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The show only had 3 good episodes so far (out of 6) and honestly, I’m only watching it for Elizabeth Mitchell. The way her character dresses and wears her hair is exactly same as her Lost character. I am always playing the ‘spot Lost references game’ while watching this show and they mentioned ‘Dharma’ a lot. Dead of Summer is a show from Lost producers, but the audience mainly consists of teenagers and Juliet Burke fans. I still can’t believe it’s been 6 years since Lost ended. How beautiful is this poster though? Scroll down to see 3 more.

Dead of Summer 1.01

One of the weakest pilots out there, at least someone fell off the roof.


Dead of Summer 1.02

Yikes, awful!


Dead of Summer 1.03

The third episode, best so far focuses around an overweight girl who loses her virginity to an asshole from school, who laughs at her in front of his friends, the morning after. Her father sleeps with younger women, and her mother knows and agrees to it, as she believes that’s all she deserves.

Don’t tell your mother, she’d die.
Mom, you deserve better.
Women like us sometimes have to settle. – A wonderful and depressing sentence.
My life took a wrong turn. I didn’t become the person I wanted to be.


Dead of Summer 1.04

A wonderful episode, focusing around the transgender character. It beautifully showed how the boy’s mother couldn’t accept his gender, even though he’s been telling his mom he feels like a boy since he was a little kid. There’s an inspiring moment when the mother finally understands that Drew is a boy, yet it’s too much for her and she moves out and leaves the teenager alone in an empty apartment with a note saying she can’t live with the fact that her daughter is no longer there. Bonus, look out for Lost references.

Life is a series of moments that don’t happen to you. Moments, that if you’re brave enough, you can help create.
I saw you Drew.
What did you call me?
Your name, it’s Drew. You’re a boy. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.
Seeing you is a reminder of what I lost.
This tape that you gave me, I gave you 6 years ago.
I’m sorry. Are you crazy!?
There was never an Andrea.


Dead of Summer 1.05

One of the main characters were killed off.


Dead of Summer 1.06

Finally the Elizabeth Mitchell centric episode. What’s with the kids desperately wanting to play with an ouji board.

Camp’s been closed for years.
What happened to us. We were gonna save the world!
I guess the world changed.
I can’t lose you. Not again.
Maybe you didn’t save the world, but might just be able to save these kids.
It wasn’t supposed to be like that. You were supposed to be here too. We were supposed to be here together.