Bones 12.05

We learn that Fisher had a thing for Brennan and wrote a fanfiction of them having sex and solving crimes together.

Boner Street.
Is Brennan really going to narrate her new book?
Contact lens. if we can pull his fingerprint off of it.
I myself spent time in foster care.
I have to record an audition.
I attended North-western.
I assure you, offence was taken.
More of an Adams Family kid?
Spiders, how about a warning.
Don’t ever take credit for how well I turned out.
A plot centred around a tormented intern who had an affair with his boss.
You’ve not only read my novels, you were once a devoted fan of them.
Despite your apathetic affectations, there are things in this life that bring you joy.


Nashville 5.08

Rayna’s attacker said everything we ever wanted to say to our favorite artist. Thanks for being there in my loneliest moments and understanding me when no one gave a crap.

I’m not going to a show with a creepy dude following me around.
I want to do my next album with you in the choir.
I got my period. I need new clothes. My clothes got all messed up.
I remember you and Rayna sneaking around when I was little.
I can’t believe Maddie called you.
I’m gonna push Highway 65 to sign you.
You’re not this angry kid anymore.
I wanted to tell you that you understand me better than anyone I’ve ever known.
How can that be true? I just met you.
That’s not true.
You met me the day I heard your first single on my Mom’s stereo back in West Memphis. You spoke to me in a way that I couldn’t speak to myself. You changed my life. You’ve known me for a very long time. And all I’ve ever wanted was to meet you.
It was given to me by an awful man. An alcoholic abuser like your husband.
Deacon’s not an abuser.
I wanted to talk to you ’cause I could see that you were different.
You weren’t like the ones that lie, and make fun of me behind my back.
Make up stupid excuses like I don’t know what’s going on.
You think you’re the only person who’s ever been abused in your life? I didn’t say that.
Well, I’ve got a story for you. And this is not something you’re gonna find on the Internet.
You wanna hear it? My father was a sociopath. Killed my mother, covered it up. And that happened when I was 12 years old. And I have to deal with that every day of my life. And then sometimes it gets to me, and I overcompensate with my husband. And in my business, and I say things to my daughters that I know deep down are just gonna make ’em want to run away from me. But it’s like I can’t help it. Cause that horror, it’s just right there at the surface. And I don’t want them to feel that.
And I don’t want them to think I’m feeling it. So I write songs and I sing them, cause that’s the only way I know how to deal with this pain that I carry inside me.
And that loser husband of mine? His daddy whipped him every single day. And that’s the same piece of crap that got him drinking in the fourth grade.
How is it we can be so awful to the people we love the most? That just makes me so angry.
Makes me so sad. I know you’re carrying that kind of pain too.
I see that.
But the only choice we have is we got to go on.
We can’t give in to that.
You give in to that, that evil man, he wins.
‘Cause that means he broke you just like he wanted to.
Now you being here right now, you’re giving in to it.
I have two daughters who need me, okay?
You’re working with Rayna James, right? 911 from her phone.
My husband goes by his middle name.
And that’s the same thing that got him drinking in the 4th grade.
I have two daughters.


Switched at Birth 5.06

Bay messes up good tattooing a gang sign on a kid’s arm.

It says here you’re 200 pounds.
I lost a lot of weight.
So you can just tattoo that?
They’re looking for diverse teachers.
I wouldn’t be pre-med if it wasn’t for you.
I had a heart transplant 3 years a go, on April 14th.
You have Angelo’s heart.


How to Get Away With Murder 3.11

Got him into law school.
We’re just gonna sit around and act all victimy.
You can call me whatever you want.
They think you’re a joke now.
This bitch. I’m no joke.
She did a DNA test on Wes, idiot.
I was pregnant 8 months, they killed my baby.
Sorry about your baby and Wes too.
Did you know her when she was pregnant?
She admitted she moved the body.
Wes was cremated.
I think Connor is the annonymous source this whole time.
That’s why we’ve been following you and trusting you. Because you said you knew what you were doing, but now one of us just got killed and we need to find out who did that.
You checked your voicemail.
You went to Annalise’s house that night, didn’t you?


The Goldbergs 4.17

Adam swears for the first time and everyone gets their own jar. Adam gets an Adam jar for everytime he says something nerdy. JTP gets a new member.

Who taught you to do this?
It’s gonna be fucking fun.
We’re like best fucking friends.
Oh, fuck , you’re so adorable.
Adam Jar for every time you say something nerdy.


The Simpsons 28.14

Smithers, the bodies. ‘Christmas decorations’.
People don’t deserve so many awards. People suck. They should just be glad to be alive.
Tofu bell.
I’m sure you have an explanation for where you were?
The best! I was eating hotdogs.
That is so stupid, it must be the truth.
Well, you were young then, and you’re stupid now.
If we split up, no one gets Homer.
That’s when I started eating my emotions.
I’m the smartest ball in the bag.
I would never forget you, how could I?


Modern Family 8.16

Nathan Fillion and Jane Krakowski guest star yet again in one of the most plain and uneventful episodes of Modern Family. Mitchell goes on a tea brunch with Hayley and Nathan Fillion and Cam join them, meanwhile Gloria fights with Jane Krakowski’s character.

You know it’s loud when you can’t hear my voice.


Scandal 6.04

Cyrus is stuck in prison and we learn that he did not do it.

I’m leaving you.
You said you’d never leave me.
Ready for the belt now?
Everyone in my family voted for Frank Vargas.
I don’t want you to bleed all over the carpet.
I am a monster, but I am your monster.
At some point the debt has to be paid.
Be a man you can be proud of, Cy.
I’m going to die in here.
I will always be your friend, but I will not speak to you again.
Give me your belt.
I’m innocent.
You’re innocent.
I just wanted to see you suffer.
I’m innocent.
Tom couldn’t do it, which means Cyrus is innocent.


The Good Fight 1.04

Matthew Perry guest stars and complicates things and I don’t think we could care less. Are we supposed to ship Maia and Clarissa?  And Maia is bisexual, not gay? What a disappointment.

Yeah, my girlfriend is pretty hot.
Was that the first time you slapped someone?
I guess it was.
Fuck you.


Wrote this post over the course of a week, while rewatching The Brave One with Jodie Foster for the 40th time and season 6 of Modern Family.