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Transparent won’t be back till 2018 and Shameless will be back in November, not October, that means I may have a bit more free time in late September/October, so I’m postponing the remaining shows I need to catch up on till then.

Shows I still need to catch up on:

  • The Catch
  • When Calls the Heart
  • Feud
  • Transparent
  • When We Rise
  • Shut Eye

SVU 18.18

You can’t rationalise rape.
Were you just trying to reassure her too?
A, what you did wasn’t sex, that’s called rape and B, yes, I really think the jury will believe it.
They’re shaming you into giving up.


SVU 18.19

One of the best episodes this season and I just adored how accepting Olivia is of the young lesbians. The first quote I’m adding to this review is extremely important. There is nothing more annoying than people thinking sexuality is always fluctuating and even the gayest lesbians or gays can swing both ways if someone asks them nicely enough or charms them into doing so.

She would never let a man have sex with her, she’s a lesbian.
He made me, my virtue is gone.
Because you’re a lesbian.
They’re saying rape is okay if it’s for religious reasons.
Things get better with time.


SVU 18.20

They did a number on this girl.
It’s a hate crime.
They were doing terrible things to my nieces.
You let those girls get raped.


The Simpsons 28.20

Teachers beat us, when you leave.
We may have to get rid of the boy.
And in no time, you’ll be worrying about something else.
I do feel better!


The Simpsons 28.21

If you new me you’d know I wuld never ever shop in the produce section.
Maybe now I will finish my novel.
I can’t work for a man I’m not in love with.


The Simpsons 28.22

Thank you for 28 great years Taylor Swift.
They don’t even know what state we’re in.
Load the purge armor, the day after The Purge, when it’s cheaper.


The Good Fight 1.07

The Purge is a 2013 horror film.
I make 27$ per supina.
You got me this job.
You deserved it.


The Good Fight 1.08

For a sex crime case, it’s shocking how shitty the episode was.

My client when he was 17 was raped by the pastor.
Pastors rape little boys.


The Good Fight 1.09

Maya has a boyfriend.
And your boyfriend was there too?
We had the party on Saturday.
And I didn’t turn 18 till the following Tuesday.
Luca, I knew.


The Leftovers 3.03

Would you kill a baby if it woyld cure cancer.
That’s exactly what I said.
I never even considered looking for them.
Bones of 5 children.
You just got the wrong Kevin.


The Leftovers 3.04