my dad suggested a rewatch. We’re reminiscing and I’m saying it will always be my fvorite show every time I click on the next episode. I’ll never be over how good it is. And how badly I care about Meredith and other babies. There’s nothing better than spending a decade watching a show, and going through different phases in your life while they go through different phases.

Greys 11.25

The finale week is here and I can’t stand another 4 month break from Greys. We love how Ben worships Miranda. I liked when Meredith told Webber and Catherine to stop whining, as she would love to hve one more minute with her husband. Meredith introduces her new sisters to dance party tradition she had with Cristina. She also tells Maggie to come to her with everything, as because of everything she went through, she is qualified to help her. My mom, who is also a big fan of the show, my whole family is thanks to me, said the season would end with Webber/Catherine wedding and it did. April and Avery ended, as Jackson gave his wife an ultimatum. Derek’s ferryboat tape concludes this somehow uplifting finale, as we say our final goodbyes to the characters we loved for over a decade.

People said I came from a broken family. Even though getting divorced is the least broken thing they ever did.
You will be Greys Sloane next chief of surgery.
You’ve mistaken an intern for an attending?
He was basically running the ER.
Id she moving out? Is there room for Amelia? You could take your old room, I could take my room, and Amelia could take Cristina’s.
No she’s selling the house with the children.
Sad widow is my friend. My best friend.
It’s my old phone. There is a voicemail on it. Password is 1515. And make sure you’re alone when you listen to it.
What’d the matter with you two?!
My husband died.
Today is the first day of your new job, and you have failed gloriously.
You have to teach them how to paddle their stupid feet.
You need a place to fall apart, I’ll be that place.
Jo, it’s a crime scene.
Sell Meredith her home back.
There’s no darkness in my life.
You should always come to me, cause I’m qualified to help you.
Come on, dance party.
No matter how dark it gets, the sun will rise again.


Revenge 4.23

Emily VanCamp explained on twitter that the dream sequence in which she got Victoria’s heart was just a nightmare, because I wanted it to be true. Getting your nemesis’ heart is the final ‘fuck you’ from the world. I wanted to write Victoria, but she wouldn’t have liked that either. The show ends with Victoria and David dying, Emily and Charlotte reconciling, Emily and Jack’s wedding and Nolan getting the last present from Ems. As the one happy thing about Revenge finale is that Nolan will continue avenging people.

RIP, Victoria Grayson. I will miss you dearly.

Goodbye, Revenge. You were good.

This has all started with Amanda Clarke changing her identity and ending with me changing mine.
Corpse I pass on as my own was my own mother.
It was only in death that my mother could do something good for her daughter.
You and I are the same.
Would you still approve of us today?
When this is all over, I’m gonna marry your daughter.
I died long before you were born. This is just a formality.
Well played, Ems. For the last time, well played.


SVU 26.22

Father kidnaps his son to teach him a lesson to never talk to strangers. When I heard the mother say he wanted to take him to Iran I immediately thought it would be like ‘Not Without My Daughter’, the scariest film ever starring the one and only Sally Field. The film who has been a subject of various discussions for many years and can come up in almost any conversation between my father and I. But it didn’t. Instead it wasn’t really an SVU case. Something the show has done more than half of the episodes this year. It’s definetely been the weakest season, but I believe it will get better next year.

To what do I owe the pleassure?
It was supposed to be a good lesson.


Nashville 3.22

I honestly think it was Beverly who died. I just wish we could get rid of the major storyline once and for all and just focus on the music. Layla smashing Jeff’s car seemed like such a Taylor Swift move, as she basically acted out the Blank Space video. Well, she was supposed to be the Taylor Swift to Christina Aguilera’s Katy Perry, so it works great. I am a little mad that Juliette has left Highway 65, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her, she’s an artist first. She’ll worry about her kid once she repairs her carreer.

Screw you, screw you, definitely screw you, lady.
I Rayna James take you Deacon Claybourne as my husband. Now don’t you dare leave me a widow.
I will hold my head up high, you will never see me cry.
Good news! Will Lexington is gay and I’m going on tour with Luke Wheeler.


Castle 7.23

The final ceremony was touching, and yet not compelling enough to save this season. Kate having to choose between being a captain or a states attorney is just the craziest. And here we were thinking the big plans for Kate was her getting pregnant with little Castlets. We’ll see how it works out. I love that Alexis has inly one year of college left and she still doesn’t know what she wants to do, because I still don’t have a backup plan for my life, and all my friends had all those years back in high school.

Carreer achievement in homicide.
If it wasn’t for that day in the woods, because of him, would I even be here?
Most people think that writing is a solitary profession. The long hours, the blank pages.


Bates Motel 3.10

It just wasn’t my favorite season. I loved how Norman said ‘what have you done’ to his mother, yet my favorite scene was when Norma hit Norman in the head with a vase. I have always disliked Bradley, so I don’t have some confused feelings I probably should be having. It’s not like he killed Emma. Bradley was always slutty and annoying and did not even treat Norman well.

People are usually disapointing.
We’re all doomed at the end.
Especially about the whacko Norma Bates and her son.
Mother, there’s really something wrong with you, we talked about it, remember outside the motel.
Mother would like to talk to you.
Mother, what have you done.
I did her a favor, poor girl had a feath wish, and most importantly, she was gonna take you away from me. I could never let that happen.
We belong together.


Bones 10.19

A crazy episode, what’s with Iran this week. Second episode focusing around Iran. Bones kicked Booth out of the house as she and Christine got threatened by some guy Booth owed 30 000. I am a little surprised to be honest, while my dad said he totally deserved it. Now back to Bones, they haven’t mentioned Angela and Hogins’ move to Paris, so I’m just gonna pretend the talk never happened. I am surprised to see Camille so surprised about Arastoo’s religion. It’s the third episode when she’s geniunely surprised about the customs. Shouldn’t you read about your fiancees religion when you date him, not to mention she has a PhD and yet she acts all dumb. I expected more from her. I just can’t stand ignorance on basic things, as you really don’t have to read much to know the basics.

I love you.
I don’t believe you. Go.


The Good Wife 6.23

I am not going to get into that Alicia/Kalinda scene as everyone else is. We’ve known about their quarrel for some time now, and we tried not to let it get to us. Yes, they did not film together, now move on. I am excited for Alicia partnering with Canning. I hope she does, nothing could be more interesting now, as the show was almost as dull this year as season 1. But then at least we had our Alicia/Kalinda friendship. I want to see Alicia and Canning arguing cases against Diane and Cary. It hurts not to know what Kalinda will do with her life, we didn’t even get a first draft of what her future will look like. We can assume she’ll be okay, but we don’t know if she even stays in Chicago.

Did you know Louis Canning’s wife works here?
Ask A for possible cooking recepies.
Made me miss sitting in a bar deinking with you.
My time with you as a friend was the best.
I’m sorry it got messed up.
I’ll never see you again.
I don’t think so.
Damn you three!
It’s Kalinda’s letter to me.
It said goodbye.
What is it with all those tough talking women!?
Wanna partner?


Scandal 4.22

Chuck shot the whole bus of jurors. But I am so pissed at this finale as Fitz threw Mellie out of the White House! And not just Mellie, Cyrus too! And of course now he’s living with Olivia, in the White House! Wtf, Shonda? How is that possible!? I don’t think Huck is dead and I have had enough of B613. Sure keep the father but enough with the B613 talk. Also, Cyrus was the one who auctioned Olivia off.

Are you going to tell your team mate you added slaughter to your resume?
Is thia why you wanted Olivia Pope auctioned off?
So much for being good guys, huh, Rosen?
Me running aroung like Nancy Drew.
I can’t have a soul. If i had I would never accomplish anything.


The Simpsons 26.21

Stupid Flanders.
Uncle Homer is not nice to you.
If you take her hand, you’ll enter world of puberty.
Are you being bullied?
I hate Ned Flanders because he’s better than me in everything.


Younger 1.08

Liza has to get together with Mariska’s husband and let the kid go. I think she tells him the truth in episode 12, as Sutton wrote on twitter they have a serious scene (finally). I am glad we still have 4 episodes till the break, as we know half of the summer shows aren’t coming back till september (our guilty pleasures, light as summer – faking it and switched at birth). I love Hilary Duff’s character, she’s so fresh and brings light to the show.

I don’t want to be one of those women who wake up in their 40s realising they forgot to live their life.
Here you are in a totally different department.
Is he looking?
He sure is.
Can we put on our sweats and watch Downton Abbey?
I’m the one sleeping with your husband.
You sure you’re 26?