I know I haven’t been posting film reviews recently, but I still can’t catch up on all the TV shows I watch, and I’m always behind in posting my points on them. I still have 2 episodes of Bates Motel to watch and 4 episodes of When Calls the Heart and yesterday’s Castle. I will post all the film reviews during summer, just like last year. I promise not to start any new shows. Who’s excited for Bones, Scream, OITNB and Grace and Frankie coming very soon? We may say goodbye to Castle, Grandfathered and The Family, just so you’re ready.

SVU 17.18

It’s so weird seeing SVU without Liv, it’s almost as hard as in season 8. Finally more Kelli Giddish, I’ve missed her this season.

I write by hand.
A teenager?
Another priest. Are you kidding me?
Then he raped her. And when he was done he shot her anyway.
Sister Nina was raped and shot point blank.
On the floor you dirty bitch.
My father is ready to throw you under the bus.
Oh yeah are you driving it?
They’d touch us in what they called Godly manner.


SVU 17.19

Amanda’s in love with Carissi and best episode in a while.

Carissi volunteered.
He’ll tell me.
I don’t think he would.
You did exactly what you needed to do. You survived.
Yes, we are aware there’s a section for sex offenders.
She’ll do it.
Food sucks.
He goes for younger girls.
That’s a wonderful argument.
He likes donut holes.
I had to tell everybody what a thrill I get looking at child porn.
He’s a target inside and outside the shelter.
The therapist? Carissi’s group.
I wouldn’t touch that he doesn’t change…I can see that thank you
What are those keys to?
The voice that’s the voice.
They have a special section for sex offenders. You can see them listed online.
I thought we put you away for good.


Shameless 6.11

Can you fucking believe that?
No I can’t.
Here’s a lesson, use condoms.
He has AIDS.
Save that twenty for Peruvian mangoes.
Oh you have no money and you’re going to a grocery store.
Did I mention she is underage?
If you don’t like it, there’s a door over there and here’s another one.
It’s not begging Liam money, It’s selling Liam money.
You were doing so great, you almost pulled it off and you had to fuck it all up again.


Shameless 6.12

Ian is Monica and Lip is Frank? Who would have thought Lip will develop a drinking problem so soon? I know he’s been drinking since he was a kid, but It never seemed like a problem, until that slutty professor left him. The only Gallagher who was determined enough and smart enough to go places. An he went…to a rehab facility. I am not happy with this. If Ian is bipolar and Lip is an alcoholic, where does that leave the rest of Gallaghers? Debs is a 15 year old mother for starters. And little Frannie made it 3 days without someone dropping her on her head. Over this past year Shameless has developed into something we cringe while watching, but yet still want to see. I can’t believe Sean was taking this whole time, after he told Fiona he shoot up a few months ago. Where is she going to work now?

Someone pissed in my boots.
I’m not going back, got expelled.
It’s not like any of you deadbeats finished high school.
He’s a junkie through and through, I’m surproised we’re not friends, we have so much in common.
Lip drinks to breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Ian’s a bipolar queer.
Debbie’s 15 with a baby.
Frank said you drink too much. I don’t want you to end up like Frank.
First week will be tough.


Younger 2.12

Extremely disappointed with this finale.

You seem more fake now than when you were pretending to be 26.


When Calls the Heart 3.02

There’s not a cuter show than this one.

I could use a little ‘You’re stong. You can do that.’
I’m a teacher, time for a lesson.
But Hope Valley does not need a theatre right now.
There will come a day I’ll bulid you the biggest theatre on this side.


The Simpsons 27.15

While dozens of unheroic onlookers just stood around.


The Simpsons 27.16

It’s free. Cheaper than college.
Moms spend their whole lives obsessing over unlikely catastrophes. In space, that’s what you’re supposed to do.


The Simpsons 27.18

Downtown song + Downton Abbey, what more can we want?

Shut up, idiot.
Ice cream! Come back, don’t make me jog.
A husband who rarely shows up to work.
A son that is headed for the chair.


Scandal 5.13

Free college is a dream. Great job, Shonda. Every single character on this show wants to be the president.

I didn’t see you there, little Cyrus Bean.
We’re fixers, not detectives.
He said that I could be the president one day.
He looked up and saw his dad with some woman he didn’t know.
I think she’s gonna go to college one day and it’s gonna be free.


Scandal 5.14

Abby taking what’s hers.

I also didn’t know he was a government trained assassin.
Why do you hate us?
It wasn’t him.
Fire him, hire me.
Quinn, have you ever killed anyone?
I think that’s enough sharing for today.


Scandal 5.15

Amaro from SVU just joined the cast as Carlos Solis’s brother! Every time Elizabeth calls Susan a Muppet is a gift.

And somehow I think she’d make a great candidate.
It’s about time we had our first woman president.
The Mellie who takes off her shoes and eats a protein bar.
She’s a Muppet!


Scandal 5.17

Why would Elizabeth have to pay 5 million? Olivia feels she’s so better than Abby and she holds her past against her. Holy shit, Olivia killed him.

False alarm, I was wrong, she was not pregnant.
No you never speak Spanish, to anyone.
Cyrus has immunity.
I’m still a member of this distinguish club.
My fair share, 1 dollar.
I own that place.
Who did this to you?
I don’t work for you, you work for me.
You are no longer welcome here without my permission.
Jake, I need to get into the White House.
It’s gonna be okay, I promise.
Never cross me again.
Welcome home.


The Good Wife 7.16

Eli fighting for the bathroom with all the handicapped people to listen in on the trail, amazing. I’ll miss Eli and Alicia’s mother and brother the most.

It is Sunday, right?
So why isn’t anybody at church?
It’s illegal for me to listen, but not for you.
What’s Eli doing?


The Good Wife 7.18

This is a high profile, very visible space. Clients get a good look at your work ethic.
And who am I getting evicted for?
Peter, you’re always being endorsed.
I need a lawyer.


Bates Motel 4.01

We’ve waited so long for this show to come back and here it is. Norma offered to sleep with Ramero, just to help her psychotic son? Norman killed again, this time full on Norma.

I don’t ever want to be separated from you again.
I killed Bradley Martin, hit her head on a rock.
Mother, why’d you lock the doors!?
So I thought maybe you could marry me. I know you’re attracted to me, I’ll sleep with you.


Bates Motel 4.02

Norma is genuinly afraid of Norman, this episode focused on that and show to what extent. Norman took her gun and she took scissors with her.

Just looking into freezer, why?
What are all these animals doing out?
I know you had her in the freezer.
Are you afraid of being alone with him?
If you’re scared you have to let me know.
I’m marrying his mother.
I’l marry you, if you still want me to.
The motel office.
Oh crap, crap!
I didn’t go to college, but I guess that’s obvious.
What are you hiding behind your back?


Nashville 4.11

I’m so glad you let us sign them!
Don’t do that thing when you convince yourself you don’t deserve happiness.
He wasn’t alone on the roof. Juliet was going to jump and he saved her. But when he did, he fell.
From the first moment I saw you, I knew.
You were the one that almost got away.
I want you to get me Avery Barkley.


Nashville 4.12

I am honestly so excited for Lila’s new songs!

I’m excited for this. You’all working together.
Why don’t we go ahead and start your second record.
Colt and I went all the way.
You are so much more mature than you think, Maddie.
I have my own version of a messy life.


Thirteen 1.03

The address is right, but it’s for Alison.
That’s what he called me.
He has a half brother.
Can we play snake?
I wish, it doesn’t have it.
Show me, I feel left behind.
I need an excursion team here.


Thirteen 1.04

He’s been down in cellar for 7 years.
Meaning he’s been down there with her.
Year three of your captivity.
His body was found behind a cellar wall.
Maybe even lived down there with you.
DNA was found. Ivy’s DNA.
One time Dylan was in charge, so he let me out.
I nearly made it.
He was my friend.
If I hadn’t run Dylan would still be alive.
I wasn’t meant to say, it was just for us.
Everything has to be proper. Proper is 16.
What mental age did he seem?
All those days we spent apart. Thousands of them. I don’t know what you did or who you met or how you lived. I wish I did, but I don’t.


The Family 1.05

Apparently the ratings are really bad 2 or 3 million on ABC, which is pretty much a disaster.

He called it the good boy list.
Adam should be on the field at 5.
I got the results back, it’s not him.


The Family 1.06

OMG! Ben is the boy that sat there even longer than Adam!

Being alone changes you. Other voices dissapear until you can only hear your own.
Milo – 76 Ibs.
Google me.
But my son had his appendix out when he was 5.
Adam? Ben?
What did you do?!
Who’s that?
A friend.
Lucky for me, I was never alone.


The Family 1.07

Wouldn’t it be better if this all was revealed in the season finale? I get what she was trying to do, but that’s disrespectful for Adam, like his death didn’t mean anything. Like the other boy didn’t exist? Like he was replaceble.

He was there with him, for 10 years.
He helped him, he knew him.
He made Adam’s life bareable.
Your son is dead.
What does he do?
Don’t worry, I’ll get you a new friend.
Are you Willa?
I’m Ben.
He died last week.
Adam is right handed.
But now I can fix everything.
In loving memory of Adam.
I’m glad you didn’t listen to me.


Pretty Little Liars 6.19

Even I jumped when zombie Jessica suddenly reappeared. It’s so good to see Ezra in it with them again.

Pick a topic.
When we finally got out of here, it was so fast, we didn’t really realize what we left behind.
I’m saying it’s happening again.Leave my friends alone. I killed Charlotte.