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I am so happy Mel Gibson is back. Go see the trailer for Blood Father. William H. Macy is in it too! While growing up all my dad talked about were Tom Hanks and Mel Gibson, it’s good to see Mel again, I only watched The Beaver since his 2004 films, and he hasn’t been in much since then.


Free Ride

More or less by accident I have seen all films starring a rising young actress Liana Liberato. I loved her performance in Trust, a very important film about sexual predators online, directed by David Schwimmer, yes that’s Ross from Friends. It’s one of my 100 favorite films and I rewatch it on DVD every couple of months. I have been following Liana’s career since 2010, so when I saw Free Ride expiring on Netflix, naturally I had to see it. Free Ride is a true story of the film’s director and screenwriter’s mother, who was a drug dealer. Yes, when you think about it, it is real time Weeds. Free Ride lightly covers sad life of a drug dealer and their loved ones. Anna Paquin’s friend was annoying as hell, why does half of the films feature an annoying best friend. The film wasn’t groundbreaking at any point, but it’s always fun to watch a film actually based on true events.



I don’t get the puff is about, I have been meaning to watch it for ages, and I was extremely disappointed. Buried was boring, and definitely not thrilling. Go watch Brake with Stephen Dorff and Chyler Leigh it’s very similar, but much more suspenseful that this.


hush alliegant


It wasn’t that good, why is everyone so excited about it. The neighbor’s boyfriend was so dumb he believed the killer was a policeman and gave his phone to him. They cast a hearing person for a deaf part, when there are so many unemployed deaf actors. I am not happy with this. This wasn’t some big production to show off a famous actor’s abilities. The one thing I liked about this was that the writer wrote down her last words to her parents the very last minute, I thought that was nice. There are tons of good horror films out there and this is not one of them. A special point for Derek’s killer finally getting what she deserved.



Oh boy, this series again. I started watching it for Naomi Watts, and I did like the first one. It gets worse and worse with each installment. Not true though, the second one was much worse than this one. I wish they could do 7 Hunger Games and just one of Divergent. I do remember there was a fun song in end credits.


echo boo

Earth to Echo

I think I mistook it for some other sci-fi kids film, and it wasn’t Super 8. I remember seeing Super 8 at the movies. I think it was called Wall-e something like that. I chose to watch this because I thought oh yeah It was Oscar nominated so why not. Earth to Echo will only make any impression on you if you’re a primary school kid. It tried to be Goonies at parts, it tried to be E.T. and it failed. The ending was a bit moving, but that’s all because of music. I think if you have kids you should show it to them, if you don’t, don’t watch it.



Apparently it was so bad, I can’t recall what it was about.