I will post Bones next week as I’ll only have three shows to review. Also, I’m rewatching Full House before the revival premieres probably next summer and I’m almost in the middle of the second season, but I really want to review it too, and as I don’t have too many things to do this summer, and literary two shows to follow till September, I just might. I also want to catch up on Coach before it comes back, as I’ve missed seeing Craig T. Nelson on my tv and I have only seen a few episodes.

SVU 16.23

Somehow, I don’t feel a big loss about Pino’s exit. We never had a chance to fall in love with Amaro. I had this awdul dream where he got his own show and took Amanda (Kelli) with him. I may be reluctant to Danny’s exit, but I wouldn’t bare to lose Rollins. I don’t understand why didn’t ge leave earlier, when his kids have been in California for over a year. How are we supposed to love a character who puts job over their kids? I couldn’t be happier about Olivia reminiscing to Elliot days and admitting she never had time for personal life as that partnership took all her time, confirming, what we’ve always known, that she was in love with Elliot. She waited 12 years for him to realize he loves her and he never did, now as she moved on, she had a chance to grow up and become a mother. Other then that, Peter Hermann, Mariska’s husband guest stars as her lawyer.

I’m gonna recommend you as an adoptive parent.
Watching Munch and you. This is a path I want to be on.
You can take uour son to visit Johnny D in prisin till he turns 18.
I still think we should have shot him.
Thank you, Fin.
Liv, let’s get you out of here.
He offered me money. To clean his apartment.
Let the jury hear about the pain you’ve suffered.
He treated all of us as just a body to beat and rape.
Promise yourselves, promise each other that you’re gonna go on the stand tomorrow and testify.
I was stripped, raped and sodomised.
He forced me to work 12 h shifts, 15 men. And then he druged me and told me to work another shift.
We’ll get through this.
Yes we will.
I didn’t leave, I was kidnapped.
I wasn’t working, I was held prisoner.
You helped me grow.


The Simpsons 26.22

This is not the finale, right? What’s with The Simpsons and all the weak episodes? Just imagine next year with different Flanders and Mr. Burnes. If they don’t find someone who sounds exactly same, I’m gonna be really mad. At least Ralph is rising to his standards. I need more Ralph next year.

In secondary school.
Not our problem. After 6th grade it’s goodbye and good luck!
If mommy’s purse did not belong in the microwave, why did it fit?


Younger 1.09

Josh is deep?! Really Liza? How freaking deep is he exactly with constant playing, not reading and describing smoking pot as one of his characteristics?

I would never have known about this place if I didn’t get off at the wrong stop.
Kelsey, he doesn’t read.
If that’s important to you, then it’s important.
If you have conjuctivitis, you have to leave.
When you’re done with those, you can read my junk mail.
There was a rumor you were living with her.
We’re cool with that.
I watch Ellen every day.
It’s Winter’s Bone meets Sisterhood of Travelling Pants meets The Atonement.
One woman kissed me.


Younger 1.10

Weakest episode in a few weeks, but I am glad how Liza’s first author turned out to be a fraud. I want Liza and Josh to break up as he just keeps proving my point, that he’s too immature for her.

Thia could be the next The Help.
We want to publish your book.