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gone baby gone you again boysrback

Gone Baby Gone

It may have something to do with me seeing all 400 episodes of SVU multiple times, but I expected this to be so much better. I never read the book, but It’s scary how much the girl they cast to play Amanda looked like little Madeleine McCann, especially since the film was released only a couple of months after her disappearance.


You Again

This film gets better each time I see it and that is 4 times already. Mostly the Jamie Lee vs Sigourney feud. I’m changing my rating from 2 stars to 3 stars, because it really is that good.


The Boys are Back

Once a month I come across these beautifully shot low budget Australian dramas that make my life so much fuller. They prove there’s so much beauty around to explore. What I love about them is how well Australian filmmakers play with light and warm colors. I also adore the slow pace of Aussie cinema. All those aspects show exactly what life here is like, a bit slower, definitely more peaceful and so much more beautiful.


irates wickerman sered

Pirates of the Carribean 5: Dead Man Tell No Tales

Definitely better than the 4th one, yet still so far from the first three. For no good reason my favorite franchise ends with my favorite character learning he has a daughter and not long after… dying. Was that really necessary?


The Wicker Man

At first I didn’t care for it, but that ending certainly caught my attention. I need to see the original right away!



Definition of romantic comedies. Being a hopeless romantic and blindly believing in fate and luck.


last of robin foxcatcher monsters

The Last of Robin Hood

Oh please, I am so over the Lolita thing. Rape followed by statutory rape once again. Entitled men with little girl fetishes are fucking pigs and they should never be glorified.



I’m never into sports films, nor am I into male centred films with no tragic or strong female characters, but I’m glad I stuck till the end. It’s based on a true story and that tale has a quite shocking twist.


Monsters: Dark Continent

Remember the 2010 one? Beautiful post apocaliptic scenery (based in Mexico near the US border), only two characters, all made sense. Seeing it at the movies made it almost exceptional. I wasn’t sure what I was going into, but I came out satisfied. What was the point of moving Monsters to the Middle East? I mostly fast forwarded to the monster parts and other action scenes, because there is no other way to watch it. Absolutely pointless, don’t watch this one. If you’re into post apocaliptic horror without zombies (I know right? Awesome) watch Monsters from 2010.


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