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Greys 13.21

Meredith begging Maggie to forgive her and Maggie saying Mer was the only thing she had left was the best thing about this episode. That and Amelia crying in the elevator.

Maggie, please, please, please.
You were the only thing I had left.


SVU 18.15

She was raped.
Women should be paranoid, it’s a survival skill.


SVU 18.16

He raped me on the couch in his office.
He put his hand inside my blouse.
He locked the door, threw me on the couch and raped me.
He pushed me down and raped me.
But you did rape her.
That’s not important.


The Middle 8.21

Don’t say backup like it’s a regular thing.
My backup cookies!
Did youlose the step ladder you use to kiss her.
Cindy chased him away.
The guy at lunch who can’t open his own banana.


The Goldbergs 4.21

Adam used a one-ply toilet paper and couldn’t walk.

Smokey and the Bandit reference!
Poor Adam could barely walk.
No matter where I end up, I’ll always be your sister.


The Goldbergs 4.22

With the love of my children and 20 flights a year, we’ll manage.


Riverdale 1.11


Scandal 6.12

The drone is ours.


F is For Family 2.03

What kind of dildo fucks his hand.
Why does you hand smell like butter?
Why are you giving all the good jobs to the blacks?
Why the fuck am I watching this?
Reading at a 3 grade level is fucking up uour life.
I get it, it was one of those, shut up and fuck parties.


F is For Family 2.04

This song sounds like cats fucking.
If you don’tyou and that weird ass neighboor can stay home and fuck each other.
Don’t improvise, it’s not jazz motherfucker.
It could be worse, we could be that guy.


F is For Family 2.05

I just met jummy Hendricks.
You mean that drug addict who fucked up National Anthem?
Leave him alone or I will fucking eat you.
If you want ice cream, go to you friend’s how and look sad.
And I have to come back home to my husband throwing meatballs at my oldest offspring, in front of the entire fucking neighboorhood.
Poor Jimmy.
Fuck Jimmy, he’s gone!


F is For Family 2.06

Hey guys, saying each other’s names?
He sorts baggage by race.
I’m nine.
Where the fuck is daddy?!
Enjoy your heroin.


F is For Family 2.07

I haven’t slow clapped since the Kennedy was shot.


Modern Family 8.04

Nathan Fillion joins the cast.

I am a stepson of a business man who opened his home and his jeart for me.
I am a child of an immigrant single motehr.


Modern Family 8.05


Modern Family 8.06


Modern Family 8.10

How much money you’re gonna leave to a murderer.
My phone English not so good.


The Leftovers 3.02

Why the fick are they randomly going to Australia? Most of this season is based in Australia.

I just do it to feel. i don’t want to die.