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Didn’t you just love season two of Fuller House?! Expect a post on it very soon. I haven’t posted for two weeks, because I have been too tired from crying over Gilmore Girls. If you want to see my review, check my previous post.

The Middle 8.05

Sue chooses a quite shocking major that made me think of Lorelai Gilmore the minute she said it. Mike beautifully explains to her she needs a good job to avoid the Heck lifestyle and Brick learns how to drive and hits the Orson cow with Axl’ RV.

Anything I should know?
The Lord’s prayer.
I am 15.
I thought you were 12.
Uh! Astronomy!
Should we be concerned about how much we hide from our kids?
Theatre Where’s the future in that?! She’s not good!
Veterinary school? That’s harder to get into than med school!
I’m thinking of adding Criminal Justice as one of my majors.
There’s no inheritance, so you need a job that pays well. You can’t just sign up for everything that looks fun.
The only reason you’re still in school is that Dad sold his half of the diaper business.
If you start digging around this yard in 5 minutes you’ll hit a report card.
I need to pick one major, so tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it.
What? I’m not gonna do that.
You were never supposed to know. I just didn’t think you had to worry about that.
I don’t want you to be on the first name basis with an operator from the gas company. Even though Joyce is very nice and lets us spread the bill over three credit cards. I don’t want you to have to share a battery between two cars. I don’t want you to hope for a tornado to bring your next appliance. I’m not trying to scare you kid, but it’s hard sometimes living like we do. And what I hope for you is just that it can be different.


The Middle 8.06

The Hecks eat Nancy’s Thanksgiving food and the episode is hilarious as always.

Other people watch you like a pig, cause you got three scoops.
When Cindy doesn’t get what she wants, Brick doesn’t get what he wants. Reading time.
I didn’t recognize you in youre uniform. Thank you for your service.
No, I don’t have a middle name. Except for Rose.
She’s losing memory, so It’s important we see her.
Or you could just tell her you saw her.
I don’t like her either. Cindy said she could not get a conversation going with her, and Cindy can talk to anybody!
Because I’m responsible for you.
I never want you to stop looking out for me.
So she’s not even related?
Oh no she is to somebody, but not actually to us.
And by the way, not a good babysitte, cause she obviously dropped April on her head a few times!
Try a few hundread times!
Thank you Lord, for the Hecks. The best neighboors in the world.


How To Get Away With Murder 3.09

I was surprised to see who died. He’s the main character! Bonnie and Annalise almost hooked up and Olly knows about the night of Sam Keating’s disappearance. Police finally finds Rebecca’s body and Wes learns she was murdered.

Junk food is all I’m doing.
I wasn’t high, I was traumatised.
Traumatised from what?
Like you don’t already know.
Social services rescued me and I sescued myself.
You’re fired. Did you not hear me?
You’re the problem with the gay community.
We’re all the problem with the gay community.
Bonnie, who is it?
It’s Wes.
Middleton student identified as fire victim.


SVU 18.06

Hands down worst episode of SVU ever. They wanted to make another transgender-centred episode and they screwed it up big time, as we were presented with a extremely boring script. Read these to see the only good things about this episode.

Can’t people yse the bathroom they were born to use? Is that really so damn hard?
He thinks that because he’s in love with a transgender woman that he’s gay.
Three lives destroyed all because a woman named Eva was born a boy.
He killed a woman of your dreams.
The single just hit number one. That’s all that really matters.


The Goldbergs 4.07

The fourth Thanksgiving at The Goldbergs was just plain bad.

Everyone, come back! It’s fucking thanksgiving!


American Horror Story 6.10

Who wasn’t dissapointed with the Lana Winters link or camoeo? The finale to the Ranoke season. I didn’t exactly enjoy it, but the same can be said about the whole season. I hope you understand, that I could’t give it a 10.

Are you sure, it’s not me you love.
But they did die, didn’t they?
Welcome to the Lana Winters special.
You turned everyone else down. Because of you, because of who you are and what you’ve been through. I mean, Jesus. You killed your own son, Bloody Face.
I killed a psychopathic murderer before he could kill me.
Where is she, she was reported missing by her grandparents an hour before we went on the air.
She talks to much.
Sydney didn’t ask me to participate, and as it turns out, fortunately so.
Are you people crazy enough to be shooting another show here?
Lea Harris showed up in the middle of the night.
You stupid fucks, you deserve to die.
Not if Precila ddid to me what you wnat her to do to you.


Younger 3.06

Such a funny episode, more of them I beg of you!

My one desire is to service Charles.
We’re all beginning for more cock.
Look, Nancy Drew and leggier Nancy Drew.
It started as a writing exercise.
She’s someone in the Empirical family, we don’t want her making a relationship with another publisher.
Make the offer, we have to keep him in in the house.
That was a big safe, Liza.


Younger 3.07

As above, good episode.

It’s difficult to keep a secret, especially when you pretend to be someone else in order to be taken seriously in your profession.
It gets better.
That’s what they say to kids who are severely bullied.
He’s flirting with you through The New Yorker.


Younger 3.08

What a great episode, first one this season! Liza gets hit by a car while trying to return Diana’s city bike and Charles almost saw Liza’s real date of birth on her hospital wristband.

In my experience sex can be nothing and a kiss can mean a lot.
I had to buy extra storage on my Dropbox judt to open te file.
Your bike has been in an accident.
The one they gave me is wearing off. I think they didn’t account for my height.
I’m fine.
The bike is not FYI.
That should have been Becky.
Diana alerted the Empirical legal team and they alerted me.


Scream Queens 2.05

Funny, and overall good, everyone speaks with different accents, possibly the best this season. Why oh why did Jamie Lee say Freddy Krueger instead of Michael Myers?

For the love of God, number 5. Denise is dead could you maybe let us have two minutes that aren’t about you?
I finally  know what it felt like to be Freddy Krueger.
Hello non-doctor idiots. Sorry to interrupt your hard work cleaning bedpans, the only thing you’re qualified at any hospital on planet earth. Sorry, doctor tiny bitch.
These bed pans can wait till we find some less attractive people to clean them.
I’m pretty sure I ordered codde?
You didn’t order anything, this isn’t a restaurant.


Scream Queens 2.06

There are 3 Green Meanies!?

We’ve lost a lot of blood, so donate yours.
I’m sorry I haven’t welcomed you properly, by having sex with you.
And she’s a serial killer.
She’s a what?!