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I don’t usually post food reviews on this blog, but veganism is a big part of my life, and I decided to spice it up a little bit. I have been vegan for 6 years, and vegetarian for 7. Now that I’ve eaten all the July snacks, I wanted to share what I liked and why unlike a few other snack companys, I keep my subscription. I do understand that there is no way to fully meet someone’s snacking needs, but Vegan Tuck Box does understand my high expectations.

Vegan Tuck Box July 2016 and how much I liked the snacks

Kent Crisps Seasalt & Biddenden Cider Vinegar

Regular chips that taste like Apple and Vinegar, not the best combination. It’s bitter, duh. It took me a few days to eat it, but I guess it’s good in a way, as I couldn’t binge on it. And maybe that’s the point.

My rate: 3/10

Kintaro Almond Nut Clusters

One of the best snacks (not just vegan) that I have tasted. The minute I ate this bag, I ordered a box of 7 rice and nut clusters from the Kintaro website. After trying all of them, I do believe this one is the best, almost equally amazing one is the Strawberry Rice one. There’s also a nut one, chocolate/banana one, green tea one and a spicy one. Almond and strawberry are definitely the ones I’ll keep reordering.


YumEarth Organics Anti-OxiFruits

Delicious, vegan, sweet and 200% of daily required Vitamin C in one. If you have sensitive teeth, don’t eat more than one. I know the struggle. I gave the sweets to my parents to try and they keep asking me for more! I ended up giving them the whole bag. I am considering repurchasing them, but there is so many of them in the bag, 30, maybe? Running out will not happen any time soon.


Go Max Go White Cleos

Peanut butter covered in white chocolate! I know! Two of the most delicious guilty pleasures in one! Salty and sweet in one deal. Even new vegans know how hard it is to come across a vegan milk chocolate, let alone a white one! I bet you’re getting sick of that dark one too. The snack was a little too sweet, so I suggest you don’t eat both cookies at once.


So Sweet Couture Chocolate

It’s a shame that vegan companies forget vegans drink the very appetizing soy milk. Without it, chocolate just doesn’t taste like right. If you like orange chocolate in general, you won’t mind the not so delectable snack.


Lenny & Larry Birthday Cookie

One big soft and spongy cookie. Too big to eat it in one sitting, unless you’re really hungry.


Hoots Cheese and Onion

Yummy and yes, the cheese is vegan! It’s baked too! If you have weak teeth, try to break it in half first. If you miss cheese crisps, or cheese in general, you must get them!


Shire Snax Peppermint Patty Bar

Tastes like a mint protein bar. If you’re into minty things, go get it. My rate has nothing to do with the taste or quality of this bar, it’s just that I don’t like minty bars.


Holy Lama Spice Drops

Unnecessary, but tasty. I will continue adding it to my cereal.


Wholebake Flapjack

Like a regular flapjack, just a little drier. And too big.


Inspiral Incan BBQ Kale Chips

I am very biased on this one, as I hate kale chips and kale in general, so I can’t say anything nice about this product. I know this will affect the average rate of this month’s box, but I need to stay true to myself.


Ten Acre Strawberry and Cream Popcorn

Woah, what a treat! Both mouth-watering and sweet! Second favourite this month and a must-have!


Verdict: Subscribe!