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I finally had a chance to see it last month. It covers the controversial plane crash in 1972 in the Andes. It was controversial, because the survivors ate their frozen friends’ bodies to survive. Every couple of years I studied this case and looked for the film, and one day they casually played it on TV. There’s this one scene that is still discussed about, when Ethan Hawke’s character, who was one of the people who suggested eating dead bodies, asks the guy not to eat his sister, while he was okay with eating others’ family members. What I wish we found out was if they ate that last female that died in the avalanche, who was also the wife of one of the guys and one of the few people who didn’t agree to be eaten?  After you watch the film, go see the real life pictures. There’s one which features most of those rescued sitting next to a meatless spine of who’s believed to be the plane’s pilot. The film was everything I expected it to be.


Henry’s Crime

Keeanu Reeves’s character ends up in prison for the robbery he didn’t do, so when they let him out he befriends an actress at a local theater that is joined with the bank by an old tunnel, just to have access and rob the same bank he was accused of stealing from. I enjoyed the film, because of Vera Farmiga, but I felt like there was something missing.



A wonderful film I’m surprised I’ve never heard of before. A stewardess is forced to fly a plane full of passengers after both pilots are killed by a criminal on board. Does it get better than this? It was one of the best thrillers in a long time. Also, my third favorite non real story based plane film after The Flight Plan with Jodie Foster and Non Stop with Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore.


Drop Dead Gorgeous

Funny, and cute, but not in a Legally Blonde way, just average.



Great thriller with that awful 90210 actress about a plane crush and a bunch of kids having to share food and water as they wait to be rescued. The kids turn on each other and form two groups. Made me miss Lost.



Surprising good and with Maria Bello. A bunch of kids do seance at teh house where kids who did a seance years ago died. One of them is questioned by the police. I don’t think it would be that enjoyable after the first watch.


The Choking Game

Am I really that old, or was a choking game just something that American teenagers do? Was it a thing 10 or 5 years ago? Where did it come from? I remember kids seeking excitement from self harm, blood and knives, but choking? Cassie Steele’s little sister is in this film, and the film is just awful. But if you wanna see too girls trying to choke the stress out of them, go ahead. I wouldn’t try to choke myself to unconsciousness, but apparently, it’s popular as the statistics at the end of the film said.


Jesse Stone: No Remorse

How come Jesse Stone has like 8 films? I have seen two so far and they are just dreadful. The other one was a kidnapping case, or a sex crime, don’t remember now, but this was not watchable.


Buried Alive

Construction workers blow something up and the whole neighborhood collapses. I found it quite interesting, and love catastrophic films. The film as a whole wasn’t exactly what you’d call ‘good’, but I wanted to see how they would get people out.


Raging Sharks

When I see a  shark or water creature film there’s no stopping me from watching. Clearly that’s not always a smart choice. This one is foreign with some average shark attacks. Clearly not memorable.


At The Devil’s Door

Oh it was garbage. Don’t waste your time.