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When Calls the Heart 4.02

They’ve added Rosemary and Lee to the opening sequence! Clueless Jack got down on one knee to ask Elizabeth to a… Christmas ball.

I think its just fine.
Yes, you would.
The walls are paper thin and your squicky voice cuts through them like a knife.
Half the fun of surprise is knowking what it is ahead of time.
Excuse me, oher places.
Jack, you’re not paying attention.


When Calls the Heart 4.02

That dress!

It will be the performance of a lifetime.


When Calls the Heart 4.03

Rosemary picked the lock!

I hope its not about chickens.
Woman mayor?
Honey bunny.
Have you been listening through the walls?
They don’t know this woman.
I already spoke with major Stanton about it.
Don’t take it easy on me.
Don’t worry, I won’t.


When Calls the Heart 4.04

I’ll take the job.
Mr Avery hired me.
You pained the pictures.
I wanted to be your first publisher.
I vote against.


When Calls the Hert 4.05


You’ll get back to me now.
It was a mutual idea.
Of coure it was.
I guess it’s woman’s nature to worry.
Thanks for walking me home Miss Thatcher.
Rosemary since you can see the future, can you seen yourself washinh the dishes?