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A Perfect Getaway

Absolutely perfect, breathtaking views and it takes an interesting turn.


About A Girl

The person who wrote this clearly watched Easy A and Mean Girls, yet About A Girl adds what those two are missing, depth. Also, didn’t the failed suicide remind you of the one Jenna accidentally encountered on Awkward?


Any Day Now

How was this not a hit? What a beautiful film and an exceptionally tragic story. Thank you Netflix, this is the best film I’ve seen this year.



Mystic Pizza

One of the charming, small town, coming of age films for women. Just what I needed!



Before Transparent and Transamerica, there was Normal. It may not cover as many trans issues and it’s more of a ‘how to love a trans person and accept their change’ but it has a lovely and warm take on it. I recommend it, even if it’s just for Jessica Lange and the scene where she walks out of the church after her trans husband is asked to leave.


Edge of Seventeen

Let me get this straight, so ‘Edge of Seventeen’ the genius song by Stevie Nicks hasn’t played once?! Not even the Lindsay Lohan version? This is how uneventful this film is.


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The Angriest Man in Brooklyn

Everyone who managed to watch this uninspired movie till the end will certainly forever be haunted by the suicide attempt scene, considering it was filmed just a few months before Robin took his own life.



That helicopter ride over New York made it all worth it. Signing and acting much worse than the 1982 version I’ve seen. They clearly couldn’t choose between a phone empire or mayoral candidacy so hey let’s make it ridiculous and do both. Even though I went into the film sceptical, the musical really did need its modern version, even if both the script and cast had failed.


Horrid Henry: The Movie

Henry from the books and animated series would never approve. I’ve never read the book, but thanks to Netflix I’ve seen the TV show and it’s one of the best things that came out of Great Britain. It’s extremely realistic for a children’s tv series and it shows you UK life as it is. I have only watched one season last year, and I have been too busy with work, but I’ll definitely catch up on in the summer. When it comes to this film, I thought they made two very good casting decisions, Henry’s mom and Henry’s little brother, they looked and behaved almost exactly as their animated versions. I have just checked Netflix and apparently last Spring I have finished at episode 1.22. I am excited for the 3 seasons ahead, especially since each one has 52 episodes. Can we also acknowledge the fact that no American person would use the word ‘horrid’ to describe someone or even use in a sentence and here it’s flying around 6 times an episode. I have actually witnessed that, living in the UK as long as I have. Anyway, amazing series, horrid film. There, I used the word.