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Greys 12.23

Brooke!? Jo’s name is Brooke?! Is Shonda running out of name ideas, does she not remember there was an intern called Heather Brooks?! Same as with Mer’s sister Maggie and Owen’s sister Megan. It’s the same name for crying out loud! I cried when Alex said his name was Alex Stevens, as in Izzie Stevens! And when Amelia spoke with Teddy! I was upset they didn’t show her, but Kim Raver is coming back! For an episode or 2, most likely the first 2 of the 14th season.

Mayor Hunt.
They said that she’s alive.
They found her in the basment.
Ask for Dr. Teddy Altman.
She said that she tried to call you.
Owen, Teddy knows her. Teddy saw her.
I went on with my life. For alost 10 years. I stoped looking, I gave up. I gave up on her.
He made me drive to the woods. He wanted to rape me.
Stephanie’s with him.
Because a rapist’s in the hospital.
I left her in the room with him.

SVU 18.17

We all felt sick when they attacked Liv and Amanda’s children.

I’m number 622 on the list. I didn’t get the perfect score.
Both are fatherless babies of unknown origin.
Arrest that son of a bitch who ran that thing.
He make us do the sex.
We come to America for work, not the sex.
What kind of jobs did they think they would get in America?


The Middle 8.22

Sue summed up this year, with exactly what we were thinking. The last two years were uneventful, and I miss the high school years every day. Remember when sue had no chill and couldn’t make anything of herself and she was always cheerful? Yes, those where the days.

This year I look back and it just feels like the year was kind of ‘Meh’.
Frankie, why are we getting HBO?
I wonder if we’re getting Hallmark movies!
Cindy just came back from her doctor, he believes she stopped growing!
The universe is confusing us with the Donaghues!
Whenever had 3 ggoo things happened to us on one day?
Or one?
My name is Sue Heck, class of 2015.
Sorry humiliation, you’ve been postponed to a later date.


Scandal 6.13

I really wished Scandal would go all Seven on us and deliver someone’s head, but they opted out last minute. The box plot was intriguing nonetheless.

Drones. 9 drones.
There’s been an explosion in Dallas.
35 Americans dead.
Sir, the drones are moving.
The Philadephia drone detonated.
I don’t get it, is the box empty?
A brick Why woud Payes send my father a brick?
It’s the weight. Every box weighed 11 Ibs.
And your sex Scandal.
No one has ever broken you.
A severed head weighes from 9lbs to 11 lbs.
That head would be Olivia’s.
I could speak 8 languages.
Olivia is what you’re best at. She’s your republic. She’s your legacy.


Nashville 5.14

Let’s be honest Nashville post Rayna is no good.I’m happy when they sing, but the storylines are predictable and lack essence. This week, there I was thinking Maddie has actually made it and they went with the obvious storyline of everyone wanting to know how will she fit into her mother’s shoes.

I don’t want  to be stuck behind Miranda and Carrie and Kelsey I need a hit!
She’s back!
Bucky, thank you for everything.
They’re playing my song on the radio!!
That’s the best we can do?!
And we’ve never even had sex.