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Fantastic, emotional, heartbreaking. Exactly what I expected. ‘A Year in the Life’ follows Lorelai and Rory Gilmore nine years after the original series concluded. Within the first seconds, we breathe a sigh of relief as we see that Stars Hollow, the loveliest, most magical little town ever pictured on screen, has not changed a bit. The show itself has the exact amount of wit and charm as the original. The highly anticipated ‘last four words’ left me in pieces. And to think that that’s how the original Gilmore Girls would have ended. Back in 2007, I was afraid this would happen as nothing seemed more fitting. I was relieved when the new writers chose a different direction. The ending is not as shocking today, as Rory is all grown up now. That doesn’t stop me from being a complete mess. What’s worse after the revival finished, I was relieved because somehow I thought the cliffhanger can only mean season two. Only the next day, I realized that was Amy Sherman-Palladino’s way of saying goodbye. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the revival, but the last four words…man. They could have written ‘it’ in somewhere in the middle and at least we would see Lorelai’s proper reaction, Rory’s decision, Emily’s reaction!, the town’s reaction! It would have been heavenly. I really hope for another four episodes next year. I may write a separate review on the revival, but as a whole, I loved it! Everyone stepped in their old shoes so smoothly, especially Lauren Graham. So many memorable scenes, my favorite include Lorelai apologizing to Emily for her drunk behavior and Emily telling her she’s always hated their family; Luke begging Lorelai not to leave him; Lorelai finally remembering an anecdote about her father and so many more. Lorelai making a fool of herself like she did many times in the original series, made me feel right at home. I was really sad about Sookie changing her plans and not wanting to stay at the Dragonfly. I was highly disappointed with most of Rory’s storyline, but at least it was realistic. It was nice to see some familiar Parenthood and Bunheads faces. Please let there be a second season.