Season 13 starts September 22nd and this is just a summary of where we left of and what my expectations for the next season are.

My second favourite show, after the cousin from the same family, Private Practice. The first episode of Greys I watched was the ‘Heart in the Elevator,’ but the episode that got me into the show was the bomb in the heart two-parter. I know many people loved the show the first couple of seasons and then just stopped watching, which I will never understand as it’s so addictive it’s one of these shows you can’t put it down. How do you go on with your life, not knowing what Meredith and the gang are up to? I was flipping through channels one day and I asked my dad whether he’s seen this show and my dad said ‘Oh yeah I know it, it’s really good. So that’s the main character and she has an Asian best friend and they’re surgical interns.’ I was hooked. Season 12 ended 4 months ago and my mom has been asking me about S13 promo since the beginning of August. She really wanted to know what was Deluca’s condition and if Karev would be charged with assaulting him. In season 13, I expect to meet Jo’s husband. I’m really scared about Arizona’s love life, as Calzona was the absolute endgame and has always been my number 1 Greys couple even over Merder. I want Meredith with the New Zealander. I hope they won’t introduce any new interns or doctors.

How about you? Do you think you can wait another month for Greys to return?