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Grey’s Anatomy 13.10

Our favourite show is back from holidays and it doesn’t exactly pick up where we left off. Bailey, Arizona and Jo visit a women prison and we don’t learn anything more than we knew 2 months ago. The episode itself feels like a poorly made stand-alone straight to DVD film that maybe only Lifetime would show. It’s also the first episode where Meredith isn’t present, Ellen voices it over but the lack of Meredith is easily noticeable, saddening and frustrating. One of the few things worth mentioning is the Orange is the New Black reference. The inmate’s mother did not want to see her granddaughter’s birth. That scene brought tears to my eyes. I did end up crying for 20 minutes, but that doesn’t change the fact that we could have actually learnt something more about the characters, but instead we wasted our time.

In Orange, they strip Search.
No one intends to end up here.
I have a prosthetic leg.
Totally normal, don’t engage.
Murder, gangs.
Which one’s she?
Just another patient?
How about focusing your attention on keeping your k10 client from killing us.
I once helped a guy I liked rob a convenience store.
Stars, they are just like us.
Dr Bailey.
That’s chief Bailey.
I hate people.


Bones 12.01

What an episode! I will miss this show dearly.

They can still be somewhere in the Jeffersonian.
Call Booth, I’ve got her.
He’s in the basement.
I had nightmares because of evidence indicating Zack.
Dr Brennan.
I should have been kidnapped more often.
He was receiving regular visits from an associate of yours Dr Sweets.
But when Doctor Sweets was murdered Zack had trouble processing.
Communicating with someone of lower intellect.
I’ve been reading Dr Brennan’s email.
So I can keep up to date with all my friends and colleagues.
Dr Brennan, Hodgins, Angela and Doctor Saroyan.
Agent Booth and I are not friends.
What’s that untitled folder?
Zack is the one who’s going to make it so Hodgins can walk.
What do you mean Bones is gone.
I want to find out why she left.
The evidence is conclusive, he’s guilty.
Maybe your gut needs a probiotic.
What are you saying, you didn’t think he was guilty the first time with the lobbyist.
Stay away from me.
Conjoined twins.
After being separated from his other half, the killer must have adopted his dead twin’s personality.
I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t kill him.
It’s his legs, he’s lost his feeling. And it’s probably for good this time.
I nNever killed The the lobbyist.
I believe you.


Bones 12.02

Brennan turned 40 and I’m feeling old. Max is doing chemo or something and I really don’t think Max’s possible death in the last episode is necessary.

I’m re-examining the evidence from the lobbyist’s murder.
This is a big one, you’re turning 40.
Could you give us a hint on a dress code?
Yes, wearing clothes would be advisable.
Let go of my clippers.
Is it as bad as I think it is?
Doctor Brennan appears to be 78% curious and 22% jealous.
Agent booths is 94% amused and 6% sceptical.
Dr Hodgins or should I say Peter Pan?
Hey, perverts!
I’m the one who recommended her.
And I also nominated Angela.
Grandpa, you dropped this.
Happy Birthday!

6.5/ 10

The Middle 8.12

One of the weaker episode, but still very good, plus they sang Kelly Clarkson’s ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. Cindy, the one who always wears a Safari hat is into fashion. Nothing funnier.

Brad, what am I thinking.
I hope you’re thinking I should come with you to no-cut acapella.
Career expo and job fair.
I’m not really into books, that I’m into fashion.
I can take over the diaper because that enter.
Did we not tell him?
Here’s the thing Axl you haven’t been around a lot, I sold the diaper business.
Life is gonna kick you around a lot. So you may not wanna tear off all your clothes and flap around on the floor every time you hit a set back. Things kinda have a way of working out.
She gave me the finger, she loved it!
They’ve found their sweet spot early.


How to get away with murder 3.10

I love Bonnie, but they need to bring Eve back to represent Annalise.

Eve would be a conflict of interest.
The baby is Wes’s.
I just got back from therapy.
I thought why can’t this queen defend me?
We are bad people.
About the murder of Wes Gibbins. I did it.


Nashville 5.03

Maddie becomes an intern at Highway 65. Child actress Bridgit Mendler joins the cast.

It’s like what Britney Spears used to do.
It’s not like she’s Taylor Swift.

2.5 / 10

Nashville 5.04

At least Scarlett called Rayna her family. his season started off intriguing and turned into a drag. I really wish they could bring Lyla back.

You have FOMO –  fear of missing out.

3. 5 / 10

Scandal 6.01

You know Shonda wrote this episode when the freshly elected president gets shot and killed. It was an icredible episode that made me want to rewatch the entire series.

It’s over, you lost.
Vice president Cyrus Bean.
I voted for him.
Legally, the next presidency is wide open.
Practically, the next president of the United States is who you say it is.
He paid an assassin to shoot Frank Vargas.
I think Cyrus might have had something to do with it.
That could’ve been me.
Mary would make an exceptional president.
Because the other choice just tried to kill his way into the Oval
Fitz, I want it. I do want it.
He murdered his way into the White House you’re doing nothing about him
Been like this since she got here.
Doctors say he’s in shock.
I don’t want to fix another election.
I’m handing you America take care of it.
Good luck sign.
You want to murder her or marry her?
It was Cyrus Bean, who killed President Vargas.
You son of a bitch, I know you killed him and I’m going to prove it.