Some older reviews that weren’t posted.

Greys 12.15

Catherine Avery is a very hated character in my house. My parents hate her just as much as I do. Arizona wanted good and Kepner will need her. Jo stands up to Meredith, but I just think she’s being over-dramatic like always.

His women ran way, stole his job.
Why is she telling me this?


SVU 17.12

This is an older episode of SVU that I never posted with Liv back at her therapist office – right after she was held hostage. This episode of SVU covers every party ever. The defense in incredible in this episode.

She was raped at a school dance.
The maid noticed the dress was stained.
I told him not to go down there.
I couldn’t move or speak, it was like I was paralized.
It was the boy’s first sexual encounter. He got excited and finished before anything even started.
Cherry pickers club.
The nerd defense. They made him look like Harry Potter.


Shameless 6.02

No one’s gonna ass rape you on my watch.
Totally looks like you fucked a fish egg.
Get up. She’s obviously retarded.
Not fair to other students, who manage to keep it in their pants.
Wrong answer son.
He used to be white.
Shittiest bar at the south side!
Never been the best at anything.
He doesn’t belong here.
Cause he’s black?


Shameless 6.03

Where can I download that Fucking Fiona song? Simply best episode this season.

Who’s Sean?
Her boyfriend.
I thought she had a husband.
Nah, white girl, I don’t know you.
We was in juvie together.
I’m tryna wipe, do you mind.
You have a husband, or a boyfriend?
She has both.
We’re missing forms. We’re not new at this.
Fucking Fiona was fucking everyone
Fuck you Fiona
Fucking Fiona fucking everyone
So fuck you Fiona…


Shameless 6.04

Carl imagining himself driving while ‘I wanna perform on your stage’ plays, amazing. And Chucky is back and so is the uncle they framed for touching Deb to get the house!

And they’ll know you put out, that’s a plus.
Cousins who wanted to frame me as a child molester.
Fuck your con artist fucking family.
Hi aunt Fiona!
Would you get your Nazi nephew breakfast?


When Calls the Heart 3.03

Abigail goes on a date with the ex criminal pastor. Apparently this episode was so sweet I gave it a 10. You’re kinda in a trans when you watch this show, it’s what costumes and slow talking will do to you. Look how charmed with Downton Abbey everyone was.

Starting with that pretty lady of yours.
First time in my life I get to choose what I want to do.


When Calls the Heart 3.04

Why are all the kids the same age? There’s maybe 2 or 3 years between the youngest and oldest kid in the class and all they learn is kindness and respect. I’ll have a When Calls the Heart marathon tomorrow as I haven’t seen the remaining 4 episodes.

You are my inspiration.
Looking for a better life, but it took a while to find it.
Before you know it home will be right here.


Grandfathered 1.11

Edie is a model and Sarah gets cut out of the picture. One of the best episodes.

I grew up chubby.
I love this! My baby is a model!


Faking It 3.03

I can’t believe it, Faking It has finally had a good episode. And the one after it is even better! This hasn’t happened in forever. What’s with the ‘hump’ video, why would anyone do it? Was it some sort of a commercial or something?

Never wear bottom liner, it makes the eye smaller.
Resist the temptation to forgive.
There’s a clear pattern of you kissing girls.
Things can’t be all good all the time.
Why did it hurt so bad to see you kiss her?
Maybe I’m not 100% over you and maybe there’s a part of me that never will be.
Maybe a small part of me does want you to be in love with me.
I don’t wanna keep hurting you but I don’t know how to be your friend without hurting you.
I don’t know either.


Scandal 5.16

Best episode this season.

You’ll notice he’s my ex husband, not husband.
Mellie, I will get you the oval.
The decision to interrupt me while I was speaking.
This is wrong, Quinn, we can’t do this.
I did not earn this office. I was not fairly elected to this office.


Pretty Little Liars 6.20

The finale, oh boy. Remember how everyone was saying that in the book Ali had a twin? Yep, someone else does.

Aria and Ezra hooked up and Hanna and Caleb kissed, yes. The flashback to Hanna running to tell Caleb she’s wrong was cute, one of the best scenes this crappy half season. Also, old picture with Caleb’s long hair also gets a point. It won’t be a big spoiler if I say one of the liars is taken by the new A.

I should have checked the floors.
Who would have thought of that?
Thank you for giving me Hanna, you’re free to go. – A.D.