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Greys 14.06

If you’re not disapointed that Arizona’s girlfriend is bi and not gay, you’re lying to yourself.

What’s your specialty?
You were nominated for a Harper Avery!


Greys 14.07

Congrats to Greys on 300 episodes! What a nostalgic treat this week’s episode was! I noticed Kate Burton’s name in the opening credits, yet I lost it when I saw her up in the gallery cheering Meredith on!

RIP George, Lexie, Mark, Derek & Ellis!


The Middle 9.06

I saw Cindy hatless!
She’s not wearing her Safar hat?
That she’s decided to be normal?
Showering day off!
Did you get your period in class and you weren’t prepared. I’m a good listener.
I figured the next famiy meeting we’d be having would be whether to pull life support off of my mom or dad.
You can pull it right now.
Let the record show that Sue is lame.
Speaking od wrapping, you want to wrap this up.
I’m the face of this family.
I’ve worned the same outfit for the last 3 weeks.
You gave us this lie, not exactly something to brag about.
See you on pull the plug day.
Don’t you dance despite me.



Bonnie and Asher over Michaela and Asher.
I tried to take my life. After that picture.
Bonnie found me on the bathroom floor, Sam never knew.
I messed everything up.




Scandal 7.05

One more time they mention Bushran and I will quit this show in its final season. Why is this season so bad?

You killed Luna Vargas?


The Good Doctor 1.06

Remember when Izzie drilled a hole in the guy’s head during the ferry crash on Grey’s? Well The Good Doctor writers knicked that idea and it made me upset.

It’s dead in here.
That’s why they call in the graveyard shift.
Trama color coding, who knows it?
Green, walking, Yellow – wounded, red needs immediate attention.
Black goes straight to morgue.
Let’s go, trauma three.
Nice work doctor Murphy.
We need to go back.
To the crash site.
He moved, it work.
You inserted the tube to far.
I drilled a perfect hole and I screwed up her intubation?
I loved Steve and my rabbit.


The Simpsons 29.05

I need to see your diaper.
Your pupils aren’t ready for earth light.
Thank you.
I was just wondering if you were planning on breaking into school any time soon?
Not till next month.
Please, I’ll do your homework.
Sounds like you can’t even do your homework.
She does that so she doesn’t smell like cigarrettes.
She should also get some booze gum.
You’re making that up.
Am I that creative.
30 pizzas. I can finally send my mother back to Italy.
Seems kinda thick.
They gave you a lot of reasons why you weren’t good enough.
What’s he doing here?
Didn’t we just see him yesterday?
Making our next president… Tony Hitler.
Where is my nicotine gum?
You rented my room to the town drunk?
I’m also the state drunk.
I can’t live in a college town. Can’t control myself sexually.


Modern Family 9.06

Picture me next to Gloria in a wedding dress.
He walked Gloria down the aisle.
I look stupid.
So big now.
They’re Gloria’s family. Unlike some people, they feel things.
That’s why I splipped her 3 drinks at reception.
Your own magic shop.


The Goldbergs 5.06

Mikey liked it.
I’d never thought I’d say this. bring me Adam.
Let’s get feminine.
Fuck this school.
This is unfucking believable.
He mistook the display toilet for the real deal.


AHS 7.10

So predictable since the moment she served her food.

I already have.
Doubters get no cookies.
Where’s your wife?
In the truck.
It felt fucking fantastic.
We made a mesaiah baby.


AHS 7.11

This season was  a waste of time.


Riverdale 2.05

Camilla shot in the sky. The fight, Betty waltzing in telling everyone the town’s meeting is next and finally pulling the fire exit handle.

They think you’re teen American Psycho.
The killer says you’re doing it for me.
Betty’s ponytail is iconic.
When I was a little girl, I used to be obsessed with this book.
Blackhood is coming here.


Riverdale 2.06

Proud to see a sexual assault storyline!


Absentia 1.05

We’re finally getting somewhere. Found bones.

The eye. It’s a tree.
As least as long as she was taken.


Absentia 1.06

Her friend is the sex offender who kidnapped her.
You’re receiving body cam footage.
There’s two more.
It felt like I’ve been given a second chance. This is the first day of my sobriety.


Absentia 1.07

Charlie, Emily’s friend from childhood who used to pick on her and she used to beat up is the previous victim of the chain and he is the one who kinapped Emily? Is the Barrett House, home for children the centre of it all?


The Good Place 2.02

Go fork yourself you mean giraffe.
You wish you could have a bit eof this pear.
This isn’t the good place, it’s the bad place.
Oh farts.
Sorry the door was open, did you say I’min the bad place?
This is your sould mate Tahani.
New best friends?


The Good Place 2.03

I hate this season.

So my job is to get drunk and insult people? think I can hack that.