Woah, I’m really behind. That’s probably, because I watched 61 films in January instead of writing here and watching only 40. I’ll do better since all the shows start again later this week. I wish I could watch the shows on a big screen and type on my laptop at the same time, like I did this week, when I watched Pretty Little Liars on Netflix and typed on my laptop. Also, I finally found the rest of my old notes.

SVU 17.14/Chicago PD 3.14

Congrats to SVU on Season 18 renewal! Rednik and Yates pulled a Shawshank. How did they fit through that small hole we’ll never know. Yates and Rednik were on of my favorite serial killers out of all cop shows. William Lewis was fantastic too. Nothing beats The Gravedigger from Bones though. I mean sure I liked Palant on Bones too, but not the third one they intoduced later, and I can’t stand the 3XK and the senator on Castle. You see what I’m getting at. I don’t watch Chicago PD, I tried, but I found it boring, so I wasn’t really concerned about Lydia’s death back in May. I am definitely going to miss Yates. How is it that SVU got rid of both of their biggest serial killers? I am definitely downloading all the Yates and Rudnik episodes to analize. I liked it better when Yates was hooked on Rollins instead of Lyndsey. I was surprised Yates didn’t rape his victims, except for the trooper of course. The SVU episodes was much better than the Chicago PD one and Erin was making lots of irrational decisions.

He just offered this up for humanitarian reasons?
He wants to discuss it with Rollins.
I just don’t want her anywhere near him.
I’d be much more comfortable with Detective Rollins.
Why? Oh. She must have had her baby by now.
Get her here.
Are you breastfeeding?
You know how this works, Amanda.
Barba, I didn’t know that Uber came up to New Heaven.
I’m not depressed, I’m pissed off.
I have a baby, so I can’t talk to serial killers.
3 drones.
You say Rollins understands him best, then get her here.
She helped William Lewis escape.
Don’t you do background checks?
They look like two church ladies.
Fin and I are on the next plane.
No victim shows any sign of sexual assault.
Too bad you’re at the station, Erin. You’re missing all the fun.
Get everyone out of the building. Get a bomb squad.
We X-rayed it. It’s not a bomb.
He’s talking about going home. Where was Yates born?
The answer is yes, you do remind me of my mother.
Special thanks to Lieutenant Olivia Benson and Detective Tutuola.


The Middle 7.14

The episode itself was quite average, but Sue not being able to pitch in for all the things the roomate wanted to buy was very relatable. Frankie has gotten more grumpy this season. I need Brick’s T-shirt saying ‘Some of my best friends are fictional’. When Brad said ‘I can’t make love to probably’ to Frankie I simply could not stop laughing.

Sue was actually getting the roomate she wanted.
He said I’m going places.
Like to your own place?
Some of my best friends are fictional.
Pay me back later when you go to the ATM.
She said ‘It’s only 300 dollars’. Like I say ‘Something is only 1 dollar’.
We have a long plan where we die before we need to pay anything off.
I can’t make love to probably.
This is magic.
I think that’s Shake it Off! We love you Taylor.
Sometimes the key to a great friendship is not having lots of other options.


Castle 8.08

Who else can’t stand Castle this season? The’obsession’ quote though was worth watching.

I would walk into a tornado for you.
Deep down inside you like being broken. And you need this obsession.


Grandfathered 1.08

That’s what I’m saying, people who only have problems like where to party where to eat are just so annoying.

When we get to Malibu, should we go massage then beach or beach then massage? Ugh, I hate dillemas.


The Good Wife 7.08

Grace is finally kicking some ass with prerecorded office noises and getting all those firms.

We are a little busy, but we’re never too busy for a business like yours.
How did you get all those firms?


The Good Wife 7.09


The Simpsons 27.07

Hey, man, how’d you get that seat?
They thought I was pregnant.


Scream Queens 1.10

But then she had a little accident.
Oh God Would you stop with the screaming.
You have a bright future ahead of you in the sex offender wing of a supermax prison.


Pretty Little Liars 6.13

That was you in that silver jag?
I ordered a beer.
We can’t serve you that.
You worried when I skip a meal, how was I supposed to tell you I was skipping school.
Is he writing about you?
She was small like me, get over it.
You went through a lot together.
It was high school.
Not for him.
I would never do that to you.
I’m broke
I left school.
I’ll lend you the money.
She sounded a little typsy so I thought we could maybe fool around.
There isn’t an ice machine at the end of that hall.
It’s time to go, now!


Pretty Little Liars 6.14

Pappy? Who calls their future father in law Pappy?

Tobyplans to propose.
I erased the security footage.
Twitter is the new Facebook and Snapchat is the new Twitter.
Charlotte DiLaurentis will walk streets of this town after my dead body.
Why is it so easy to fall back into old habits?
That’s why they’re called habits.

Pretty Little Liars 6.15

What, Mike is in college already? The Montgomerys remarried. Who else really doesn’t care about the liar’s made up jobs? Spencer and Caleb is just not something we want to watch. So Hanna watches Downton Abbey because her boyfriend is British, steryotyping much? Hanna and Aria took Ashley’s house apart, they went through her serial? Who hides a drive in cereal? Stash of moisturisers would be nice.

You know you can’t tell her that to her face, right?
It’s just like Downton Abbey when Bates goes on trial.
Did I miss a memo of calling our parents by their names?
Team Sparia.
Stash of moisturises.
What are you going to do after that?
I’m using the money to finish school.
Please tell me you don’t own a selfie stick.
Can you come back here and toss me like a freesby.
You can find your mug with your other things in your box on the desk.
Weren’t you the girl who came in here with a five year plan?
There’s a line of girls lining up to take your place.
Good, let them.
This was Charlotte’s room she stayed in when she was in Radley.
Can we just keep driving?
If you can change the rules, so can we.


The Leftovers 2.08

Like The Godfather?
Exactly like The Godfather.