I can’t seem to get the old wordpress dashboard to show up. I have been using it instead of the new one for the last three years. Here is quick part one of the missing notes on the episodes I misplaced during my move. I’ll post the second half tomorrow, as I can’t sit still any longer without watching the new SVU. I haven’t posted them earlier, as I have been busy with watching all the nominated films before the Golden Globes, and then I decided to watch 7 seasons of The Middle and here I am.

SVU 17.09

Dr Wang is back. Good case.

He’s been leaving messages for Rollins at 3am.
Hey what’s up Amanda. Hold on, I’ll come get you.


Bones 11.08

I’m still trying to figure out what on Earth happened to Bones. Why has it been such a drag these last couple of seasons? Remember season 4? Remember season 6? Season 1? Anything in between? I don’t want to think of it most likely ending this season, because o Emily and David’s lawsuit, but the writers really need to step up with the cases, or we’ll say goodbye to what once was my fourth favorite show.

I’m not buying you a jet ski so you could kill yourself riding around like a 16 year old.


Castle 8.07

The show got a lot funnier since Ryan shot Esposito in the ass. Someone watched The First Wives Club too many times.

Tell that to the whole in my ass.
Someone didn’t enjoy being screwed…out of their money.
Based on what? The plot of The First Wives Club?
Who shot me on the ass on purpose.


Nashville 4.08

Maddie was offered a deal. One of my favorite episodes of the show, as this is what I’ve been waiting for since the pilot.

I’m blond now.
They want to sign her.
I got an offer?
Sony wants me?
This is way too personal.
All great songs are.
Lot of people wanted to take advantage of me.
Maddie is exactly like me.
My father kicked me out at 16.
You were offered a record deal?
They only wanted you.
You don’t need me. Nobody needs me.
I think it may be the time you sign with Highway 65.
Almost forgot what playing real music feels like.


Scream Queens 1.09

I’m sort of gay now too.
To make me popular enough to get a rich husband.
She could have at least get attacked in a fresh new way.


Grandfathered 1.07

This is where I shoot my makeup tutorials.
Who does she think she is, the bread police?


The Good Wife 6.08

Where’s Peter?


The Leftovers 2.07

I had a huge problem watching the finale, and two months after the episode premiered, I still haven’t made it to the end. I already tried twice, and turned it off because it was unappealing and frankly quite boring. Season 1 was wonderful. This one? I have no clue what this season is.

Why do you think I died for a fucking cult?