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Bones 12.03

Thank you Bones for mentioning one of my most favorite episodes and for that Simpsons reference. Plus watching that elderly lady hit that elderly pervert was entertaining.

Hoes before bros.
I have long been fascinated with black and heavy metal culture ever since we had that case involving the band Skulle.
I remember.
I want you to get a vasectomy.
This is where he went to heaven.
You will need a new cleaning service.
You bastard Son of a bitch.
He asked if I wanted to pork.
Go pork yourself.
A gentleman would never talk that way about Donna Reed.

This side of Montgomery Burns
Anyone who looks at naked pictures of Donna Reed is just wrong.
Thank you you have been very very helpful.
We will be bagging your sniper.
I want to adopt.

8.5 / 10

Bones 12.04

The guy who married Bones and Booth was killed.

Needle marks on the bone.
He parts his hair to the right, most lefties do that.
This is one of those audio doorbells that record voices.
The victim was alive when the rats were eating his torso.
Rat teeth never stop growing.
Booth that’s a bomb.
He killed himself so he wouldn’t have to give me up.

4.5 / 10

Grey’s Anatomy 13.13

Second episode without Ellen, what a shame. I was never a fan of Kepner, so the patient hating on her for not being Doctor Grey made Ellen’s absence easier on me. I have nothing against April, she’s my dad’s favorite character and my mom loves her with Avery, but for me, she’s still almost as annoying as she was back in season 6. Meantime, Stephanie kills a little boy and Eliza takes it worse than her and I’m not happy about Arizona comforting her.

I am doctor.
Not Dr grey.
Listen doctor not Grey.
Any pain?
Lots. Thanks to you.
Dr Grey is nice.
I’m nicer.
Did I kill that boy?
Bailey was my favourite student.
How do you stop feeling like this?

You don’t. You put it behind you.
Edwards what happened?
He died.
He was my patient and he died, he was a little boy.
Pop the hood, pop the hood.
You could have friends here if you wanted to.

8.5 / 10

The Middle 8.14

Last time I checked, The Middle was a comedy show, which part of this episode was funny? That Mike remark about washing his teeth was just on point, he does it in every single episode. The highlight of the episode was when Brick fell down the stairs.


SVU 18.11

Sounds like sexual assault
They are hauling ass to.
Tell him that I know he didn’t mean it.
Injury suggest someone twisted his arm.
We are SVU, we know the law.
I thought only adults could go to prison.
We have evidence that your son has been abused.
How do we make it go away?
We can’t, we don’t.
Jack died 20 minutes ago.
You have witnessed the abuse?
Everything will not be ok.
I got it on video.
And protect him anymore he doesn’t deserve it.
Jack reminded me of me.

Guys in the neighborhood used to pick on me every day.

You didn’t make the app, did you, that really happened to you, didn’t it?


This is Us 1.06

Randall is gifted and exceptional? So is this show!

Are you saying Randall is gifted?
All of our children are exceptional.
What is she writing?
That’s her suicide note.
So I see you picked the fat one.
I know that you hate your assistant because she says like too much.
Maybe I was meant to be a musician. Or an artist or a writer. There’s this whole genetic side of me that nobody ever knew existed. Maybe I’ve had an artistic side of me all along and no one new to empower it. Maybe I was not destined to wear shirt and tie everyday like my parents for thought.
I’ll be in the car, intern.
If you keep up the pace, you can burn 470 calories an hour walking.
I don’t want to be different from them. If I get an A I’ll get an ice cream and Kate and Kevin won’t and then they’ll hate me.
I think I skipped the montage.
That was a middle age crisis.
Just a little one.


This Is Us 1.07

How can a doctor ask an obese person if they binge? Why do you think they have trouble losing weight? It’s an addiction for God’s sake, a doctor should understand that, but usually they’re just too condescending.

That was your fastest ran yet.
Damn right.
I’ve been killing myself for weeks and I’m down 1 pound.
Do you binge?
I hit a goal and I celebrated by eating some food I actually like the taste of.
I don’t have an eating problem.
You treated me like a dog.
The one I gave Rebecca back in the day.
And I am going to buy you the best washing machine in the world.


The Simpsons 28 .15

Wouldn’t it be nice played a few times during the episode and that was my most favorite thing.
Maybe another animated show stole it.

Who the hell are you?
I am guilt.
Wait the baby’s name is Maggie.
Even Madeline from the Madeline books?
Nerds, get them.
In the right hat, anything is possible.


Riverdale 1.04

Sad to see the teacher go.

Meanwhile the girl next door, our friendly neighborhood Hitchcock blonde.