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I’ve started Modern Family, because of Married with Children withdrawals. I’m finishing season one and the show is only half as good as the Bundys and most of the comedies I watch. The Middle, for example is pure gold. I’m enjoying Sofia Vergara’s character, I also like Ed O’Neil’s character (duh Al Bundy),  Cameron and Manny.

SVU 18.08

A lesbian mom hits on Olivia making her uncomfortable and a child of two mothers is kidnapped. Olivia breaks up with Tucker.

Who loads a truck at 4am in the morning?
Actually, in New York, it’s not that uncommon.
You must be used to talking to people on worst nights of their lives.
No wedding ring, are you in a relationship Lieutenant?
Actually, I am.
I’m sorry.
That’s okay. I’m seeing someone.
A few months ago you told me you were happy, but you were crying.
I remember.
And you were right, we were never gonna last.
Take care of yourself, Olivia Benson.


The Middle 8.11

Frankie wins a maid! Almost none of them are any good and she keeps exchanging them, one of them kept saying that the bathtub, for example is non-fixable. Each time she came up to Frankie and said ‘Mrs, I need to show you something.’ and Frankie kept telling her to leave those for her to wash later. Axl moves into temporary housing with Sue, but they all get kicked out and Lexie finally caves in and lets her dad rent an apartment for her and Sue.

We won free maid service!
We’ve had the college experience, and the orphanage experience and the prison experience!
It was my real life Downton Abbey dream come true.
She clearly made some bad life choices.
Worse than us?
My favorite sister!
I’m your driver.
He’s cool, got 4 stars.
Mrs, I need to show you something.
Food is old, everything is rotten.
I know, I know, just show me.
If I give up, this is who I am. But as long as I’m trying, there’s still hope.
Brick is 3 years away from graduating from high school. Sue is always at home and Axl is about to graduate, so you know he’ll be moving back in.
I mean, I have a daughter, but Coleen is better.
You can’t win twice.
That’s truer than you know.
Home is where the crap is.


The Goldbergs 4.12

School is closed as it has snowed in and the Goldberg kids are stuck at home. While Adam and Barry build and igloo and fight with Murray over the thermostat, Erica is about to send in her college application. She wrote and essay about her personal hero, and Bev gets a little intrusive when she finds out she’s the hero. Sending application by post and listening to the radio announcements as to which schools are closed made me feel nostalgic. This show is a ray of sunshine, brings hope and just makes the future seem promising.

Am I still asleep or did he say closed?
Meanwhile, mom cleaned Erica’s room, like an FBI agent.
87, temperature of the rich.
Every day you roll your eyes at me and you tell me I’ve ruined your life and I know that’s how it goes, but it hurts.


Nashville 5.02

Season 5 started off so well, unfortunately, the next three episodes did not meet the criteria. Rayna asks Deacon to write their story.

I want us to write our story. Together.
Like a book?
No, a record, like a concept album.
If I don’t take this risk, I’m not gonna be an artist anymore.
Some of the best music comes out of some darkest places.
You’re the one that’s always telling me that pain is the gift.
You’re right, the pain and passion, it’s worth it.


The Good Place 1.10

The show wasn’t that good, but watch it because you’ll enjoy season finale!

I’m ranking my favorite fast and furious movies. You said you wanted to know who I am and this is the best way to get to know me.
Are you making a move on me?
Maybe you, if he doesn’t pick me, I’m gonna start throwing stuff.
I take it the moron is me.


The Good Place 1.11

We learn how Jason died.

I’m sorry, crazy high Eleanor was my nickname in college.
Walmart. A place regular people go, you haven’t heard of it.
Well, fork you too.
That’s cute, I love you too, little egg.
One of the giraffes tried to hump him.
No, not cool, he stopped learning at the age 7.
Yeah dog, ‘I love butts’
Oh that was another serious crime I comitted, I should have mentioned that earlier.
Is it just me or am I acing this test!
He suffocated to death in there.