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I cannot believe Linda from HR with Lauren Graham and The Get with Amy Brenneman both have not been picked up. Fox and CBS went with shitty shows with actors no one knows. Those two would have sold perfectly. This means this fall I will only start Navy Seals with David Boreanaz and The Good Doctor with Emily VanCamp. That clearly does not feel like enough, considering how many shows we’ve lost.

The Middle 8.23

Neil really does look like Henry Fonda. I’m disappoinedin myself for not figuring it out earlier.

You’re like a young Henry Fonda.
They’re lawyering up.
If you know the owner of this car, please call the police.
That is so freaking Henry Fonda.
Clearly your parents raised your rain.


The Goldbergs 4.24

Flashback to Barry and Lanie made me tear up.

Extra point from me for Barry eating Hubba Bubba.
Holy crap, she’s the one who keyed Drew’s car.
I promise swwtie, your boobies will grow just like the rest of you.
Stop crying. I can’t have the kids say stupid things.
You’ve raised an amazing young woman, Beverly Goldberg.
God, so much has changed since then.


Riverdale 1.13

Life is not an Agatha Christie novel. It’s a lot messier.
Something wicked this way comes.
The next day I went away and 5 months later your brother was born.
How old would he be?
Mid 20s?
People will look at this as the exact moment that last bit of Riverdale’s innocence finally died. And darkness won. Marked by an act of violence. It was anything but random. Imagine this instant, frozen in time.


Scandal 6.14

Is this a human head?
When did you stop gladiating?
Just because Olivia trade in her white hat, doesn’t mean we have to stop gladiating.
Quinn, this is your office now.


Scandal 6.15

She’s gonna assasinate Mellie.
B613, You need to reinstate it.


Scandal 6.16

Raise your hand if you’ve killed a vice president before.
The bullet and the pills.
Call me when she’s dead.
I’m reconstructing B613 and will run it myself.


This is Us 1.16

One of the best episodes this season, and they are all hard to beat.

You two sure are adorable.
We know.
Kate has his ashes.
Take me to meet your father.
Thank you for doing what I couldn’t. For raising him to be the man he is today.
I’d like to have heard that laugh. I’d like to have met my son’s father.
Here’s your brick, sorry and God bless you.
He looks like you.
I was ashamed of what I ahd become.
Everybody gets a cousin!
Sorry I was raised by white people.
I have a whole other family here.
But we haven’t made the trip. We haven’t even seen the ducks.
You knew you wanted to come back.
Poems for my son.
Roll all your windows down, Randall. Crank up the music, grow out that ‘fro.
You’re okay, dad, you’re good. Just breathe, come on.


This is Us 1.17

You got white doves?
They don’t have black ones.
I don’t know Sherman, CAN you help me.
This neighboorhood will miss him.
How’s William doing? I haven’t seen him lately.
On his morning walks.
People don’t just stop to talk anymore, you know.
We became friends, he always asked about my daughter.
We’ll remember things as before William and after William.


The Simpsons 28.19

Lisa’s first drink ends with her telling Marge to keep her pants on.

Does full Monty have some sort of naughty double meaning.
Congratulations, professor Homer.
Keep your pants on, lady.
You’re just gonna register and stay away from playgrounds.


Hollywood Darlings 1.05

Holy fuck, this is the best fucking puppet show I’ve seen in my entire life.
I smell some sort of shit.


Hollywood Darlings 1.06


The Good Fight 1.06

They’re too busy discussing my rape.
They’re the parents of Ferris Bueller.


Wrote while rewatching Ned Kelly on TV.