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Even though I love Amy Brenneman and Brad Siberling (hello, Moonlight Mile!) I am not starting Heartbeat. The pilot felt like Grey’s wannabe and we remember how Melissa George’s character got kicked out of the program. It’s Sunday, my notebook is full of notes and reviews, so here we go.

Some great news to start off, Melissa McCarthy has joined Gilmore Girls revival! Sookie’s back!

Shameless 6.08

Missing Shameless already. I though the guy was a pedophile, but pregnant woman fetish is gross too. I’m glad Debbie is no longer with that psycho family. The foot massage was too much, shameless, but very unnecessary.

I need a scary looking black man.
Wish I’d gotten into this business a long time ago.
You were singing that gay song.
Indeed I was.
Frank Gallagher 35 years ago!
The fuck I am, Grannie Quinnie.
Frank Jr.
Why is a man in Indiana shitting his pants.


Shameless 6.09

I was so happy when I saw Mandy! But she’s an escort now and killed a man. Lip being shocked about her driving a jeep and Ian not telling him where Mandy works, so he can be proud of her was absolutely incredible, and one of my favorite scenes this season. What’s with the commune living though?

Are you going to support Debbie as she unschools her way through life?
I met him through my service, escort.
Maybe something that doesn’t involve feces.
My nephew watches it on youtube.
You know that just because we were born here doesn’t mean that we end up here.
Is that her Jeep in the driveway?
Yeah, she found a job.


The Middle 7.18

Frankie saying her parenting skills are better then Nancy’s was amazing! And when Mike realized Sue’s no longer a child, too! I want some caramel popcorn balls too! Sue’s 19teen.

Just cause some of us have it down better than others.
I’m not done telling you how I’m a better parent than Nancy.
Brad and I got summer jobs at Dollywood.
Inappropriately touching a bunch of old guys an making their day.
Caramel popcorn balls.
But he couldn’t stop a woman.


Castle 8.12

Best Saw like episode of the season. Plane was last year right?

Wait what’s going on in that van? Is that my dad?
We had our best person on.
The guy is abducted like what twice a year?
He’s really good at what he does.


How To Get Away With Murder 2.14

It took me a while to watch the finale April 9th to be exact, and it was disappointing just like the whole season.

Eve’s’Did he hurt you?’ were the exact words Alex used 3 weeks later when he got 911 call from Maggie about Meredith on Greys.

Originally Mexico, I lived in Florida before law school.
We’re all bad people, that’s all we have in common.
What is this, a homeless shelter?
And then play us like little puppets.


Younger 2.09

Kelsey, I do get when an avocado post gets more likes than something more valuable, because for a long time, that was me. Also, in this episode a guy is *ing a sheep, so… um wtf?

More young creatives.
My avocado post got more likes.
She’s having an argument with an Uber driver about the ring.
It looks like I’m engaged to myself.


Younger 2.10

How did you like this season? It was light, but good.

I think he shares an assistant with a bunch of other guys. (I bet he does)
I’m not some emo teen who just lost their virginity.
Either you tell her or I will.


Younger 2.11

I hated Chad, I’m glad he’s gone, but they haven’t pulled such tragic deaths on Sex and the City, so wtf?

I’m tired of skinny jeans, but you just take a deep breath and hang in there.
Liza Miller is your mom?
Oh please tell me you’re not her new boyfriend.
Ice T
You can tell everyone about me, I don’t care. She deserves to know who she’ll be spending the rest of her life with.


The Simpsons 27.17

‘Excellent’ episode.

…Married to Homer.
Why am I on this? Swipe.
Finally I’m payed to act.
I’ll be in my trailer.
This isn’t Fiji water.
Someone’s using it for unmerry purposes.
Fishing license.
I’m dictating my autobiography.
Release. Release. Release!
That sounds vaguely sexual.
The Government owes us 2 million dollars. We owe them 37 dollars.
20% which is what your phone needs to stay in the green.


Thirteen 1.01

What a great show! It makes living in the UK bearable. Everyone who watches SVU will love it! But why on Earth did they name the male lead Elliot. Come on, try not to look like SVU.

There’s never been am escaped captive in the UK.
There’s a girl. It could be Ivy.
Bastard bleached the place.
The DNA’s come back as Ivy’s.
A hand on my neck pulled me back into a van.
Everything has changed but us.
He’s taken another girl.


The Family 1.02

I was enjoying this show until it turned out it’s not Adam.

They say once you’ve left home, you can never go back.
That’s for Adam, he never got sweets down there.
I was wearing these when he took me.
I need to touch the walls.
I need back up. I found a metal door. It’s the Adam Warren investigation.
The suspect is here and he’s burning the evidence.
I’m not the same person I was
so am I.
Yeah, but you have a good excuse.
So do you.


The Family 1.03

The idea of chipping sex offenders is game changing!

Once every 7 sleeps.
I regret all those years complaining about Wifi being slow.They should be chipped.
You can’t look at me, I’m your sister.


The Family 1.04

Second child went missing.
Is that him? Is that the men who took you?
He lost Adam so he found himself a new one.
Do you think he’ll do it though? Take another one?
The always do.


Pretty Little Liars 6.18

This half season is excruciating. I honestly have 5 episodes to watch and no desire to sdo so. I have also accidentally ruined the spring ending for myself – thanks TV Guide, so now I’m even less excited about watching them. I will try to watch them on Netflix when I’m off tomorrow.

Did they abort the baby? Or was it just a false alarm, I don’t remember at this point. What is wrong with being a cop? It’s a perfectly respectable job. I know that Toby did some one month long Mickey Mouse course, that would never pass as a cop course, but still, he’s a cop. Who needs college is they want to be a cop? Aria getting burned was just too predictable and fake. Makes me realize what everyone has been saying for the last two years at least, that this show has been on too long. I don’t know why I gave this episode so many points. I must have been tired.

There’s probably one of your beanies still in there.
Cause being with a cop is not good enough?