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I am back! It’s only been 3 weeks into the new season and I already miss my old job where I could write reviews on a weekly basis. It will be a bit easier now that Mr.Mercedes and Liar ended this week.

Congrats to Big Little Lies and The Handmaid’s Tale on all their success at Emmys! And to Sterling Brown for being recognised for his work as Randall on This is Us.
Congrats to Hollywood Darlings on being renewed for season 2! It’s my great guilty pleasure of 2017 and I mostly love it for how much Christine Lakin swears in it. I always find it unnatural how no one is ever aloud to swear on TV (thank God for Showtime) considering half of the words I say in a day are curse words.

SVU 19.02

The smartest and most valuable show is back! The girl they chose to play the victim ruined this episode for me. Her acting sucked and I’ve never seen anyone act badly on this show before. This was new and disstressing. I have mixed feelings about Brian Cassidy returning to ruin Olivia’s life just because he’s still in love with her and never wanted her to adopt a child. He shows up 3 years later and tries to take the child away from her? Shouldn’t he have moved on with his life already?

We’re being played, Liv.
God knows I trust your instincts.
A lot of kids grow up in foster care and a lot of kids have crappy lives.
They stop seeing themselves as victims, so they stop being victims.
He kissed her before she used the inhaler.
You never really look at their faces.
He said there’d never be an investigation if it wasn’t for Brian Cassidy.
Probably a singing lesson.
Would you stop you’re getting crambs everywhere.


Greys 14.01

Drop everything cause Teddy is back!


Greys 14.02

That Meredith sleeping with George reference! I always shipped Owen with Teddy and was hoping he would leave Cristina for her. Here I was thinking Arizona’s new girlfriend is perfect for her and then we learned her profession. Every episode since has been about female orgasm.


Greys 14.03

Every impulsive decision Amelia has made has been because of cancer? And she didn’t get tested for brain tumor when her child was born without one back on Private Practice 5 years ago? They’ve mentioned Richard’s brain tumor from season 1!! and Nicole Hermann!

Meredith’s psychiatrist from 2 or 3 seasons back is now a patient.

I’m a psychiatrist. I work upstairs.
It’s nice to see you, Meredith.
You’re not of sound mind and you haven’t been in years.
I hope you’ve cleared your schedule.
Who’s Nicole Hermann?
What about Meredith and Maggie?
Is Nathan in love with you?
Years ago I had a brain tumor and Derek removed it.
You’re a bigger mess than I am.
If you coukd have a scalpel in your hand at the end of your life, would you?
I’ve checked your mortality rates when you arrived at Grey Sloan. It’s a 0.9%. Derek’s was 1.3%.
Yours is better than his and he didn’t have a brain tumor.
I was proposed to with a flash mob.
This is my brain.
I have a 10cm tumor in my left frontal lobe.
Maggie, don’t cry.
Owen and Meredith don’t know either.
I’m gonna need your help telling Owen.
And you are gonna have to tell Meredith, because I can’t do it. She’s been telling me I’m crazy for years and this kind of makes me. Kind of makes her right and I hate that.


Greys 14.04

Meredith mentioning kidnapping Zola back in episode 8.01 was one of the many highlights of this episode since they never mention season 8 unless its the planecrash. I am still extremely upset that they haven’t had Tyne Daly back on the show since season freaking 5, even though Derek and Meredith got married, Derek died, Amelia got married and there were tons of ocasions she should have been a part of. They keep saying ‘nah it’s cool don’t call my mom’ at least once a season. The Beach Boys playing during surgery? This is what surgeon I would be. The interns saying innapropriate stuff like when they lost their virginity or the weather is amazing (how can it be amazing it’s Seattle) or clearly stating Grey Sloan is their second choice at the interviews. Avery inheritted quarted of a billion dollars!

In this moment, I love you people tremendously.

They can’t hear me.

I stole her. I kidnapped my own daughter.

You should call Derek.

The yellow in your eyes means you need to have your liver checked.


The Middle 9.02

I’m a school bus driver.
It turned into a whole different colour when I cleaned it.
Welcome to statistics 204.
Mom’s not aloud to come.
And the Freshmans are all taller than me.


How to Get Away With Murder 4.01

She even fired Bonnie?! I am honestly not interested in getting to know Laurel’s family and what happened to her family.


How to Get Away With Murder 4.02

This was an exceptional episode. I loved how Annalise defended her prison friend (Rose from Lost), but what happened in 4.03 ruined this for me. I can’t decided whether Analise’s or Jasmine’s monologues were better, they were both fantastic.

The luckiest thing that ever happened to me was not being chosen to be a part of her cult. Each of her interns nearly flunk out due to her drama and those are the ones still alive.
You wanna save me? Go back to when I was 13 and my daddy sold my ass to a crook for a couple of bags of smack. You know what they do to a new girl? Strip you naked and take turns. They call it wolf packing, because then you are so broken, they can work you full time. In vans, in basements and only way to get through it is to shoot up and get numb.
You think she’s you.
You mean the sexual abuse that she’d experienced as a child.
And you actually believed that a 13 year old child was making a choice to have sex with grown men for money?
All of these cases are virtually identical to my client’s. Except for one. My client was black and all those girls were white.
Many of the women that I see with addiction issues have been abused often physically, sexually.
If Jasmine were treated like a white girl, she would have been sent to a safe place to eat, sleep, maybe even given an opportunity to go to school.
Because that’s what we do to black people, women and gay people in this world. We turn a blind eye and tell them that their lives don’t matter. But they do matter.
You will be eligible for assistance and job without disclosing your criminal history.
It’s as much of a fresh start as the law will allow. The one you should have been given in 1968.
It’s the firm that represents my father.
Because he killed Wes. My father killed Wes and you’re gonna help me take him down.


This is Us 2.01

I have yet to watch episodes 2 and 3, but the ending of this one had me devastated. This is a major spoiler so scroll down if you haven’t seen it. On my way to London the other day, I saw the wreckage of the Grenfell Tower from the bus and it left me uneasy knowing the tower will probably haunt visitors for many upcoming months. The Grenfell tragedy left a huge emotional impact on the UK population, but seeing the wreckage with my own eyes made it painfully real. If you watched the episode you know why I found Jack’s death devastating, as burning alive may be one of the most awful ways to go. The episode was not perfect, but the last 60 seconds certainly were, with teenage Kate telling Randall she should be the one to tell Kevin about their father’s death.

He should hear this from me.


American Horror Story 7.01

I was enjoying this season…for the first 3 episodes, now I know better. This is even weaker than Hotel and Ranoake. And I am happy there’s no Lady Gaga this season.


American Horror Story 7.02

Someone cutting the wires, random ice cream truck, Audrey freaking out, Audrey telling her son to take his glasses before escaping from the house and all the clowns already had me hooked at that point. Now I know they’re just a bunch of stupid, childish and angry kids and despise Evan’s character and the entire Cult.

Is she okay?
We don’t scare easily.
Did she tell you I was the one that killed him?


American Horror Story 7.03

I was upset when my DVR deleted it out of the blue after only 3 watches. This episode is gold. I know there won’t be a better one this season.


American Horror Story 7.04

Emma Roberts has been brought back this season, for only one fucking episode. Wtf?!


American Horror Story 7.05

I was so glad the Hotel maid was back and then she got killed off as quickly as Emma Roberts.

You used the word cult.
There’s a cult in this city. They’re the ones responsible for all the murders.
He’s like a modern day Charles Manson.
Are you saying you believe me?


The Goldbergs 5.02

This may as well be 5.03 I’ll check later.

Any film student who spent a large part of their childhood running around with their camera, plotting film scenarios, scripts and scenes in their head will surely feel nothing but comfort when they see Adam being once again told to ‘keep making movies’. The beloved voiceover responded ‘And I did.’ This sort of the quite common now The Goldbergs thing always leaves me teary eyed.

Well that content was shockingly simple but wow, you have a video camera!
Don’t be this guy!
That’s a worrying cautionary tale.
As you know I have a video camera.
I think we all know how that held you back socially.
Yes, thanks and what the fuck is this movie.
I suggest you keep making more.
And I did.


Scandal 7.01

QPA? What is this a babysitting service?
He’s a spy. That’s what you do to spies that get caught.
Brought you a hand sanitizer.
It’s four years during which every high school freshman in this country won’t work as hard as they might if they believed their government gave a damn about them. Four years of high school graduates moving into low skill jobs because they can’t afford to take on student loans.
Do what I say and you’ll become a monument.
Which one do you want to be?
A monument. I want to be a monument.


Liar 1.01

One long SVU episode, starring Joanne Froggatt (who’s Downton Abbey character Anna Bates was also a rape survivor) and I’m just really happy this was made.

How badly does he need to hurt me for you to call it rape?
He swaped the glasses!
Are you saying he drugged you?
He is a rapist.
I’ve posted it to his page.


Liar 1.02

This is my life.
And this my body.
It’s 10 000 already.
He deserved it. She looks like a slut.
85 000 of women a year raped in the UK.
5.7% of cases reported end with a conviction.
What are you watching?
Excuse me I’m not feeling well.


Liar 1.03

I was a headmaster.
That’s what happens when everybody thinks your dad is a rapist.
You’re pregnant?
You’re just a predator.
I would tell you that I don’t drink with men who rape women.
I’ sorry we let you down.


Liar 1.04

And he raped me.
I thought I was drunk.
It felt like it happened to someone else.
He said it was my idea and I believed him.
I feel like I’m broken.
He’s done it twice, who knows how many more.
Suddenly you don’t know what’s important anymore. You’re wondering why you bother to get up in the morning, get dressed and do the same old thing day in and day out.
I’ve changed and I don’t know how to change back.
Maybe you don’t have to. Maybe you just have to learn who you are now.
You don’t get to do this to me twice.
You raped me.
I just nought GHB.


Liar 1.05

Looks like some sort of a bruise. A few actually.
I want you to test me for GHB.
You won’t get away with what you did to me.
You raped me.


Absentia 1.01

Stana Katic has a new TV Series! The pilot was great, shame the next two episodes weren’t.

You’ve been gone 6 years.


Absentia 1.02

This sucked more or less.


Absentia 1.03

Did you see how her son was thrown and hit his head! Woah this was too brutal for television and left me in a state of shock. The show isn’t that interesting, but let’s be honest, I have and will watch anything with Stana Katic.


Gifted 1.01

Not too good even for a teen show, but I’ll stick with it.


Gifted 1.02

Okay that was really bad.


SEAL Team 1.01

That was boring. I knew I should have started The Last Ship instead of this. I’m not sure I will watch more as not even David Boreanaz and Max Thierot can save it.