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Greys 13.15

For Greys this episode was just meh.

You need to replace the mattresses in all on-call rooms.
I’m the Avery of this hospital.
Floss. Can’t sleep without it.
I know.
Get anywhere with you? So you admit, there’s somewhere to get with you.
Some days will run you down.
I think about you a lot, I can’t stop, I’m telling you. I’m in, if you are.


SVU 18.12

What a wonderful episode.

Local girl makes good and this is her welcome home present.
Nothing has changed. You’re the same person that you have before.
Some survivors prefer to go public.
You didn’t do anything wrong.
A predator raped and assaulted you, embarrassment doesn’t even enter the conversation.
And what do I do, lieutenant? What’s my mission.
You heal.
Get away from me, bitch.
I cherish women.
Then I took a cab to go see my grandma.
Grandma? Is this guy for real?
In my work, over the years with survivors, there’s this amazing power, this freedom in coming forward. Something like this changes you, but it doesn’t reduce you.
It will not define me, it will not break me.I will not be ashamed of what happened to me. There’s only honor in being a survivor.


The Middle 8.16

Go find a place it will look nice in.
The Donaghues?
I like Axl.
Where can I put this towel, so the cleaning lady can find it.
Let it ring.
Hey everybody, my mom and dad are here! They never come to these things!
Ron did you throw away a flyer? Ron?!


Nashville 5.09

We all knew Connie thought of leaving, but this was brutal! Next episode Rayna had this line where she said she wants to live, because she has two daughters and now Connie just gave up on them. They brought Nashville back to kill Rayna off?

Oh my God, that’s Rayna James.
Miss Barnes?
If you know who I am, you know I don’t take orders.
She doesn’t care anymore. It’s just my mom. She’s the only one who cares.
It’s just a stupid concert.
Don’t say that. Don’t ever say that,okay You have a gift, honey. It’s your priveledge. It’s your responsibility to share that with people.
You know who also loves you? Deacon.
I love you, Deacon.
I love you, Rayna.
All I ever wanted was for you to be proud of me.


Nashville 5.10

You know how Juliette said she will never forget the first time she heard Rayna Jaymes sing and I will never forget the first time I heard this beautiful song Rayna had ‘. I don’t think a song has ever got me like this. Whole 100 percent. That song was me to the fullest.

Bucky crying and Maddie crying on stage and Daphne and Deacon helping her finish Rayna’s song.
Because your mother meant the world to so many people.
Why did mom have to die?
Life can be so beautiful and then so cruel.
Juliette Barnes would like to see you in her dressing room.
You’re her daughter, you should be doing this. This is not my song to sing, it’s yours.
I will never forget the first time I heard Rayna Jaymes sing.
Her daughter, Maddie.


This Is Us 1.09

I got my parents hooked on this show and they are just as mesmerized by it as I am. As of this week, I only have 3 episodes to go.

I can find people who can roll their tongue, they could be my birth parents.
She kept everything it, she always made sure we’re all safe.
He has an extraordinary father, who gives him everything.


How to Get Away With Murder 3.14

Just enough to make me want to die.
People get depressed, so they drink.
You’ve been coming here for 26 years nd you’re still a mess.
Conor might have killed Wes.
You should be begging her not to kill you right now.
Both of your sons are dead.
I can’t let you testify, but Laurel can.
Very good, did you learn that at Middleton or did you commit purgery before?
I want Wes’s immunity deal.
Whoever killed him cut the gas line.


The Goldbergs 4.14

Attention perverts, look away from the hot dog girl on a stick.
Nobody loved the mall more than my brother and sister.
You may not even have to pay for college.
Damn it, where is my pen?
You’re walking me down the red carpet at the Academy Awards.
If I ever get a job in show business, I am not taking you as my date as anything.
Our Hollywood dream is back on the table.
Your mom’s in La La Land.
A stethoscope?
For when you’re a doctor.
Keep making your movies.


Modern Family 8.14

That was without a doubt the shittiest episode of Modern Family.

He’s interviewing for a job in the Warehouse. He’s a forklift operator.


Riverdale 1.05

I put it in my notes to get that funeral song, and It’s Think up Anger – Shout, it was played when Cheryl walked to the aisle dressed in white, so that’s what I’m doing.

Every town has one, the house on the haunted hill, all the kids avoid.
No more sleeping in Jason’s bed.
Sorry to interrupt Social Breakfast Club.
Polly was trying to hurt herself, that’s why she was send away.Well of course you’re not
wearing it.


The Good Fight 1.01

I was enjoying this show until they made that SVU meets Trump episode. And I’m really angry with Maya being bi, not gay.

I’m a lawyer.
What about my retirement money.
Heard you got fired.
And she was just fired.
No you’re not, let’s go.


Big Little Lies 1.01

It’s not nearly as good as I hoped it would be, I do like the opening credits though.

He choked her.
I’m defending you, woman.
Defended her when she’s physically assaulted.