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It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Mad is definitely the right word to describe this film, and hilarious too. The film also has some of the best posters I’ve seen. Lovely caricatures of all those insane characters. Bit too long, but it had to be to fit in all those stunts. If you have time and are well rested, watch it. I still can’t believe they listened to the cop and decided to turn themselves in. The Simpsons had an episode a couple years back based on this insane film. I suggest you watch it when you finish this.


The Final Cut

What an outstanding idea. Robin Williams portrays a person responsible for cutting out the happiest memories of a person’s life and making a montage for that said person’s funeral. I have never heard of anything like this and this is the kind of sci-fi I want to see more of. It was innovative and kept me interested till the very end.


The Conjuring 2

The Conjuring series is a gift. Vera is the sensitive actress a good horror series needs, but always fails to hire. The sequel focused on Lorraine and Ed’s relationship and it was breathtaking. It was the best romance story I’ve seen in ages. Best romantic comedy and horror in one. I rewatched the first Conjuring a day after and I realized the second one is much better. Even though it may not be as true, if I remember correctly, the Warrens ruled this case as inconclusive. I don’t see why the Amityville ghost would travel to a random family in the UK. It’s not like it followed Lorraine. That, didn’t make sense, everything else was just excellent. I am desperately waiting for it to come out on DVD, so I can watch it and watch it once more. I pray they make a third one.


Murder By Numbers

I thought it was quite awful, sure the Pitt/Gosling twisted bond was intriguing, but the rest of it was a mess. And why on earth would a monkey out of all animals jump Sandra Bullock? I think the hype connected with this film comes only from girls fangirling over Gosling.



I adored the father’s understanding of human sacrifice. The film was intriguing when he was killing, also the final reveal may come as a shock to you.


Arthur Newman

Interesting with dropping identities, abandoning son, etc, but a little too sex crazed, and he fell in love with her really fast. For some reason I couldn’t stand Colin and Emily’s relationship in this film. Or maybe I’m just a prude. Honestly, without all the sex it would be an 7. Over the years, I’ve seen around 30 films with Colin Firth, and I may never buy this one on DVD, but I may watch it again in 20 years.



It was very good at times, and bad at others. Some scenes were unnecessarily heartbreaking, and my emotions were all over the place with the kid’s father being an abusive lazy drunk.


Racing Stripes

I remember seeing Ice Princess with young Hayden, and I also remember postponing watching this. Clearly with good reason. I recently watched Moondance Alexander with Kay Panabaker and Lori Loughlin and I thought It was disappointing, week later I watched Stripes and it was very similar, but even weaker. Still, it’s a kids film, so I’m rating it accordingly.