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Greys 14.05

The shocking part of this episode was that Megan was kidnapped by a woman. Was Nathan just written off Greys? Does Owen divorcing Amelia mean he’s finally going to get together with Teddy?


SVU 19.04

Youtuber is raped.

Whoever did this, please, just tell me why.
They did more than just draw on her with a sharpie, she was raped.
You’re under arrest for rape in second degree.
She wanted it. Her eyes were closed, but she was smiling.
You don’t want to feel anything.
You know I told you my name was Amanda too?
When I was your age I lived in a tiny town in Georgia and everybody gossiped and I did something stupid and I got a reputation. And that’s all I thought about.The names they were calling me.
Easy ass Amanda and worse. It took a long time, but I realized, whatever people said about me, that didn’t define me. Only I can define me. And when I was old enough and went and got this. It’s my name, Amanda, just to remind myself, that that’s who I am, not any of these other names I was branded with.
We want you to know you’re not alone.
And girls are actually more brutal.
I want you to stand up if you’ve ever been sexually assaulted.


The Middle 9.03

Why are you talking like a farm man?
Worse mistake of his life.
Do I even have a good bra?
I love your son, I love your daughter too.
I like extreme TV.
That will be 5 dollars.
Hobos carry more.
Start looking for loose change.
Or a janitor you’re inappropriately closed with.
Can yu be more specific?
I married a mud hole guy, because I love the mud hole guy.
At least the bathroom I barfed in was unbelievable.


Modern Family 9.02

What an experience this episode was!

I know it’s not a voicemail, I just don’t want to hear you whine about it.
You live in a care package.
She’s been dropping hints about wanting some wheels.
Unicicle? She definitely said wheels.
Are you forgetting something?
Whoops, that was close.
I’m on it.
A cold white people goodbye.
Turns out I really held up.
Duke is it?
How would you like to have Christmas every day?
There’s a small chance I might have definitely started the fire.
Many says its my job now.
Many was doing all of these things?
I’m going shopping with Joe.
For toys?
No, for shoes. I’m the one that’s sad, not you.
I didn’t hate that.
Extreme pressure.
You fool.
Here, you’re Haylie.
Highest possible level.
You fools.
Kinda rouned up there.


Modern Family 9.03

How did that chair broke under Phil? He didn’t move one bit!

She’s been going through this irresponsible phase.
Yeah for 25 years. I’m not gonna let her get to 26.
It’s 2 in the morning, I have to change for a party.
Every morning before I shower, I kick off my underwear. If I catch it, it’s gonna be a great day. If I don’t, disaster.
A day, you guessed it. He dropped his underwear.
The day I rollerbladed into bees, I dropped my underwear.
The day I rollerbladed into that camfire…
How about you stop rollerblading.
I need my phone, I sit at a stupid golf course all day. What else am I suppose to look at?
Did you hit something we can talk about or should I go out front and find a bidy shot that doesn’t ask questions?
I might accidentally leave her at the beach.
Yes Claire, I think ir bit me a little.
I just found out I’m still listed in her phone as Jay, red track suit.
Salads left uninstagrammed.
I just needed a quiet place to find out how they killed that mockingbird.
I missed half of 5th grade because of a pig bite and I am just as educated as anyone else.
If it makes you feel any better, my name is actually Fernando.
It does help.
Oh my God it’s Dunphy! 50 bucks to the first guy who hits him!
Is that freaking Gill?!
Just hit as fast as you can!


How to Get Away with Murder 4.03

Refund of my law school degree. I just dropped out.
In that case we are all murderers. We have all deleted a voicemail.
Connor dropped out.
I need to take a urine sample.
Connor just decided to drop out completely.
First time you met me you said I’m gonna give up my career to be a mom. I’m at the bottom of my class, I have no internship and I’m pregnant.
I hate being a failure.
These are Connor’s dads.



He was 12.
Connor gave me the courage to come out.
He should be in jail.
So should you.
She’s still hot, I’ll give her that.
Dad’s my dead baby in that suitcase.
All you do is hurt me, leave!
You’re looking that again, looking for a mommy wherever you go.
A your sober buddy, you have to drop this.
You’re back on crack and it’s called Annalise.
New patient just arrived, Julie?
Where’s the witness, over there.


Scandal 7.02

Meh. The last two seasons have been meh, until someone dies. Where the fuck is Liberty though? We haven’t seen her since season 5.

I’ve made a list of guests most prone to scandal.
Do you miss it? The White House?
I was a big dog.
I prefer being a Gladiator.
Watch out for Olivia Pope, she’s the devil.


Riverdale 2.02

Smithers was awesome, it’s heartbraking that he got sacked. Did Cheryl’s mom not know her husband killed Jason? Was this how she found out? I wish I remembered.

Miss Grundy was found murdered.
You’re a stone cold bitch, Betty Cooper.
My daddy threatened him.
Mark this day in your diary. I lied under oth for you.
A video of daddy and Jason, it might brong you peace.
Where’s Smithers?


Liar 1.06

Last one, damn it. I’m glad there will be a season 2! The lesbian relationship in this show is inspiring and I bet it’s the army chick who killed him. She’s probably my favorite character here and she’s only been in 2 scenes! I wish they showed us how Laura told the airport guy of the rape! The rapist being creepier than usual calling Laura to tell her he could have had her again whenever he wanted was the second most disturbing thing that happened on the show. Can you guess what’s the first one?

Is that him?
While you were away something happened, but please I can’t say it out loud. I can’t tell you.
If I wanted to have you again, don’t you think I could have had you whenever I wanted?
And you laying there, letting me do whatever I wanted.
I play that back whenever I get the chance, Laura?
I think he filmed us.
I feel like it’s my job to protect you.
I wasn’t there to protect you.
At least 15 women.
The tech guys told me 17.


The Good Doctor 1.01

Grey’s Anatomy for poor! This episode was a 10 and I think it’s pretty obvious i will cry on all the flashbacks to him spending time with his brother. Did Freddie’s accent get better? It used to crack on Bates Motel, but since here his character is autistic and doesn’t have outbursts of rage he easily passes for an American. Freddie Highmore has been lucky to star in 2 amazing shows. I may have teared up a few times while writing the quotes below.

I am a surgical resident.
Who here has a sharp knife.
Excuse me, excuse me please.
Apparently he’s one of our doctors.
Why were you rude to me when we first met, nice to me the second time and now you’re trying to be my friend.
I couldn’t save them. It’s sad. Neither one had a chance to become adults. They should have become adults. They should have had children of their own and loved those children and I want to make sure that’s possible for other people. And I want to make a lot of money so I can have a television.
I want to be the first to welcome you to the hospital.
Never forget, you’re the smart one. You can do anything. I’m proud of you, Sean.


The Good Doctor 1.02

No, the bus was late. I did nothing wrong.
Am I being punished for something.
I look forward to learning.
I’ll be honest and fair.
If you don’t do the test right now, I will throw a rock theough your window.
If you want to get anything in life, Sean, never be afraid.
Part of my condition is that I keep thinking about things.
Prepare an OR for surgery.


The Simpsons 29.02

Once again, learn the patient’s name.
Horrible, it looks like it was drawned by an 8 year old.
You need to start with something simple like people.
Those are people.
I want to be looking at a window, wondering if she’ll ever get out of the weight of her own expectations.
Please try to pretend I am not here.
Okay Steven.
Damn it.
Homer and Maggie eating pizza for dinner and breakfast.
You’re not my owner.
I kinda am.
Why can’t dreams come up with something new? That’s why they’re losing viewers to Netflix.
You better muzzle him, he’s a biter.
I think you may benefit from art therapy.
As the author of Persepolis.


The Simpsons 23.03

Back stabber, snob, so judgemental.
Well, an elephant does live here.
There’s no room in the trunk, sir.
You wack who you shouldn’t and you don’t wack who you should.
You;re gifted too!
Woke up too many mornings with stuffed animals whose names she didn’t know.


American Horror Story 7.07

God I hate this season. Glad to see more familiar faces though, but the whole Zodiac killer theory and Lena Dunham’s character were unnecessary. How absurd (and funnt) was it when she said women coupling with men should be killed, ironic cause her Girls character is definitely into sex with men as in too much. Which is why I don’t watch Girls. Not a prude, just too asexual for all that sex, it’s not like it’s Sex and the Citym Now that was a show. I’m liking Beverly more and more, I even don’t mind her lysp anymore.

I’m Beverly motherfucking Cole.
You’re a fool to underestimate the rage of a woman.
They’re at their best when angry. Don’t you think?
Aren’t we all?


AHS 7.08

Kill the motherfucker.
That’s incest.
As he enters you, I enter him.
What the fuck is this?
This is too screwed up. I feel like I’m being raped.
Let’s all join our new member.


Absentia 1.04

This show could not be any more boring. I am watching this for Stana Katic, but this show is a snoozeville. I hoped we would focus on the kidnapping and the captivity, but what they’re doing could be reduced to a 6 episode mini series.

You understand dick.