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Hi guys, welcome back after Easter. My new 8 month old laptop died, which means I will have so much more time to post this week, as I won’t be busy watching films. Here are some reviews.

Greys 12.12

I am so happy they didnt kill Mer’s first patient. I was scared theoughout the whole episode that that was gonna happen. Her death would ruin the pilot we love so much. It would mess with the past and make us feel like there is no point in leaving since something we believed for 11 years now would have changed. There is no messing with the past. It’s our holy ground and I’m hlad Shonda gets it.

Someone said that. Wait that was me.
Guys, this room is full of dead people, show some respect.
She was my first patient.
They still let you be a doctor here?
She was a trainwreck.
So he thinks you should have been on that helicopter.
I work in peds. I figured it out.
You’re all grown up now.
So are you.
What happened to the other Dr Shepherd?
That’s a long story.


The Family 1.01

A new show from one of Shonda Rhimes’s writers about a boy who was kidnapped 10 years ago and his sudden reapearance.

Who are you?
I’m him.
They found that boy who was murdered 10 years ago.
The man is a sex offender.
Hi dad.
Hi, chief.
The man who was laying on top of me.
Why didnt you just run?
I did run. The first chance I got.
When was that?
Maybe it was the decade of rape and torture.
Red dragon, he was breathing fire, right at me.
And all the other Adams who are still out there.
He doesn’t exist.


SVU 17.17

After 17 years at SVU Olivia got kicked out. What are you guys thinking of Olivia and Tucker?

There is no way that girl is 18.
Underage girls are being raped and trafficked.
They’re not cops, they’re rapists.
They forced me into a room and took turns raping me.
He’s raping 16 year olds while supposedly undercover.
So you don’t mention that you two are sleeping together.
He had everyone at SVU in kuffs.
I’m out. That is it. You’re dismissed.


The Middle 7.17

I still don’t understand why everyone has their wisdom teeth removed.

Think of it like Downton Abbey and I’m one of the basement people.
We fight this the way we fought that healthy snack thing.
This is the year of Sue 2.0.
You’re a Heck. Disapointment is your birth right.
Frab some napkins, we’re out of toilet paper.
Sue, are you crying?
Axl gave me a fork.
Sometimes you think you get an Elvis, but end up with an eagle. And thats okay. Eagles are great too.


Shameless 6.10

Weakest episode especially for a birth episode. Who else cried when they heard Debbie has named her daughter Frances?

Law, motherfucker.
I think I wanna be a cop.
And then I get a for asking me if I ever have been hospitalized.
Frances after her grandfather.


When Calls the Heart 3.01

As long as we’re no longer in Hamilton, I’m good.

I’m your new partner.


How to Get Away With Murder 2.13

Annalise’s gay ex-lover is the only reason the show is still watchable.

There’s not a day that I don’t lie to my clients.
Clients are some of the stupidest people you’ll meet.
Please tell me you just got fat.
Stop blaming me for your loneliness.
Call 911. There’s someone in Wes’s apartment.


Younger 2.12

What’s with a super weak finale?

You seem more fake now than when you were acting like you’re 26.


Grandfathered 1.19

This show certainly does not want to go out with a bang.

Cough syrup with codaine.
Replace it with pictures of handsome guys.
Movie selection process.
What’s the one thing none of them have?
A college degree.