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I watched season 1 of Damages, it was so long and boring, I decided to quit when the main murder got resolved as the result was just disappointing.

How did you like Fuller House? Wasn’t season 2 so good? Kimmy stole the spotlight yet again. There has to be a third season.

Shameless 7.10

There’s something about this season that makes it not so enjoyable. They’re not pulling enough ‘shameless’ fast ones. Sure Frank slept with Fiona’s elderly friend with dementia. Debbie did beg on the street and Monica did take a baseball bat to the other grandparents house, but what about Ian and Lip? Lip kept proving everyone he’s Frank’s son, Carl disappeared off to military school (wtf he was just in juvie last season) and Ian was the only one who had his shit together and dates a nice transgender man. Fiona’s storyline is boring, Frank’s too, Kev and Vi’s is just plain awful. Why did they move this season 4 months up only to give us this disappointment. Where the fuck is Sheila, we need her.

Mickey is back and he is heading to Mexico. Oh yeah and Monica is back too. I rememeber her having that meth selling boyfriend last season but what the f happened to her lesbian lover? Frank and Monica rob a Bingo bus and try to rob a bank too. They writers made it look that Lip’s teacher is responsible for his drinking problem as he ended up drunkinly breaking into her home. Despite all this craziness, Ian said something right on point.

I’m nuts. Mickey’s fucking nuts.
I’m on CTP. Colored people time.
Love is raw and destructive.
Milkoviches? I think one of them robbed us back in the 80s. If the cops pick up the Milkoviches, tell them we want our VCR back.
Am I stupid?
Fuck her, you’re a sweetheart.
That OJ lawyer is already dead.
Have you thought what would have happened if you ran off with Jimmy/Steve?
Lying sociopath Jimmy Steve? My life would be a non-stop psycho thriller.
What of nothing ever gives you the same thrill again?
You turned your life around. Mickey would set a match to it. You’ve done really great without him and I’m really fucking proud of you.
Lip, you broke into my home. Jesus, Lip, you’ve got to move one, please. Get some help.


The Middle 8.08

The rating for The Middle are not the best this season, but It’s still well in the 6mln. Axl and April got married…for one episode. First average episode in ages.

And that weird one that reads.
That one’s mine.


The Goldbergs 4.09

I feel like they have ran out of ideas. The whole season is a snoozeville. Here, Murray has his Birthday and he sleeps through the surprise birthday party Bev threw him. Adam and Big Tasty have a quarell, after Adam starts getting into basketball.

Before you get mad, you should lay down on those coats It’s amazing.
Which baby is this?
The moron.
Wow, these receipts really mean a lot to you.
I  should be in the moment more.
If you start liking basketball, then who am I?


The Goldbergs 4.10

At least we got to hear Hayley Orrantia sing, and she has such a wonderful voice. Love Sick is definitely my most played song in 2016, and I love Unitil Then and Strong and Southern and Silence You and I am waiting for Hayley’s EP.

What am I watching?
The duck is gonna make it with that lady, what have you brought us to?!
A lady and a duck in bed. Who the fuck thought this was a good idea?!
You replaced my favorite posters.
That’s my baby!


Scream Queens 2.07

I saw the ratings and there is no way this show is not getting cancelled after next week’s season finale. Season one was fresh and exciting, and despite being badly written, it kept you occupied after just finishing a new episode of SVU. Season 2 on the other hand? Nothing makes sense, the killer got revealed halfway through, it has so many unnecessary characters, they’re killing off all the original characters and oh boy it just sucks. Grandfathered’s ratings last year were twice as good and the show got canceled. Scream Queens only had 2 million followers per episode, but most likely Fox didn’t cancel it because they wanted to keep Jamie Lee Curtis in the family.

He’s a psychopath and his most likely profession a serial killer.
Most Americans use the same password for everything.
His password is I went to Harvard.
I’m gonna put you on an antiobesity drug called Orlistat.
I’m pretty sure I just saw Hester, yeah, from the Netflix documentary. The head nurse is obviously a drug addict and Cathy Much thinks she’s a doctor.


Scream Queens 2.08

We learned that Grace has been locked up in a mental institution this whole time.

Emma Roberts Snapchatting during sex with Uncle Jesse, oh lord. We all know at least one person who does it and it’s just unappropriate, but here, entertaining.
Are you texting?
I don’t know maybe take sex classes?
I’ll just lay here listening to Spotify.
During that Katy Perry/Taylor Swift feud, she sided with Katy!
Not when my daughter was locked ypo in a mental insitution because o fwhat they did to her.
You said she went to Stanford.
Stanford Mental Asylum.
How come they get to be doctors while my little Grace gets locked up.


Scream Queens 2.09

Brooke Shields guest stars just to get poisoned and give the Channels her TV Show.

I don’t want to die in this outfit!
We want to be TV doctors, not real doctors.
I don’t give a rat’s ass about that cow Number 3.
You have 8 hours to complete the exam.
I think the answer is B, better luck next time!
I am  a genius and no one cares.
Damn it, number 5, shut up!
Where’s number 5.
I don’t know, probbaly taking a huge nervous dump somewhere.
We’re not surprised she got poisones. It was probably one of the PAs she fired for farting.
Di you just offer us our own show?
I’ll be dead in a month.


Younger 3.11

Liza and Charles almost hook up and this is how it should be! I wish she just told him the truth right there.

We need to tweet, instagram and Snapchat our asses off this weekend!
Liza, I know you’re 40.
Either you publish my book, or I’ll publish your story.
Advice from her?
No, advice from her dog.
Just put 10 people in a tight corner , take a picture and this party will look crowded too..
My babysitter got me into them.
I like you.


Younger 3.12

Liza told Kelsey the truth! I didn’t like how or where it happened, but it’s okay. I guess if Josh found out at the end of season 2, Kelsey at the end of season 3, then Charles will when season 4 ends. I hope season 4 starts in early spring.

I’m sure you know how fond I am of you.
They say life starts when you’re 40.
You didn’t consider me at all!
No restrictions, no pressure. This is you. The real you.
What will make you happy?
Losing weight.
What will make you happy?
A divorce!
I just want my wofe back.
Just call her.
You’re a liar and a cheater. Your lies are hurting everyone around you.
This is my daughter, she’s in college. And ‘m not 26. I will be 41 in a couple of weeks.
I don’t undrstand.
Then let me explain.


The Simpsons 28.09

This episode was a blur. I don’t remember much of it, except for Homer getting injured at work after Mr. Burns throws him down his chute.

How could I have forgotten to sue Mr. Burnes?


The Simpsons 28.10

Oh boy, at least Maggie kicked some elf’s ass.


Divorce 1.10

Robert called cops on Frances! The only good thing about this episode. The daughter is hit by a car and no one even tries to tell the son not to blame himself, they just chat about it among themselves. This is what’s wrong with the show.