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This is how I rated the show over the first 4 months. Surprisingly only 6 episodes aired this half season, and lets be honest, not all of them were good.

  1. 9.5
  2. 5
  3. 8
  4. 10
  5. 10
  6. 3.5

Giving us a total of 46 points, divided by 6 episodes = 7.7/10

Some of the best episodes of the season so far included episode 1, when a little boy points a gun at Olivia and her son at Central Park and episode 4, when we find out Amanda’s sister Kimmy suffers from bipolar disorder

The best moments and quotes of the season include:

  • Olivia’s ‘fed up with perps’ attitude from episode 1
  • A teenager is obsessed with Amanda and lied to please her and Amanda said it was not her fault he has a crush on her
  • A mom decides to sleep with an admissions officer to get her son into a prestigious university, what’s worse, the man turns out to be a con
  • ‘He thinks that because he’s in love with a transgender woman that he’s gay.’