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Shameless 7.11

Mickey made it to Mexico, but without Ian. Debbie signed up for junior college to study welding. And Monica died.

The naked wedding.
It was beautiful.
Yeah, if you’re a pedophile.
Drinking turns the volume down. Makes the world more tolerable.
Sing fucking Taylor Swift, I don’t care. Get out of the fucking car.
Kev, you misspelled the word resume on your resume.
They help you rip off movies.
I forgive you for promising me to that drug dinner.
Your old lady’s downstairs, eating cat food.


The Middle 8.07

But your mom is my lady.
First, she’d have to explain what audacity means.
Everyone there was dark and tense.
You may not be deep or dark, but the world is already full of darkness.
It’s not you that wasn’t ready for New York, it was New York that wasn’t ready for you.


The Middle 8.09

Now I’ll just have to be a bridesmaid for Cindy and wear a formal dress and a Safari hat. I’ve researched grounds for marriage annulment in the state of Indiana. There’s not being of age, suspicion of fraud, if one or both parties are mentally unstable.
That one.


Shut Eye 1.01

Kadee Strickland is wonderful in it!

Got a guy who owes me, fuck that, he’s the guy.
God came to the gypsy guy and told him that his theft had saved Jesus from the nail in the heart. To repay him, God gave the gypsies the right to steal.
Cause they’re bitches. Bitches are assholes.
I’m done being someone’s bitch.


This is Us 1.02

The eating disorder plot of the show is what keeps it all special.  Castle’s Esposito married his best friend’s wife, played by Mandy Moore’s character. At this point we don’t know where Jess from Gilmore Girls is.

They call him Webster, you know that show where white family adopts a black baby?
I love that show!
Can we spend one fat-free night?
Man, I only ate fruit today.
I wasn’t a good brother, was I?
It’s okay, you still have time.
Randall is not free of vice, his vice is his goodness.
It’s his compulsive drive to be perfect.
It’s always gonna be about the weight. Even when I’m not thinking about it, I’m thinking about it. Will this chair hold me, will this dress fit me. It’s just at the core of who I am, deep inside.
This dress fits you in all the right places.
This old thing? I just threw it on. I didn’t even think about it.


This is Us 1.03

We should give him a new name.


This is Us 1.04

Children are just heartless, and I absolutely adored Milo’s reaction.

I was so nervous I started doing a British accent in the middle of it.
We don’t want you to play with us anymore. You embarrass us.
I almost drowned, do you even care? You’re so busy making sure that Kate isn’t eating too much and Randall is not too adopted and where’s Kevin? Oh wait, he’s dead.
Do you think my son could play with your son sometime after school?
So you stalked her like a serial killer.
Do you want to be with a skinny person?
All of your life you’ve been fat.
I gained 90 pounds the year after she left.
I did consider suicide, a lot.
I had this little notebook and every time I met a black person, I would put a mark in this notebook.
The fact that my daughter doesn’t find anything weird about her playing a snow white, that’s the whole idea.
He’s my biological father.


This is Us 1.05

Milo’s character is dead?

When I get a script, the first thing I do is paint.
Our dad is not with us, he’s not alive anymore, but he’s with us, he’s with me every day.It’s just us.