Here are the last tv reviews for the summer 2015. I know I promised to cover all the remaining films I watched the last 10 months, but I’m going on a holiday, and I’m simply too busy…rewatching Full House again. Don’t worry I will be back in September and I promise to continue covering films as well as tv series.

The Whispers 1.09

Possibly the best episode of the series.

After this, you’ll never be innocent again.
After he’s taken a child.


The Whispers 1.10

Nina got electrocuted.


The Whispers 1.11


The Whispers 1.12

I am upset about the possible series finale next week, I spent the whole summer watching this show, I got used to it.

I can’t think of the words right now.
Tell me she’s dead.
What’s the president daughter’s code?
The broadcast. It’s a live feed.
This is how he’s gonna do it.
She’s gonna send the signal.


Scream 1.06

Nice resting creep face.
I always thought my best friend is capable of murder.

Scream 1.07

Let’s split.
Said no one who survived a horror movie.It’s so quiet.
Yeah, until all the screaming and running starts.
Creepy music, I knew this was missing something.
Cue for reunion montage.
I think it’s finally time to get netflix.
Can we go back and shoot a modern Blair Witch?
I suggest you run.


Scream 1.08

And you wanted to see how Girl Interrupted am I?
His class is one stop victim shopping.
If he’s killing off The Breakfast Club, the only person left is a weird dark girl who only wears black.
Are you still up?
Holy Dexter’s air conditioner.


Scream 1.09

Your mom was Daisy.
Brandon’s son.
Nina and Kieran.
I was gonna be the Babadook.
And she pointed out Kieran.
Save the Sheriff.


Switched at Birth 4.11

Switched at Birth is back, I knew the summer was missing something. We liked Bay’s scary daydream sequences, but all the other storylines did not hold together. I love how casual Vanessa looks here at the beginning of the episode, and the scene when she confronts herself was one of the best this show has offered. I really hoped it would be of of the switches who got pregnant.

We’ll apply to art school again.
Is it Tobys?
Wanted for kidnapping.
I’m a trainwreck.
Do not go to that party.
Don’t you get it, it was never about Tank.
I just have to go back to this night and change it.
And you have to know that you’ll be okay. We will.
The baby has Down Syndrome.


Pretty Little Liars 6.08


Pretty Little Liars 6.096
And they went with the transgender version of the story, as they got so deep into their traps this was the only way out. I know Cece was supposed to be A back from episode 3, but I really hoped it wouldn’t be that easy.