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Quick reviews of some films I’ve seen around Christmas time.


Everyone who liked Carol has to see this film. It’s a story about a teacher who has an affair with a married student. It’s so good, you will not want it to end.


Naomi And Ely’s No Kiss List

The problem with Netflix is it mainly has films you wouldn’t bother to see otherwise, like this title. It was too dramatic and self absorbed, and I wouldn’t recommend it. I had more fun watching that Halloween film with Victoria Justice called Fun Size than this.



Much worse than the first one, but I did like when Naomi Watts’s character shot Kate Winslet. I am still not a fan of this franchise, and honestly I only watched Divergent when I heard Naomi Watts was going to be in the second one, and I still waited half a year after it came out to watch.


The Search for Santa Paws

Cute and funny, perfect family Christmas film.I thought it would be really bad, but when it was leaving Netflix a month before Christmas, it was just the time to watch it, as I was just getting into my pre-Christmas spirit. The little girl’s singing and all the cuteness was a little too much for any sane adult person, but I understand we were not the targeted audience.


Santa Paws 2

The sequel is a mistake that should have never happened.The series (I heard there’s a third one!) tries to be Homeward Bound and it just never will. I was checking my instagram and twitter the whole film. I bet little kids would be disappointed too.


Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas

It gets Christmass-y over here. Another film that Netflix removed before Christmas, I didn’t get the chance to see that other Mickley and friends special. This one took me back to my childhood while I laughed like a crazy kid. After three month, I still remember the 2 stories that I liked, first, when Donald’s nephews wanted to get on the good kids list and  second, when Snoopy ruined Christmas. Definitely seeing that other one someday.


The Veil

If you’re looking for a film about a prophet or a cult, do yourself a favor, go see The Sacrament. I saw The Veil for Lily Rabe, and it the film was just awful. The Sacrament is a masterpiece, this is simply horrible.


Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story

I don’t even remember this one, other that I really hated it. Don’t watch.