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The Tree of Life

Beautiful study of life, God and existence. The film has such a slow pace and magic to it, that it almost does not feel real. It could use a little less nature pictures. In the first thirty minutes it feels like Terrance is trying to fill in the gaps to prolong screen time. He should have allocated that time to focus on Jessica Chastain, the real treasure of this film. If I ever show this movie to my family and friends, I will fast forward the long period of water, nature and dinosaurs, as it truly is not for anyone who is not artsy. I wonder what the audition for any of these characters looked like since they barely say anything. Brad Pitt’s character turns out to be a bit abusive, teaching his three sons to fight and punishing them for every small thing like laughing at the dinner table, and waking him up by closing the doors loudly. I especially liked the ‘You will stand there and close this door quietly fifty times’ punishment. Needless to say, the boys are happy when the father is away. Along the way, their school friend drowns, and Jack, the oldest son, asks God, how could he let a little boy die. We also learn the oldest boy is angry and likes to torture animals. There’s also an awkward scene where Jack takes his neighbor’s nightgown and ashamed of his first sexual desires, sends it with the river’s current. This scene could only be better, if the nightgown belonged to his mother. The film ends with Jack reconciling with his family in heaven. It’s not clear why or if Jack dies at the age of 40 something, and why his second brother, also in his 40s is in heaven too. The Tree of Life, although beautiful, is not a title you will watch more than once, because of how utterly depressed it leaves you.


Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri

The only way this could be even better is if we actually learned who raped and killed the daughter.


A Most Violent Year

Knowing of Jessica’s personal tragedy, I have no idea how she found the strength to film the two devastating scenes when two characters, one accidentally, point a gun at themselves. I am in awe and shock. The film itself was far more interesting than I expected it to be.


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First They Killed My Father

Another masterpiece from Angelina Jolie.


The Florida Project

Those kids sure were annoying and so was the mother. That did not stop this ‘project’ from turning out to be one of this year’s most impressive.

Also, get a fucking job. You have a kid and you’re selling perfumes out of a shopping bag. You could easily get a temporary job packing some products at a local warehouse, but sure be a bum.


The Greatest Showman

One of the best cinema experiences I’ve had.


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Darkest Hour

Dozed off about 10 times at the cinema. Churchill kept saying the same thing over and over for two hours and there was no action whatsoever.


Prom Night

I’ve had that opening scene stuck in my head for 20 years. Good to put a name to a memory. I watched the remake on the same day, and it was only half this good.



Beautiful take on Mexico’s most intriguing tradition.


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Insidious 4: The Last Key

I love the Insidious series, when I heard Spencer Locke joined the cast I was over the moon. Needless to say, I was disappointed. Sure, it was better than the third one and I cried every time Elise ran into her brother, but It lacked so much.


The Commuter

This was exciting, but all Liam Neeson centred thrillers/action films are. I am happy I went to see it at the cinema, especially because of the impressive scene where the train finally derails. If only Vera Farmiga was in more than two scenes.